Wednesday, May 30, 2007


"Fishing" by Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin

The minute that I saw this design I knew that I had to stitch it for my younger son. He spends a great deal of time fishing while at our house in Vermont. I purchased two pewter fish buttons that I will be placing in the space to the left and right of my son's initials.

The verse is great, it reads:

If fish would bite like this ~ We never

more would say ~ The biggest fish

I caught of course ~ Was the one that

got away ~ Artful Anglers measure up

Take A Boy Fishing Today

Now that I have pulled this out I think it is about time I get it framed! It has been tucked away for a while.

Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin is such a favorite of mine. I was sad to hear that she is retiring and will no longer be designing! Fortunately I have a handful of her patterns that I will someday know, "If only I had more time" :D.

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

WIP Pics

Having traveled late at night to and from Vermont I managed to avoid the holiday traffic. I spent a good portion of the long weekend stitching on a few of my many WIP’s.

I signed up for this weekend’s Ornament SAL because I knew that it would get me to finish the stitching on another ornament from the JCS 06 ornament issue. When I saw this design in the magazine I loved it, probably because I am partial to all things sampler.

"Sampler Noel" by Fancy Work

I am stitching the Brightneedles “Dollhouse” on 32 ct over one. This is probably why I do not often reach for it when grabbing something to stitch! Seeing that I have not stitched on it in quite some time I decided to dedicate some time to it and stitched the items in the rooms. You see how little I got done? Oh well, my “exchange pieces” were calling me and, given that the deadlines are looming, I responded. I stitched on my 4th of July exchange piece, also done over one! I won’t be showing a picture of that just yet.

"Dollhouse" by Brightneedle

Pictured below are just a few other WIP’s that are stored in my stitching bag.

"Regatta" by Cross-eyed Cricket

"Halloween Fairy" by Mirabilia

My son is on the High School Crew Team so when I saw "Regatta" I knew immediately that it was a "must have" ~ I have yet to see another design related to rowing.

All in all I did have a productive “stitching” weekend. Sometimes I wish that I could be like those that must finish one project before starting another ~ that will never happen, there are just too many wonderful designs out there calling my name.

Speaking of designs… my order from Lekker Threads AND from M Designs was in my mailbox when I returned. Yes, I want to start on all of them tonight, but I will not. The next ornament SAL will probably have me stitching one of the Name Trees that I got for my boys. These are really great and I am sure that I will be ordering more as they would make nice gifts.

Order from Lekker Thread ~ Personalized Tree Ornaments

I do hope that you all had a relaxing and productive holiday weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Until next time…

Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

Neglecting my Blog, shame on me! I have been too busy visiting yours!

So many people have impressed me with their Blogs...all those great pictures of your WIP and completed masterpieces! You have inspired me, my next post will be a collection of my WIP pictures. Most certainly I will find time for this early next week.

I will be heading to Vermont in just a few hours. Hopefully, but not likely, the horrendous traffic will let up. There is not a whole lot going on up there so I should be able to spend many hours stitching. With any luck I will complete a project or two! I think I have signed up for about 5 exchanges so I must get busy.

I recently purchased some items from Lekker Threads and am so excited, my order has been shipped. I am hoping that it arrives sometime next week so that I can update my "If Only I Had More Time" list :D. This was my first order with this online shop and I must say the service was fantastic and communications excellent!

Thanks for stopping by and for your much appreciated comments!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tip For Today ~ Cording

Stitching On Cording

So you have completed the stitching on yet another project and you decide to finish it as an ornament, or maybe a flat fold. Either way your plan is to complete the project by stitching on decorative cording. Seeing as I purchased the perfect cording gadget (I will be posting info on a few great gadgets), I almost always make my own. This allows me to easily color coordinate the cording with my finished piece. Grabbing a "sharp" needle I set out to stitch the cording onto the flat fold. Little did I know I would experience "Needle Nightmare" ~ As an avid stitcher and quilter I typically get on quite well with the needle...not this time. Due to the flat fold's rigid edge manipulating this needle was troublesome so I decided to try a "circular" needle (it's a gadget so yes I own it!). With high hopes I started stitching and once again the "Needle Nightmare" began. The sharp was a bit long, the circular was a bit awkward, I new then just which needle to try next~a between. For the non-quilters, this is a very tiny quilting needle. With my size 12 between needle in hand I began stitching and quickly realized that this would no longer be my quilting needle, it would forever be my "cording needle". At a mere 7/8" long it is easy to maneuver the needle around the rigid edge, through the cording and into the fabric, eliminating my Needle Nightmare!

Word of caution: quilting needles, no matter what the size, are very small and have a tiny eye so if you decide to give it a try make sure that you have a needle threader handy.

When I stitch the cording on I:
Use a size 12 between quilting needle.
Use one stand of matching floss.
Come through the bottom of the cording and catch a few threads of the fabric.
Never loop over the top of the cording to stitch it in place.
For those that may experience "Needle Nightmare" I do hope this helps!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Needleroll SAL

"Be At Peace"
Homespun Elegance

I participated in a Needleroll SAL this weekend and am happy to say that I was successful in completing the stitching AND finishing on this project. Anytime that I do not add to my growing pile of "projects to finish" I am happy. SAL's are a great motivator for me! I became aware of this SAL rather late (Friday night) and I did not know what to stitch. I quickly went through some leaflets and decided on this Homespun Elegance Design. It is not a Needleroll pattern, and I was not too sure how it would turn out, but I decided to give it a try. Fortunately it turned out okay.
I wanted to thank everyone for stopping by and taking the time to post such thoughtful comments!!!
A special thank you to Vonna for helping me with my many "blog" questions ~ you are the best!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Three Down ~ Tons To Go!

"Winter's Eve"
Country Cottage Needleworks

"Happy Holidays"
Lizzie Kate

I have been trying to keep up with the stitching AND finishing of the ornaments from the "Ornament Round Robin" group. We are stitching designs from the Just Cross Stitch 2006 Special Christmas Issue. It is relatively easy to keep up with the stitching, as a result my pile continues to grow, I just can't seem to find the time for finishing (unless of course it is for an exchange). I recently set aside time for finishing and was able to complete two ornaments and a needleroll.

Well, I am in Needleroll SAL this weekend so I must end and do some stitching. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look around. I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tip for Today ~ Linen Over One

Diagram A ~ Diagram B

To insure that your crosses over one thread lay nicely and do not slide between the threads of the linen and disappear, work each "over-one" as follows:

When the top thread of linen is vertical (diagram A), make a vertical pass on the back of the linen to complete the stitch.

When the top thread of linen is horizontal (diagram B), make a horizontal pass on the back of the fabric to complete the stitch.

Friday, May 4, 2007

The Potting Shed

I recently participated in an exchange on the USEBB titled: The Potting Shed. An appropriate design quickly came to mind: The Potting Shed, by Shepherd's Bush. Once I learned that I would be stitching for Katrina I knew that this would be perfect. Having read her blog I knew that she was a fan of Shepherd's Bush.
I did not stitch the entire design, I merely took bits and pieces to come up with this:

Although I had never tried it before I decided to finish it into a notepad holder:

I added a few more items and sent it on its way...

Katrina emailed to let me know that she received my exchange...Glad that you liked it!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Time For Finishing

I need to find some time for "finishing work" but I would rather spend the time stitching. It's much like quilting; I love to make the tops but prefer to send them off to be quilted.

The Noble Wife, Bees, and Lady Sampler will be framed. I have a "Sampler" wall in my front hall that could use a few more designs, these would be perfect.

As for the birdhouse, that is going to be finished into a Needleroll and added to my small, but growing, collection.

I am not sure how I will finish the "Spot of Coffee" ~ I have two other Coffee themed designs by LHN that I will be stiching at some point. I may just wait until all three are complete, hopefully by then a finishing idea will come to me!

I love all things Coffee!

Exchange Pictures

USEBB: Needleroll Exchange

USEBB: Easter Exchange

USEBB: Spring Quaker

I have been having great fun participating in a number of exchanges. Here are three that I stitched and sent out. At present I am signed up for three more and am also active in an Ornament Round Robin. We are stitching designs from the 2006 JCS Ornament edition...thus far I have stitched and finished three.

Potting Shed Exchange From Cathy B

USEBB: Potting Shed Exchange
Received From: Cathy B

I received this wonderful exchange from Cathy. She stitched a Lizzie Kate design and finished it into an "oversized" needleroll (11" long). Her work is beautiful ~ I have a small (but growing) collection of needlerolls that I am honored to add this to. She spoiled me with an array of item including DMC, potting gloves, a great cross stitch leaflet and mints. Thank you Cathy!