Thursday, June 19, 2008

Red, White and Beautiful ~ From BeckySC!

Yes, the Patriotic Exchange that I received from sweet BeckySC is Red, White AND truly beautiful! She stitched this wonderful Americana design and mounted it on a great Red, White and Blue box. As so many of you already know Becky’s workmanship, both in stitching and finishing, is impeccable.

Design: Four America
Designer: San Man Originals
Stitched by: BeckySC

Upon opening the box I found some very pretty patriotic fabric, two small tuck pillow forms, a neat little floss holder, and a large patriotic bell that quickly found its way onto my front hall closet door. I have already selected a design for one of those tuck pillows. :)

Patriotic Exchange from BeckySC

It really is such a treat to receive this beautiful exchange from Becky. She is known “blog wide” for her stitching talent and generous heart. I am fortunate to have a handful of gorgeous items stitched by her and am truly grateful for each and every one. Thank you Becky for this wonderful exchange, one that I will forever treasure!!!

Thank you CathyB for organizing this exchange and inviting me to join in! My exchange has been mailed but has not been received yet so I will share pictures in a later post.


I participated in the Freebie Exchange (HOE) and stitched this for Sandra...

Designer: Mary Garry Sewing Cabin
Design: Sew and Sew
Fabric: 32 ct Linen
Finish: Pinkeep

Hooked on Exchanges
Freebie Exchange for Sandra

I participated in the ABC Exchange (SBEBB) and stitched this for Aniza...

Designer: Mary Beale
Design: Sampler
Fabric: 32ct Natural Linen
Finish: Floss Fob

SBEBB ABC Exchange
Stitched for Aniza

At the completion of the Seasonal Stitcher’s Exchange I decided to stitch a small gift for Julianne, who spent the past year stitching and finishing four gorgeous exchanges for me. I happened to be browsing through some magazines and came across a pattern titled, Four Seasons Sampler. This just jumped out and screamed, “make this for Julianne” so I did.

Designer: Patricia Andrle
Design: Four Seasons Sampler
From: Cross Stitch & Needlework Feb. 1998
Fabric: 28 ct Lugana over 1
Finish: Pinkeep

Thanks to those that left comments regarding the identity of the unknown bird. I now know that the flying critter, the dominant bird that is head of the bird feeder, the one that eats constantly from it, is a woodpecker. When it is not feeding, it can be seen perched atop my house pecking at my gutter!!!

Thanks Heather for your suggestion to grease up the bird feeder pole. I did just that and what a riot to watch the squirrel jump onto it only to slide right back down, it reminded me of a firefighter spinning down the fire pole!

Rather than emptying out the feeder the squirrel now spends hours at the base of the pole like this:

Until next time...


BeckySC said...

Marie, you have sent some beautiful pieces! WOW, but that is no surprise to me as everything your fingers touch turns out just gorgeous :)

I am so happy my patriotic exchange was well received :) I loved making it for you :) I hope you will enjoy it :)


Heather said...

I love what Becky made for you *drools* I am a sucker for patriotic stuff.

And your exchanges are beautiful, I love your work :)

That is so funny about the squirrel! I am glad that it worked, now maybe the birds can actually get something to eat. I had a woodpecker constantly pecking at our woodstove stack on the top of the house, it sounded like somebody was hitting our house with a hammer! It was always really early in the morning... I didn't like woodpeckers after that LOL!

Yuko said...

Your Mary Garry's pinkeep is sooooo sweet!
I really LOVE IT!
And floss tag you've made is also beautiful!
You are very creative and so talented!!
I love your works!

Carol said...

Lucky you! Wow! Great exchange from Becky! And all of the ones you stitched are drop dead stunning!

Teri said...

I love seeing the Mary Beale designs worked up. Nice job!

cathymk said...

Marie, what a feast for the eyes! Everything is just beautiful!! Congratulations on exchanges received and sent!

Cathy B said...

So many pretty exchanges! You do such lovely work Marie! All of your partners must be thrilled with their gifts.

Becky's patriotic exchange is really special - congrats!

Lennu said...

You've sent so many beautiful exchanges lately, I've been admiring them in other blogs already :) I love the Mary Garry pinkeep, it's such a lovely design!! The floss tag is so pretty too, you always find perfect designs for your perfect finishes!! The pinkeep for Julianne is a perfect choice also :)

Becky sent you a wonderful exchange, enjoy dear Marie :)

Carol R said...

Hello Marie
I just called over from Becky's site - love the exchanges! Your squirrel pictures are so cute - I tend to feed the squirrels that visit more than the birds - we have some tubby squirrels now and one peeps through the patio doors if I am late feeding!
Nice blog

Anonymous said...

I was just admiring Becky's exchange on her own blog, it's beautiful!

All the exchanges you've stitched are gorgeous, there are some beautiful designs there - great work!

Rachel V said...

Wow, Marie, I am *so* impressed with all your pretties, especially that piece for Julianne, so unique and lovely.

Kathy said...

Wow!! What wonderful exchanges you stitched. I love them all. Beautiful stitching. The one received from Becky is very nice too.

The squirrel looks like he is praying for something. LOL!!

staci said...

What an ispiration you are Marie! Your exchanges are so beautifully stitched and finished! Congrats on receiving a wonderful exchange from Becky!

Katrina said...

Everything is gorgeous! I especially love the four seasons piece. I've added it to my do a search every week or so list :-). I have a list of OOP stuff I'd like to find.

Poor squirrel, LOL. Birds are so fun, if you have finches in your area finch feeders are neat. They actually fly upside down when they feed.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Your stitching talent and wonderful finishing is amazing to me Marie, I just can't get OVER it...really I can't.

Becky's box is cute as a button isn't it? I know YOU LOVE IT!

Andrea said...

Wow, some wonderful exchange, both sent and received.

mainely stitching said...

Wow, what a super-great exchange!!

Jenn said...

What a beautiful exchange you got from Becky! All the pices you've done are wonderfull too.

Paula C. said...

What amazing exchanges, Marie! I really love the floss fob, too. I am seeing those everywhere and really want to try making one myself. I need to get busy because I have three exchanges I need to do the finishing work on!

Jen said...

What wonderful exchanges. I particularly love the floss fob. You are so talented.

Becky K in OK said...

Your exchange pieces are beautiful. Seems as thought I recall spying a small package of Community Coffee on one of the recipients blogs! Hehe. So good. I love all the finishings on your pieces also.

Susimac said...

What truely wonderful exchanges you have done I think all 3 are beautiful.

lena-lou said...

You have done some amazing pieces for exchanges, I so love the ~Mary Beale one :-)) Love to see the pictures of the Squirrel and the tiny deer so well captured Marie. I always enjoy a visit to your blog , I think you are so talented.

Have a happy Sunday xx