Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Week in NYC

First I must share with you the wonderful Halloween Exchange ornament that I received from Amy V-M. 
2014 Halloween Ornament Exchange
Designer: Cherrywood Design Studio
Stitched by: Amy V-M

What a cute design and so nicely stitched and finished.  I love the purple fabric that Amy stitched this on. This little gem is now hanging on my Halloween Tree, which I am happy to say is looking much nicer with the recent addition of Halloween ornaments.  Thank you again, Amy!

Here is the ornament that I sent to Amy:
2014 Halloween Ornament Exchange
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Stitched for: Amy V-M

I had a great piece of fabric for the backing:

I spent last week in NYC enjoying the beautiful weather, great restaurants, and many sights.  I am fortunate that my DS and his GF live/work in the city and are so nice to let me and little Lily stay with them in their apartment.  They recently moved to the upper west side and are just 2 blocks from central park.  Lily likes this because there are trees and GRASS! 

There was a nice exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum titled, Ralph Fasanella: Lest We Forget.

"Ralph Fasanella (1914-1997) was a self-taught painter who created large colorful and intricate paintings of working-class culture and American politics from 1945 until his death in 1997."

He began painting in 1940 but much of his work went unnoticed until October 30, 1972 when he appeared on the cover of New York Magazine. Alongside his picture was the headline:

"This man pumps gas in the Bronx for a living. He may also be the best primitive painter since Grandma Moses."

I found his life story fascinating and his artwork captivating. Each one filled with vibrant colors and amazing detail. The exhibit runs through December 1st so if you are in the city and you enjoy Folk Art, I would encourage you to check this out.


Old Neighborhood


"I didn't paint my paintings to hang in some rich guys living room"
(Ralph Fasanella)

Naturally, I spent time in the garment district where I managed to add to my stash of trim and to scoop up a bunch of charms. 

During my visit to the city I dined at some nice restaurants ~ all were delicious. 

If you find yourself in the upper west side I would highly recommend a trip to Levain's Bakery on 74th street. The cookies are AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. My DS/GF new apartment is a mere 3 blocks from this little shop. 

My DS and I went to the National 911 Memorial Museum which was quite an overwhelming experience.  I shall save that for another post.

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"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
Andre Gide

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's That Scary Time Of Year

Well, almost...

Walk into any craft store and you will certainly feel like it is Halloween; the Fall decorations fill the shelves.

The weather is changing; there's a chill in the air.  
The leaves are beginning to change color.
Candy Corn and Halloween Peeps are calling my name.
I have been busy stitching Halloween ornaments.

Here is the HOE Halloween ornament that I sent to Karen K:

2014 HOE Halloween ~ Round 4
Designer: Trilogy
Design: Witchy Witch Broomhilda
Stitched for: Karen K. 

I finished this as a mini treat bag. It opens at the top and is lined with Halloween fabric. 

And the ornament that I sent to Kate R:

2014 HOE Halloween Ornament
Designer: Just Nan
Design: Poor Jack
Stitched for: Kate R.

And the ornament I sent to my dear friend, Carol S. ~ because she is the best!
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Stitched for: Carol S.

How cute is this design? I must stitch this again for my Halloween tree.  
I received this wonderful HOE Halloween ornament in the mail from Karen K:
2014 HOE Halloween Ornament 
Stitched by: Karen K.

This is such a cute design that is beautifully stitched and finished.  I love the ric rac trim. Thank you Karen!!! 

I will leave you with a progress picture of the HAED that I am stitching:

HAED: A Moment To Cherish

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"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower"
Albert Camus

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Beauty Of Nature

I received my Fair & Square Nature/Outdoor Exchange blocks from Rebecca.  She stitched this beautiful butterfly...

2014 Fair & Square Nature Exchange
Stitched by: Rebecca C.

Her signature block, with the two little bugs, is adorable!  Thanks again, Rebecca C. 

Here are the blocks that I sent to Rebecca...

2014 Fair & Square Nature Exchange
Stitched For: Rebecca C.

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"Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished"

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another Summer Adventure

I participated in the HOE Christmas Ornament exchange and received this beauty from Lynn W.
2014 HOE Christmas Ornament
Designer: Bent Creek
Design: NOEL
From: 2003 JCS Ornament Issue
Stitched by: Lynn W.

This is such a cute design.  Did you notice the beaded edge? Wow, so many of those tiny seed beads hand stitched on to make that decorative edging.  Lynn did a beautiful job stitching and finishing this beauty.  Thank you again, Lynn. 

My DH and I traveled to Niagara Falls...  

The Canadian Side

We were looking for a quick getaway and since we have never been we decided to check it out.  We stayed steps away from the Falls in the fallsview district.  We enjoyed:

Viewing the falls 
the boat ride into the falls on the Hornblower
 The Hornblower

We journeyed past the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and into the basin of the majestic Horseshoe Falls.  Lingering at the Horseshoe Falls, with water rushing all around you, leaves you quite drenched ~ despite the flimsy green rain gear they provide.  Truly an exciting experience.

From our hotel room we viewed the:

Fireworks display

Skylon Tower ~ 775 ft above the Falls

The black mark on the center of the tower is actually an exterior glass enclosed elevator to the indoor/outdoor observation deck. 

And the Clifton Hill area 
175 foot Skywheel

The Falls were nice but the surrounding area...hmmm, not so much. We prefer a more country setting and fortunately, a friend of my DH told him about a place called Niagara-on-the-Lake. We took a 30-minute scenic drive into wine country to the well-preserved 19th-century village brimming with charm.

A quaint small town

With gorgeous old buildings
Beautiful Flowers...everywhere

And some pretty fun treats ~ Candy Apples

All in all a fun trip but we were glad to get home and even happier to spend this weekend with these lovelies...
DS1 ~ G
DS2 ~ D
DS1 GF ~ M

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"Enjoy the little things...
for one day you'll look back and realize
they were the BIG things."

Monday, August 18, 2014

More Eye Candy

I was one of the 5 winners in Nancy's (VMSS) Summer Floss giveaway and I recently received the skeins that I selected. Take a look at this eye candy...

From left to right: 
2 skeins of 1840 Golden Pumpkin Spice 
1840 Peach Cobbler
Antique Variegated Coral
 Olde Sampler Pink.

These beauties will be added to my rather large collection of VMSS.  Thank you so much, Nancy.  This was such an unexpected treat ~ I truly love your floss!

Nancy is such a thoughtful, generous, and all around sweet individual who always seems to be giving to others.  When I learned that her birthday is in August I immediately set out to stitch her a design by The Sunflower Seed titled, Storklette Scissor Holder.  Of course I grabbed my large basket of VMSS threads and selected a palette of purple, green, blue, and black.  I wanted to get this gift to her before her birthday but only had 3 days before I would be heading out for on my road trip to Ohio.  I did manage to complete it and get this in the mail:

Designer: The Sunflower Seed
Fabric: 32 count Linen over 2
Stitched for: Nancy T.


I hope that you had a wonderful birthday!

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"If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away"

Monday, August 11, 2014

Plugging Away At Those WIPs

Woohoo...it is finally done!  Four years ago my group of quilting friends decided to try a new quilt-as-you-go technique so we each set out to make this Fun and Done Pattern:

We purchased the pattern and this Batting Buddy Template Set:                                                  

During our bi-monthly group meeting we would work on this quilts but not long after we started I ended up moving back to the Northeast. I did not pick this project up again for quite some time.  Here is the completed quilt:

2014 Fun and Done Quilt

No need to put this in a "to be quilted" pile,  no need to send this off for machine quilting ~ it's already quilted!   Phew, it's done and yes, I would make another Fun and Done quilt;  fun and easy A+++. 

One WIP down a million more to go!

Back in March I ordered a large piece of 25 count Lugana and started A Moment to Cherish, a Heaven and Earth Design.  After many hours/days stitching I did not like what I saw.  My stitches were not uniform and I saw a few improperly placed "X's" ~ It was beginning to look like a true novice was doing the stitching. ICK!

The improper "X's" were almost certainly the result of an over anxious stitcher who refuse to put the project down, even when her eyes were closing!  The non uniform stitches hmmm, now that was perplexing.  I searched online and decided that my problem stemmed from my stitching hoop.  It is not advisable to use a hoop when stitching a HAED and now I understand why.

Immediately I re-ordered another piece of Lugana and anxiously awaited for it to arrive.  The design is now being worked on in a frame and I no longer doze off while stitching! 

Here is a picture of my progress:

Compared to this one: 

Thankfully, the new one looks much better.  

I decided not to grid it. I just pay closer attention and refrain from dozing while stitching!

I completed another piece for my "Queen Theme" stitching:

2014 Queen Bee
Designer: The Primitive Hare
Design: Litha: Summer Solstice (Freebie)

I am in search of another small "queen" design to fill the last spot on the wall.  The butter paddles are truly wonderful for finishing.  My supply has dwindled and I only have one left so I will be on the hunt for more.

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"The most successful people learn something new each day. Knowledge is endless and personal growth is continuous. Always seek more."
Brooke Griffin