Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Off To See the Wizard

I am happy to report that I have finally put needle to thread on my Primitive Wizard of Oz. I saw this design on Michele's blog many months ago and rushed to purchase it. Sadly, I did not rush to start it! I have watched as Michele made progress, each time telling myself that I should get started. When she posted a picture of the completed design I decided that the time had come! It is a relatively quick stitch (nothing like my HAED WIP) so I knew that all I needed to do was pull it out and take that first stitch. After not so many hours of stitching here is my progress...

I am using all of the colors called for except for the green, which I changed to NN Creme d menthe. It will not be long before I complete this one and get it framed to hang on my sampler wall.

This past weekend I got started on some finishing work. I have three of the LHN Monthly Ornaments stitched and was able to finish "He's A Flake"

I happened to have some little icicles that I added to the bottom. You really can't tell from the picture but I found some trim that glitters; it looks great with this design.

I am just about done with the finishing of the first two ornaments but I will save these for another post.

After waiting many weeks for my Victoria Sampler order to arrive, I spent two days stitching the Ireland and France International Hearts. This is a gift for my aunt, a gift that I needed to get it mailed this week (which I did, phew!). I was in a rush to get to the post office and snapped a quick photo ~ a quick "not so good" photo!

Design: International Heart: Ireland and France
Finish: Flat Fold

I have been good about not signing up for every exchange that I see posted! I am still participating in a few but I am trying to leave substantial time for a little "me" Martha would say, "That's a good thing!"

I shall leave you with this "Wishing Custom"...


If you accidentally drop a book, step on it with one

foot and make a wish. Be sure to pick it up with the

hand that's opposite the foot you used; otherwise, your

wish won't come true.

Until next time...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So Very SWEET!

I received a surprise package containing some very sweet See’s Chocolates from my very SWEET friend Paula C. She sent me a box of my favorite See’s Lemon Truffles (delicious) and she also sent me an extra special gift, a beautiful bookmark that she made. I do not know a thing about “tatting” but it certainly does not look like it would be an easy craft. Paula did a wonderful job~this is truly gorgeous. I cannot bring myself to use the bookmark; instead, I am displaying it in with my small Limoges boxes. She also included the cutest little fabric bag, take a look…

Thank you dear friend for your thoughtfulness, it certainly brought a smile to my face.

I participated in a Pin Pillow Exchange and received this beautiful piece stitched by Karen.

Pin Pillow Exchange
Designer: BBD
Design: Bluebird
Stitched by: Karen

I love this little pillow and I must say it is finished perfectly just look at how nicely stitched the edge is…

PERFECT in every way ~ Thank you so much Karen, I truly love my new Pin Pillow!

I stitched for Staci and decided on a Strawberry Pincushion design by Nicoletta Farrauto of Niky’s Creations…

Designer: Nicoletta Farrauto
Design: Primitive Strawberry
Gift of Stitching ~ February 2010
Stitched for: Staci

I must thank Cindy and Deb for awarding me with Blog Awards ~ what an honor, thank you both (so very SWEET).

The first award is from Cindy:

As a recipient of this award, I must share ten things about myself that others do not know:

1) Graduated from college in 1982 with a degree in Business Management.
2) Am on Maternity leave…have been for 22 years!
3) Adore and miss my two sons (but everyone knows this).
4) Will be married 25 years this May.
5) I am a fan of the artist P. Buckley Moss.
6) Love Lancaster, PA ~ maybe as much as I love Vermont.
7) I was named after a Nun: Sister Marie Bernadette
8) Growing up I spent my summers on Cape Cod.
9) Dislike the beach (see #8) but love the mountains (see #6).
10) I am left handed.

The second award is from my dear friend Deb:

I am suppose to pass these award on to 10 people but I have such an extensive list of fabulous blogs that I enjoy reading, as is evident in my side bar, that I can’t select just 10 so I will not. My hope is that you all post 10 things about yourself, it is fun to read and can be so enlightening.

Hopefully my next post will highlight all of the fun I had at my very first Stitching Retreat in San Antonio! No time to do that right now but I will leave you with a picture of Lily, who will be two next month...she is just so CUTE!

Click HERE for a really cute Freebie design from Niky's Creations blog.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Until next time...