Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where's Waldo??? Guess to Win!

Well, I have decided that my life is like a page out of Where's Waldo! A few posts ago I mentioned that I had some interesting news to share with you and now is the time ~My husband and I are moving....AGAIN.

To date we have lived in:
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Virginia
  • Texas
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • and have spent much time in our 2nd home in Vermont.

As some of you know I wanted to make Vermont my permanent home, but that is not going to happen; not yet, maybe never.

I am currently on a house hunting trip and am sitting in my room at the Marriott Hotel...My question to you is: Where's Waldo? I shall not reveal my location at this time, I will let you play along if you like. Leave a comment and let me know where you think I am moving to.

Here are just a few hints:

  • We had the chance to move to Germany but decided to stay in the USA.

  • You won't find me on the Ski Slopes very often.

  • I will no longer be a 3 hour car trip away from my boys who are in college in PA, I will be a 3-4 hour flight away.

  • I really should give away my winter clothes.
No need to guess the city/town just the State. If you guess correctly your name will go into a drawing for a finished cross stitch piece. If no one gets it right I will draw a name from all who post. I would show you the piece but then you would know where I am moving to (also, it is not yet complete :D).

Sorry, but those few that already know where I am moving to are not permitted to play. :)

I am happy to say that we have found our new home and are scheduling the closing. I am even happier to say that this is a corporate move so I will leave the packing and moving to someone else, Yippee!!! Can you see me grinning ear to ear?

Until next time...