Monday, June 18, 2007

Rainbow Exchange Received

I participated in the Rainbow Exchange on the Cross Stitch Crazy board and received, from Amber, a package filled with fantastic and much needed items...naturally in an array of colors!

She spoiled me, and I can not thank her enough. The selection of specialty floss is just perfect ~ as are the array of Mill Hill Beads and needles! I know already that I will be using the Ice Crystal Lugana for a holiday project, it's so pretty. The floss holder and needle threader will certainly come in handy (gone are the days when I could thread the needle in one shot). I travel 4 hours to VT almost every weekend, having the Extend-A-Lamp will be perfect for those trips when I am not the driver! In addition Amber sent a decorative wall plaque, coaster and "rainbow" floral headband! What a wonderful surprise, and so very thoughtful of you!

Thank you again for making this such an enjoyable exchange!

Poison Ivy Update

Thanks for your concern over my dreadful Poison Ivy. I though I would update you on the my situation:
I arrived in Vermont last Friday for the summer and on Saturday AM found myself in the Emergency room. Great way to start the summer! I woke with a swolen face and one eye that was almost closed (very attractive!). Well, after 1.5 hours (that was with no wait time in the ER), and an IV with 3 meds I was sent on my way with more medicine! I seem to be recovering however I do still have the nasty stuff and can not wait to be free of it!!!
Until next time....

Until next time....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Exchange Received From Helen


I received the most wonderful exchange from Helen. She stitched this Scissor FOB on 40 count over one!!! It is truly amazing and her stitching is just beautiful. I am a fan of the smaller counts but am not too sure if I have ever stitched 40ct over one! I just finished a 32 count over one that drove me a bit crazy so I appreciate the time and effort she spent on this.

The design is from a French Designer: Corbeille by Alphabets. It reminds me of a Prairie Schooler design...and I do love PS. I am thrilled that Helen personalized the back ~ I have decided to do my best to add personalization to my exchanges. Although the one I just completed was finished prior to my making this statement ;-}.

I also received some very unique scissors that Helen picked up in Whitby, a seaside town in Yorkshire. This makes them even more special to me! She also included a delicious chocolate bar, decorative tissues, a small memo pad, and a very pretty doily from The Bowes Museum in County Durham.

Helen I want you to know the I will forever TREASURE this little FOB, and adore all of the wonderful gifts that you sent my way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I Will Never Garden Again

This past Friday I decided to clean up the landscaped area of my backyard. I should point out that I am an indoor person and never attempt to do yard work...I kicked off the shoes and stepped in to start pulling, clipping, and piling up anything that I thought may be a weed. Two hours later I had 4 piles of debris for my DH to discard. I retreated to my favorite place...inside the house. Saturday AM my DH woke with traces of poison ivy on both wrists. Unlike me, he was wearing gloves. I woke and was just fine, that is until late Saturday evening when both arms were covered!! By Monday it had spread to my face sending me right to my doctor. She referred to it as "severe" poison ivy ~ can't say I am surprised as I was basically "playing" in the mess for 2 hours. Fortunately the medication is working and I am slowly recovering. Sadly the oils from my hand spread the poison ivy somewhere in my house, most likely the door handles, and now both of my sons are on medication for a mild case of this nasty ailment!

I have refrained from stitching as I really do not feel much like doing that. I would imagine that in the next few days my desire will return and I will continue to stitch on my many exchange projects.

I will be heading to my Vermont house on Friday where I will spend the summer. I will Blog via the wireless laptop, but it is dreadfully slow so my entries may be minimal.

As always, I am glad that you stop by and love that you comment!

Until next time...

Saturday, June 9, 2007

SAMPLERS: Rhode Island Sampler

Did you know:
American samplers were made starting in the early 1700’s and that long, narrow samplers are usually older than square ones?

I enjoy all types of samplers but am partial to American Samplers from the mid to late-eighteenth century. Many of these were stitched by young girls as part of their formal education. As a teaching tool the younger children would stitch Marking Samplers which included the alphabet and a variety of motifs. Alphabets helped them learn letters and numbers while the motifs served to perfect their embroidery skills. As a girl got older she moved on to more decorative Pictorial Samplers, the type that I tend to favor. These designs are less simplified and more realistic. They typically included floral borders, houses, landscapes, alphabets and verses, people and animals. These samplers were not only beautiful but also revealed information about the stitcher to prospective suitors. The fact that a completed sampler hung in the home was an indication of the family’s wealth and social standing. Not everyone could afford to send their daughter to school. In addition the verse stitched within the sampler often expressed the girl’s values.

"2002 Rhode Island Sampler"

When I saw the "2002 Rhode Island Sampler" design, in my Fall 2002 Sampler & Antique Needlework magazine, I knew that I would someday stitch it. Earlier this year I began stitching this sampler and I am getting close to the finish line.

Rhode Island Samplers are American samplers that were stitched during 1780-1790 by students of the Providence School of Mary Balch. The school, located in Providence, RI, was opened by Mary’s mother Sarah. In later years the operation of the school became the responsibility of Mary.

These samplers are typically characterized by an archway, spiral columns, trumpeting angels, a floral border growing from a double handled vase, a shepherd and shepherdess, and town buildings. Students of the Providence School were the first in the country to add town buildings to their samplers. Stitched primarily in cross stitch the samplers did often include the following specialty stitches: rococo, rice, diagonal cross, split, oriental and diagonal darning.

For a wonderful selection of samplers you can visit The Scarlet Letter.

I must end now so that I can get some stitching done...not on this WIP as I need to work on a few upcoming exchanges.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. It is a bit dreary here with the rain ~ A perfect day for stitching!

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Summer Quaker Exchange

USEBB: Summer Quaker Exchange
From Vonna

Design: Taken from Beatrix Potter's Sampler

My rainy, dreary, chilly day here in southwestern CT was quickly brightened by the arrival of a box from Vonna. She sent me the most gorgeous pinkeep and an array of wonderful gifts for the USEBB Summer Quaker Exchange. Vonna very cleverly stitched our initials within this stunning design, can you find them? (you may need to click on the picture for a close up view). In addition she placed a wonderful little charm on the back that reads: Handmade With Love. Okay, I now need to know where to purchase those?

I was treated to so many wonderful gifts: Note cards, scented candle, buttons, designer post-its, chocolate truffles (yum), and hand dyed floss. Vonna, I did not stay true to my word, the chocolate is now gone! Please know that I love everything that you sent!

I am so honored to have a finished piece made by Vonna, her workmanship is flawless and her friendship is priceless. The pinkeep has found its way into a display case that I have in my family room. I will be admiring it often!

Thank you so much Vonna ~

Summer Quaker Exchange Sent:
Since I know that Amy received the Summer Quaker Exchange that I sent to her I will post a picture of it here...

"Quaker Tree Third"
Designer: The Workbasket

I recent purchased Judy Odell’s finishing book titled: Heavy Weight. This exchange gave me the opportunity to give her book a try. I will most certainly be using this technique again as I hope to make some bookends for a friend, a doorstop for myself, and I am signed up for 5+ exchanges that will need "finishing" ~ If you are looking for a different finishing technique you may want to check out one of Judy's books.

Thanks for your wonderful comments, it is always nice hearing from you!!!

Until next time...