Thursday, July 8, 2010

Home From The Big Apple

It seems like just yesterday that I was climbing into my car, Lily in tow, heading out for my “one man/one dog” 1600+ mile road trip to NYC. I am home now, life is getting back to normal, and I have finally found time to update my blog.

Ride with me on a journey to NYC...

Somewhere in either Louisiana or Mississippi I stopped for gas and was very surprised to see this:

It made me a bit leery about driving through this state. How many people do you think pull up and get “one for the road” ~ CRAZY, don’t ya think?

Fortunately, Lily and I made it safely out of this state. We drove through LA, MS, AL, TN, VA, WV, PA, NJ into NY. We were very happy to see this:

NYC Skyline

I was riding with my son into the city thinking how very excited and happy HE must be to see me and to know that I was going to hang out with him for 3+ weeks.

That was until we passed this lovely billboard:

That small dose of “reality” served to interrupt my delusional thinking long enough for this “helicopter Mom” to comment, “That’s terrible” ~ and my son, well he just laughed and slowed down long enough for me to snap the picture.

We arrived at his high-rise apartment in Manhattan (doorman included) where I was given a tour. The apartment is on the 19th floor but my favorite place was up on the rooftop where they have lounge chairs, tables, and an unbelievable view of the city (especially at night).

Rooftop View
Helping him pack…okay, so I packed most of the boxes ~

Helping him move…okay, he carried all the heavy stuff ~

Cleaning his old apartment…no comment ~

We had a chance to spend time in the city doing the “touristy stuff”



Can you believe all of this trim?
Rows and Rows and Rows!

NY Stock Exchange

Ground Zero
(Lily's hot and wants some of that Starbucks)

911 Memorial

My son gave up his bedroom so I could comfortably rest my weary bones.  As I lay in bed I gaze out the window at this beauty:

And I think to myself, “Did I REALLY see this in Times Square today?”

Unlike so many others I was not willing (not in a million years) to pose with this cowboy ~ but yes, I would snap a picture!

After many weeks of fun filled bliss it was time to say good-bye.  Time to leave my son in NYC without me. Really now, why would a 22 year old guy want to live here? And to live without ME? CRAZY, don't ya think?

"G" it was a blast and IL&IMY !!!

As for Lily the highlight of her trip:

A Ride On Bob The Builder's Truck!

Thanks, you were so good to come along for the ride! Next post I will get back to the “stitchy stuff”.

Until next time...