Saturday, June 28, 2008

Exchange Sent & Received

I received a wonderful LHN Pinkeep Exchange (HOE) from Marion ~ She stitched a portion of Schoolgirl Lessons, in one of my favorite What a wonderful job you did Marion; I love it. She also included some threads for my stash. Thank you so much Marion, I truly appreciate it.

Designer: Little House Needlework
Design: Schoolgirl Lessons
Finish: Pinkeep
Stitched by: Marion

And here is the LHN Pinkeep exchange that I stitched for Sharon...

Designer: LHN
Design: Attic Needlework
Fabric: 32 count Linen
Threads: Victorian Motto, WDW
Finish: Stitcher's Caddy

Hooked On Exchanges: LHN Pinkeep Exchange

Joan let me know that she received my Patriotic Exchange, here is what I stitched...

Designer: Birds of a Feather
Design: Liberty
Fabric: 28ct Lugana
Thread: WDW
Finish: Pinkeep

Patriotic Exchange for Joan

Well, I placed yet another order with Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. I really do love the colors that are offered. When I saw the shades of pumpkin I knew I needed to click my favorite button: "buy now" ~ I must say Nancy is one of my favorite online shop owners. She ships faster than lightening and is as nice as can be. Thanks Nancy for always making my shopping experience enjoyable.

Just take a look at my latest purchase...

I got some very informative comments on my For the Birds Post ~ I am especially impressed with Jennifer's knowledge of Birds, not only did she know that the bird in question was a Red Bellied Woodpecker she told me that it is a male:

"see how the red feathers go all the way down to his beak? With a female, the red coloring stops around the eyes."

She so kindly shared this helpful info: (thanks Jennifer!)

"If you can find a Wild Birds Unlimited near you, they have lots of information and bird feeding supplies and can help you not only get a few feeders set up, but deal with pests like squirrels as well. Ask about the Yankee Flipper - the feeder is pressure sensitive and will actually gently flip squirrels off it by spinning. (The video in the store is HILARIOUS!) You can also buy No Mess Seed. It's a little more expensive than regular seed, but you don't have any shells."

Thanks again for the information, tips and comments that you all shared. I purchased another feeder and have captured some "interesting" pictures that I will post at a later date. There is a special picture that I snapped just for Rob, Michelle's husband. :)

Freebie "Bird" design from Designs From Pamela

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Unexpected Surprise

When the mailed arrived this past Saturday there was a box that I thought probably contained one of the exchanges that I was in. Always excited about the prospect of a new hand stitched treasure, I set out to open it. Flipping the box over I noticed that the return address was from Leena, this peaked my interest. Upon opening the box, I surprised to discover this beautiful gift:

Friendship In All Seasons
Designer: The Trilogy
Stitched by: Leena

Leena stated in her note that she wanted to thank me for stitching for her during the year long Seasonal Stitcher’s Exchange. Leena, you certainly did not need to do that but let me say that I am thrilled to receive this. I have admired Leena’s work on her blog, secretly wishing that someday I might be the owner of a piece of her handwork. What a great day… my wish came true! This is such an appropriate design and so beautifully stitched on 40-count linen!

Leena your stitching is gorgeous I truly love this little box!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this treasured gift and for your friendship.

For those "Gadget Queens" out there I have selected another "Must Have Gadget" and will be posting a Gadget Give-A-Way in the near future so stay tuned....

Until next time...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Red, White and Beautiful ~ From BeckySC!

Yes, the Patriotic Exchange that I received from sweet BeckySC is Red, White AND truly beautiful! She stitched this wonderful Americana design and mounted it on a great Red, White and Blue box. As so many of you already know Becky’s workmanship, both in stitching and finishing, is impeccable.

Design: Four America
Designer: San Man Originals
Stitched by: BeckySC

Upon opening the box I found some very pretty patriotic fabric, two small tuck pillow forms, a neat little floss holder, and a large patriotic bell that quickly found its way onto my front hall closet door. I have already selected a design for one of those tuck pillows. :)

Patriotic Exchange from BeckySC

It really is such a treat to receive this beautiful exchange from Becky. She is known “blog wide” for her stitching talent and generous heart. I am fortunate to have a handful of gorgeous items stitched by her and am truly grateful for each and every one. Thank you Becky for this wonderful exchange, one that I will forever treasure!!!

Thank you CathyB for organizing this exchange and inviting me to join in! My exchange has been mailed but has not been received yet so I will share pictures in a later post.


I participated in the Freebie Exchange (HOE) and stitched this for Sandra...

Designer: Mary Garry Sewing Cabin
Design: Sew and Sew
Fabric: 32 ct Linen
Finish: Pinkeep

Hooked on Exchanges
Freebie Exchange for Sandra

I participated in the ABC Exchange (SBEBB) and stitched this for Aniza...

Designer: Mary Beale
Design: Sampler
Fabric: 32ct Natural Linen
Finish: Floss Fob

SBEBB ABC Exchange
Stitched for Aniza

At the completion of the Seasonal Stitcher’s Exchange I decided to stitch a small gift for Julianne, who spent the past year stitching and finishing four gorgeous exchanges for me. I happened to be browsing through some magazines and came across a pattern titled, Four Seasons Sampler. This just jumped out and screamed, “make this for Julianne” so I did.

Designer: Patricia Andrle
Design: Four Seasons Sampler
From: Cross Stitch & Needlework Feb. 1998
Fabric: 28 ct Lugana over 1
Finish: Pinkeep

Thanks to those that left comments regarding the identity of the unknown bird. I now know that the flying critter, the dominant bird that is head of the bird feeder, the one that eats constantly from it, is a woodpecker. When it is not feeding, it can be seen perched atop my house pecking at my gutter!!!

Thanks Heather for your suggestion to grease up the bird feeder pole. I did just that and what a riot to watch the squirrel jump onto it only to slide right back down, it reminded me of a firefighter spinning down the fire pole!

Rather than emptying out the feeder the squirrel now spends hours at the base of the pole like this:

Until next time...

Monday, June 16, 2008

For The Birds!

I recently placed a bird feeder on my deck in hopes of getting a closer look at some of the pretty birds that I occasionally see flying around. For a while the bird feeder remained full, I guess it takes time for the birds to discover it. Well, I went outside and noticed tons of empty shells scattered all over the deck. My first thought was, “these birds are messy!” It was not long before my “neat nick” husband suggested that we move the feeder to a tree in the yard. Before doing that I was able to get some great pictures. I even discovered who the messy bird is:

After scaring away this rather large "bird" I was able to take a few pictures of a "real" bird. I have no idea what kind this is...any idea???

There is a beautiful red cardinal that eats from the feeder but I have not been able to capture a picture. That bird is just too smart, I can't sneak up on it like I do other birds but I will keep trying.

The bird feeder has since been moved off of the deck so that the birds can have their feeder back, or so I thought.....

Can you believe that this daring raccoon did not run off when I walked out on my deck with a barking dog in my arms??? It actually posed for the picture and continued to eat! Obviously my newly purchased pole is too short; I have since purchased a taller one but it does not keep the squirrels off.

Lastly, I will share a few pictures of my son's high school graduation. The 1pm ceremony was held inside the gym during the horrible heat wave. The temperature was 96 degrees and there was no air conditioning ~ it was so hot!

Rather than the traditional cap and gown, the guys wore a white tuxedo.

I mailed off three exchanges today so I will have a few stitching pictures to share in my next post.

Until next time...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Three Exchanges In One Day

Today was a busy mail day around here. As I headed out to the post office to mail my SBEBB ABC Exchange, I noticed two boxes in my garage. I quickly ran them in the house and ran back out again. After completing a number of errands, I anxiously arrived home to see what was in those boxes. Before entering I picked up my mail and what do you know another exchange! Once inside I set out to discover the mystery of the exchanges. In box one I found a fabulous Spring Exchange from Julianne. She stitched me the Country Lark Design by JBW; it is wonderful would you agree? I love that she finished it as a flanged pillow and am impressed with her selection of fabric, it coordinates perfectly.

Designer: JBW
Design: Country Lark
Stitched by: Julianne

In addition, look at all of these extras! Julianne, you are so very generous and I appreciate it more than I can say.

Seasonal Stitchers Spring Exchange

Thanks Julianne for the Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring exchanges that you stitched for me. You certainly do beautiful work, in your stitching and finishing. I appreciate all of the time that you spent this past year stitching for me; I will treasure each piece!

The next box that I opened happened to be the Hooked On Exchanges Freebie sent by Veronica. Is this piece amazing or what? What a gorgeous scissor case with some lovely scissors as well.

HOE Freebie Exchange
Design: Berthi's Birdbath
Free Design here

I love the fabric selection for the backside as well as the perfectly matched cording. I wonder if Veronica has one of my Must Have Gadgets?

Veronica thank you so much for the scissor case, I am grinning from ear to ear. Again I was spoiled with so many fabulous extras. I do not have either of the charts that you sent and am so anxious to stitch from them. One of the charts is titled, "Whitman's Tin Sewing Set" and Veronica even included the tin, thanks so much. The note cards are so pretty, with so many exchanges I am always in need of these.

HOE: Freebie Exchange
From Veronica

I discovered Veronica’s Blog today and I was quite impressed she is a multi talented person that enjoys not only cross stitch but quilting, hand embroidery, knitting, spinning, weaving and thread painting. Curious about thread painting? Check out this piece, it is adorable. It did not take me but a minute to add her blog to my sidebar. :)

My final package of the day came from Ruth. She is my Fair & Square Partner for round #7 and she sent me these beautiful squares. (Sorry, I have tried and tried for a better quality picture with no luck)

Fair & Square round #7
From Ruth

Do you see what I see? Now, what are the odds of receiving the same design, from two separate exchanges, on the same day? LOL Yes, it appears that Ruth and Veronica selected the same design to stitch. The colors are completely different, the flower is different and Ruth stitched side borders. Both are gorgeous and I am delighted to have them.

The signature block is just as beautiful. She stitched the basket design from Papillon's Mystery Sampler which is a wonderful sampler offered in The Gift of Stitching Magazine.

Ruth also included some Sampler Threads and a beautiful fat quarter of fabric. Thanks so much Ruth, your stitching is perfect and I do love the design.

I must end now so that I can work on my blocks for Ruth.

Until next time...