Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This wonderful Patriotic Exchange that I received from Carol S. It certainly is a beauty, take a look…

FTT: Patriotic Exchange
Designer: San Man Originals
Stitched by: Carol S.

Opening her package was the highlight of my day! Carol’s does such gorgeous work I could not have been happier to see her name on the return address. She selected a very nice design by San Man Originals and finished it as a pinkeep; I love it! In addition, she sent me beautiful Gingher scissors, patriotic dishtowels, very pretty bookplates, and tasty mints.

Carol your generosity is amazing, I cannot thank you enough for all that you sent! You certainly made this an extra special exchange!

Dear sweet Vonna will be celebrating a birthday very soon so I decided to send this little gift off a bit early so that she could display it over the 4th of July (we know how she loves all things patriotic). When I saw this Annalee Patriotic Elf he was screaming Vonna’s name. I also knew that a Pinkeep would fit perfectly in his hands so I stitch this Birthday Pinkeep...

The Pinkeep is reversible with the other side looking like this:

I absolutely love how this turned out, cute huh?

When I saw this next design I knew immediately that I had to stitch it for my cousin. I call her my "direct link to God" and call upon her to "pray for me" with every "crisis" that I encounter. :) Now that I live far away from her I want to make sure that she constantly thinks of me (not sure that will happen but I am going to try). I am hoping each time she glances at this two things happen:

1) She thinks of me
2) Smiles...Smiles BIG!

"When This You See Pray For Me"

There is another person in my life that is deserving of this same design and when I find the time, I am going to stitch it again! I seem to be doing quite a bit of that lately.

Only about a week left until my Blackbird Design give-a-way. If you are interested you need to leave a comment on my previous post before July 4th.

Tomorrow both boys will be leaving, can you hear me sobbing??? They are taking the long 1,677 mile "road trip" back to the northeast. I know that they are excited about their adventure but I'm not ~ they will be missed. I did have my son install a Web Cam on my computer so that I can video chat with them (can you say "helicopter Mom?"). Let’s hope that they answer when I “video ring” them!

"If you cross a state or county line when traveling in a land vehicle, make a wish three times out loud. This is one of the few times when custom allows you to speak your wish out loud" (from Wishing)

~Have a wonderful weekend~

Until next time...

Friday, June 19, 2009

So Many Beautiful Exchanges

As promised, I will share with you the many beautiful exchanges that have been rolling in...

The first Exchange arrived all the way from New Zealand. It was beautifully stitched and finished into a Bourse by Margaret S. My very first Bourse and it is a beauty!

  • BBD Exchange
  • Design: My Pink House
  • Stitched by: Margaret S.
  • Finish: Bourse

Margaret also stitched a very cute Scissor Fob using the strawberry design pictured and she even included those great scissors! She made the matching pincushion and included needles, sticky notes, quilter's wheel, and scented bath bag.
Thank you again Margaret for this fantastic exchange.

Here is what I stitched for Ronel in the BBD Exchange:

FTT: BBD Exchange
Threads: VMST (love this thread)
Stitched for: Ronel W.
Finish: Floss Tag

Friends Through Threads
Seasonal Exchange ~ Spring

My second FTT Exchange traveled all the way from Germany and was stitched by Gaby M. She selected a design from one on my favorite designers, Prairie Schooler, and finished it into a two-flanged pillow ~ how cute is this...

FTT: Seasonal Exchange ~ Spring
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Stitched by: Gaby M.
Finish: Pillow

As you can imagine the box that arrived was quite large and packed with so many extras: A magazine, book (it is always exciting to receive these from other countries), fabric x 2, silk thread, honey soap, delicious candy, a cute little ladybug for my key chain, and last but not least a very special bookmark made by Simon!
Thank you so much Gaby for the extra special exchange!

Here is what I stitched for the FTT Seasonal Exchange:

FTT: Seasonal Exchange ~ Spring
Designer: Blackbird Design
Threads: VMST
Stitched for: Gaby M.
Finish: Floss Tag

Look familiar? I just love this design and love stitching it, I really do! I love it so much that I am offering a "give-a-way" just so that I can stitch it again. :D Post a comment and leave your first/last initial and I will include you in the July 4th drawing for the Blackbird Design Floss Tag.

The third exchange arrived from Canada and was stitched by Wendy B. She stitched for me in the Prairie Schooler All Year Long Exchange and I could not be happier, just take a look:

PS All Year Long
Round #2

PS All Year Long #2
Stitched by: Wendy B.
Finish: Needle Book

I love the Needle Book finish, it is perfect for this design. I really like Wendy's technique and recently used it to complete a needle book for a patriotic exchange. The PS All Year Long is one of my favorite exchanges. I love that we always stitch a PS design and am happy that we do not include extras. A special thank you to Becky SC for organizing this exchange group.
Thank you again Wendy for the beautiful, and much needed, needle book!

Here is what I stitched for the PS All Year Long Round #2 exchange:

PS All Year Long #2
Design: Prairie Fairie
Stitched for: Janet H.
Finish: Pinkeep

Fair & Square Exchange
Here is what I sent to Jen R. ~

And what I sent to Jenn F. ~

And the beautiful squares that Jenn F. sent my way...

Fair & Square round #13
Stitched by: Jenn F.

I am anxious to try Jenn's hand dyed threads, they look beautiful! I love that Jenn stitched the Texas heart, thanks again Jenn!

This was a long post but I had so many exchange pictures to share...thanks for hanging in till the end!

I am off to work on a Penny Rug project.

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Just Had To...

What, no stitching pictures???

Nope, not today ~ sorry. Please indulge me, if only for a second, as I share these memorable moments...







I love this picture of my son and his girlfriend (she too was graduating from the School of Business). The night before graduation I asked my son to mark the top of his Cap so that I would be able to identify him in the crowd...actually the "shades" did the trick...Well, to my surprise, he did mark his Cap with a message for me: "Thanks A Bajil" ~

It is still so very hard to believe that he has graduated, where did the time go? My very dear friend told me when he entered High School that it would fly by; she failed to tell me that his college years would go by even faster. For those of you that will be sending your DS/DD off to college this fall, hang on it's a fast ride!

I returned home to find three wonderful exchanges that I am anxious to share so stay tuned I will be sharing pictures of them in my next post.

Until next time...