Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Tree Full Of Ornaments

My dear friend Carol…Yes, the same Carol who sent me the gorgeous crochet blanket, sent me this beauty…

Designer: Little House Needleworks 
Design: Peace
Stitched by: Carol S.

Beautifully stitched and finished (as always!). Viewing the two ladies I immediately thought of our friendship. What a perfect ornament to stitch for a friend. Thank you so much, Carol. I love, love, love this one!

Here is the ornament that I sent to Carol…

Designer: The Victoria Sampler
Design: Just One More Stitch
From: 2014 JCS Ornament Issue
Stitched for: Carol S.

Carol spent a great deal of time this year crocheting beautiful blankets so I thought this ornament would be the perfect choice.  

I did personalized the back…

Connie A. stitched this beautiful exchange ornament for me…

Designer: Little House Needleworks
Design: Merry Christmas
Stitched by: Connie A.

LHN certainly does have some of the best Christmas ornament designs. Connie's stitching/finishing is impeccable! She also sent me the cutest bottle cap style snowman magnets.  Thanks for making this a great exchange, Connie. 

My DS got married last July so I search through my JCS Ornament magazines to find the perfect design and came up with this one… 

Designer: Sam Sarah Design Studio
Design: Two Flakes in Love
From: 2012 JCS Ornament Issue
Stitched for: G/M

This one was stitched for a friend in Austria…

Designer: Prairie Schooler
Stitched for: Markus K.

And for my dear friend in Virginia Beach…

Designer: Country Cottage Needleworks
Design: Snow Birds
From: 2012 JCS Ornament Issue
Stitched for: Mary K.

This little gem was stitched three times…

Design from: Christkindl Book #136 
By Rico Design
Fabric: 25 count white Lugana 
Floss: DMC
Stitched for: Kathleen C., Margaret C., Meg P.

Lastly, I stitched this one for my tree…

I decided to stitch just the head of one of the Prairie Schooler Santa designs, but I can't remember which one right now.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Treasured Friendship

I have been truly blessed with some very cherished friends.  One of those friends is Carol S. who I have known, through blogging, for many years.  I have also had the pleasure of meeting Carol at Celebration of Needlework in NH where we have taken classes together and spent time chatting over lunch/dinner.  She has become one of my treasured friends.

Earlier this month I was dealing with a dreadful cold.  I had not been to the post office in days and knew that my box would be filled.  What I did not expect to see when I arrived was a large box from Carol. I could not imagine what was inside and wondered what kind of tree ornament did she stitch that required such a large box! When I arrived home I opened the box and found this…

2015 Crochet Lap Blanket from Carol S.

Here is a close up showing the many beautiful stitches and gorgeous colors…

I was completely shocked, and still am, when I pulled this handcrafted crochet lap blanket out, which she made for my upcoming birthday! Like so many crafters I know the time and effort involved in creating such a beautiful gift and am truly grateful to Carol, not only for this amazing birthday surprise but for her friendship. Thank you, my dear friend. You are a blessing in my life.

It is December Gifted Gorgeousness time so I will share with you my progress on Black Horse Inn…

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL ~ December 2105

I spent much of my free time stitching Christmas ornaments but did manage to pull this out  and put a few stitches in it.

This year I will be spending Christmas with my DH touring around California.  The last time we were in CA my DSs were in elementary school.  The oldest is now married and will be spending the holiday with his in-laws and my youngest will be spending the holiday with his GFs family in Georgia.  This will be the 1st Christmas without my sons ~ I am not liking that too much.  

Here is a picture of a gift that I sent to a friend…

2015 Christmas Gift for Leslie L.

Here is a closer look at the cross stitch…
Designer: Jeannett Douglas Designs
Design: Christmas Tree
From: 2007 JCS Ornament Issue 

These Annalee dolls are great for displaying cross stitch smalls!

I also sent my friend a stitched ornament. She is a true animal lover and is thinking of getting some sheep so when I saw this design I knew immediately who I would stitch it for…
2015 Christmas Ornament for Leslie L.
Designer: Mosey N Me
Design: Ewe-le Tide Greetings
From: 2013 JCS Ornament Issue

Wishing all of you a very happy holiday!

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Three Smalls And Some Book Binding

It's November check in time for the 2015 Smalls SAL and I have 3 little pieces to share….

First, I stitched this little needle book:

2015 HOE Autumn Exchange
Design: Quaker Pumpkin (partial)
Angel Stitched for: Nicole S.

Finish: Needle Book

Second, I stitched this little ornament:

2015 HOE Prairie Schooler Ornament
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Design: Snowman Mini Card (freebie)
Stitched for: Lee F.

For the finishing I used a small tin, that looks much like a mini bundt pan, and sprayed it black.

Ornament Back

Third, I stitched this little Santa ornament:

2015 Ornament Exchange
Designer: Lizzie Kate
Design: A Good Night Santa 04 (partial)

I used another small tin for the finishing.

Not only did I sign up for a photography class, I also signed up for a book making class.  I have always been interested in learning how these little books are constructed and was very please with the one day class.  Here are the two books that I completed…

When life gets a little less hectic I plan to make more of these in various sizes.  

We were fortunate to have my DS/DIL (from NYC) AND my DS/GF (from Colorado) spend Thanksgiving with us.  We spent the holiday with my relatives and had a great time. Everyone left today, including my DH who will be spending the week in Budapest, so it is very quiet at my house now.  I have six more Christmas ornaments to stitch/finish and  am hoping to complete them and mail them out before we head to CA on 12/21. Time to put down the laptop and pick up my needle.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Completed Some Finishing

I participated in the HOE Autumn exchange and had the pleasure of stitching for Edgar.  Here is what I  stitched of for him…

 2015 HOE Autumn 
Fabric: 32 count linen

I decided on a needle book finish for this piece…

And what did I receive?

I received this beautiful Autumn exchange from Maggee…

2015 HOE Autumn Exchange
Stitched by: Maggee S.

This is such a great design and a wonderful finish.  Maggee used wool in the finishing of this little pillow, something I have never done but will try in the future.  In addition she stitched these tiny little buttons on the back, so cute!

Thank you, Maggee!

My work on Black Horse Inn was minimal this month.  Actually, I pulled it out a few nights ago so that I could post on this months Gifted Gorgeousness progress. I stitched the small roof section, that all!

November 2015 Gifted Gorgeousness SAL

What kept me from stitching on Black Horse Inn?


I purchased three boxes at Hobby Lobby and stitched these three designs to mount on the top…

Designer: Little House Needleworks
Fabric: 32 count linen
Floss: DMC
Stitched for: Thanksgiving gift for Karen C.

Designer: Little House Needleworks
Design: Autumn Band Sampler (partial)
Fabric: 32 count linen
Floss: DMC
Stitched for: Thanksgiving gift for Lynda R.

Designer: Little House Needleworks
Design: Autumn Band Sampler (partial)
Fabric: 32 count linen
Floss: DMC

Stitched for: Thanksgiving gift for Tricia B.

I attached this cute acorn charm to the corner…

In addition, I stitched/sent Christmas ornaments for two exchanges plus I "angel stitched" an autumn design for a fellow exchanger. I'll show pictures of those when I know they have been received. 

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Smalls

I finished these cute designs just in time for the October 2015 Smalls check-in.  I filled each little tin with chocolates and mailed them off to my DIL and to DS2 GF.

2015 Halloween Gift
Designer: Prairie Schooler
For: M and C

Both designs were stitched on 28ct even weave.  I did change the colors on the Cat…green eyes, red nose/mouth, purple bow tie, and gold stars ~ I like it much better this way. 
Each design was mounted onto the cover of a small metal tin that I found at Hobby Lobby.

For: C

For: M

I completed another scarf, using the yarn that I purchased back in May 2013 at Purl Soho in NYC.  Yikes, 2013 !!! It took me that long to find a project for this gorgeous yarn??? 

The scarf came in handy for this weeks photography assignment…photographing texture.  Here is a sampling of the images I snapped.

Little Emma turned 1 last month.  At 3 1/2 pounds she is still very tiny, very cute, and at times very naughty, but we love her. Unlike Lily, her coloring is off.  She is much too white around the face but we have no plans to show or breed her so it really doesn't matter. Sweet Lily turned 7 last May. She has a lot of patience when Emma nips at her ears, yips in her face, and tries to steal her toys. 


Emma and Lily


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