Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Act of Kindness

What a dismal day, rain, rain, rain! My day was made brighter however, when I picked up my mail and opened an unexpected package from Paula C. I reached in and pulled out a lovely note, two scrubbers (used for cleaning stoneware/pans), and a wonderful “coffee theme” fat quarter!

I saw these hand crochet scrubbers pictured on Paula’s blog and asked her if they really worked. How very sweet, she sent me some to try! I have not tried them yet but I will. Paula tells me they are washable but I still hate for them to get dirty.

The coffee fabric is perfect for finishing the "Spot of Coffee" design (LHN) that I completed many months ago. I am thinking of a pinkeep finish on that piece, wouldn't this be a great fabric choice for the back?

Paula, your RAK was such a wonderful, unexpected surprise on such a dreary day. Thank you very much! I truly value our friendship and emails, especially your “heads-up” emails on upcoming exchanges. :)

RAK from Paula C.

My camera is still in Vermont so I am forced to post pictures using the scanner. I am heading to Vermont on Wednesday because we have sold the property :( and have a scheduled closing next Monday. It is hard to believe that I will not be driving to Vermont on weekends but I am hopeful that we will find another place relatively soon. Keep your fingers crossed, we are looking but have yet to find that perfect place.

Until next time...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fair & Square Round #6 from Annette + STASH!

I received a wonderful package from Annette today and I am truly thrilled! Annette selected a design from one of my favorite designers, Blackbird Design. She stitched a portion of the Moonlit Garden design using Weeks Dye Work floss...the colors are perfect! I was also treated to a great Doodles design, "Home Sweet Home" as well as some gorgeous Crescent Colours to get me started on this project! Annette recently joined the Fair and Square group and I was most definitely the lucky one to be partnered with her! Many, many thanks Annette for making this such a special exchange. :)

I left my camera in Vermont so I had to use my scanner for "picture posting" ~

Fair & Square #6 - From Annette W.
Designer: Blackbird Design
Design taken from: Moonlit Garden

Paula had posted pictures on her blog of her newly acquired stash from Everything Cross Stitch. Naturally I had to check out this online store and found myself quickly placing an order. In addition to the sale they have going on right now, I was able to sign up for their online newsletter and get an additional 20% off my order! Don't you just love a sale? Click here for the newsletter/20% off. Much to my surprise my stash arrived in record time and here it is:

Designer: Little House Needlework
Design on Left: Quilt Time Sampler (Heather, you would love this one :D)
Design on the Right: My Needle's Work w/thread

I absolutely love "My Needle's Work" and almost purchased it at a LNS, but bought some other designs instead. I am glad that I did not purchase it because I got it for about 15.00 (on sale for 17.85 less 20% ~ it retails for 21.00).

I also purchased these designs:

Left: Country Cottage Needleworks, "Home Sweet Home"
Right: Little House Needleworks, "A Stitcher's Prayer"

My last purchase is the chart for this Checkbook Keeper:

  • Designer: Primitive Traditions
  • Quaker Pocket Needfuls: Checkbook Keeper

Thanks Paula, reading your blog made my "stash" grow and my savings shrink! :) The LHN patterns will be quite helpful since Paula sent me an email letting me know of the LHN exchange~ yes, I am now signed up for that one. Really, I am trying not to sign up for too many exchanges but it is SO hard not to.

Thanks so much everyone for your kind words about my "blog remodeling" ~ just a little spring cleaning.

Lastly let me say:


Until next time...

Monday, April 21, 2008

And The Winner Is......

I had 18 comment on my "Gadget Drawing" post so I decided to have my son pick a number between 1 and 18...AND the winner is #18, Wanda! I will need for you to email me with your snail mail address Wanda, and I will send this off to you.
If you are interested in this gadget here are a few sites that offer it for sale:
Stay tuned as there may be another new "Gadget Drawing" soon...

I was able to move two Exchanges to the "Completed" list on my sidebar; SBEBB Spring House Exchange and Fair & Square: Round 6. It is always so nice to watch the "completed" list grow!
I have learned that both exchanges have reached their destination so I am free to post pictures.

My exchange partner for Fair & Square round #6 was Annette, here are the blocks that I sent:

Fair & Square #6 - To Annette
Designer: LHN
Design taken from: Schoolgirl Lessons

Below is the SBEBB: Spring House Exchange that I sent to Ulla in Finland. I had to "lift" the pictures from Ulla because I left my camera in Vermont, hope you don't mind Ulla. Yikes, I won't be back up to Vermont until early May. I hope I don't need to photograph anything!

Designer: Lizzie and Kate

Design: Spring Sampler

Finish: Pinkeep

I recently purchased a new book called "Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Lacy Crochet" ~ I do very little crocheting, but this book really caught my eye. I am however at a loss because the instructions call for "lace thread" and I do not know what this is. It has to be very thin because you use a size 6 (1.8m) or 4(2mm) hook. Any help would be appreciated!

Enjoy the week ahead ~ I hope that it is filled with many free hours of stitching!

Until next time...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Just another Gadget ~ VoHRH SAL~ Meet Paula

In my last two post I mentioned a wonderful woman named Paula C. Paula and I have been in a few exchanges together and I must say she is a wonderful cross stitcher and a super lady! I am so very happy that she has found the time to start up her blog, Needles, Hooks & Paperback Books ~ such a clever name! Stop on over and welcome her to the world of blogging!

Oh how I love gadgets!!! I am always on the lookout for items that will make tasks easier and faster. Todays gadget is the Stitch Converter by LoRan.

Stitch Converter - Gadget Give-A-Way

"No more complicated calculations for material size and thread count - the Stitch Converter is helpful in figuring the material size for your projects and assists in determining the material count for a required finished size. Simply dial in your numbers and read your answer."

I keep this handy little gadget in my cross stitch basket. When I need to figure out the fabric requirement I can easily reach for it, turn the dial and quickly determine how much fabric I need. It lists fabric size for 11/12/14/16/18/22/32 count. Sure you can do this with a calculator, some can do it in their head, I prefer doing it with a quick twist!

While running errands yesterday I stopped in a small needlework shop in Westport to picked up a few things. This is where I originally purchased my Stitch Converter, when I saw it I decided to do two things:

  1. Write a GADGET POST on my blog
  2. Purchase one for a "Blog Gadget Give-A-Way"

So, if you are a "Gadget Queen" and would like to give this a try just comment on this post and I will draw a name... if your name is selected I will mail it off to you ~ it is just that simple!

My trip to Texas, fun as it was, set me back on my VoHRH SAL stitching. I am trying to get back on track and hope to complete block number 6 by May 1st. Here is a progress picture:

VOHRH SAL - Block #6

Thanks for stopping by, I am always glad that you do!

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Prairie Schooler FOB Sent ~ Meet Misha

I heard from Paula C. that she received the Prairie Schooler Fans Scissor Fob Exchange that I sent so I can post pictures. Since Paula is collecting PS Christmas Ornaments I decided to stitch a Santa design. The design was a bit large for a fob, so I decided to stitch it on 32 count over one; this is how it turned out:

Prairie Schooler Scissor FOB Exchange
Stitched For: Paula C.

Designer: Prairie Schooler ~ Book #43
Design: Father Christmas
Stitched on 32ct Linen over 1
Stitched for Paula C.
I really like it when I receive a stitched item that is personalized, so I am trying to do that on the ones that I send out.

This was a fun exchange, I will be keeping my eye out for additional exchanges with this group of stitchers!

I am posting this picture especially for Rob, Michelle's husband....

Vermont Deer
A few weeks ago I was in Vermont and happened to look out the window and see five of these beautiful creatures in the apple orchard. I quickly got the camera and was able to snap their picture before they scurried off. This is almost a daily occurrence, I guess they realize that they are always safe on our 40 acres!!!
Unless of course they meet up with this critter:


MISHA!!! my 11 year old, 6 1/2 pound Yorkshire Terrier who is sweet as can be unless she sees the deer, at which time she becomes a wild beast and chases after them! The picture was taken this winter when we had a huge snowfall and the snow was too deep for her to walk in. She is quite fashionable in her faux fir coat! Yes, I am still looking for a female Yorkie puppy but have not had any luck locating the perfect one.

To answer your question Michelle: some of the blackbird Design patterns call for crushed walnut shells to fill Pincushions. :)

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Until next time...