Monday, September 5, 2011

Cute, Cute, Cute...

I must say, this is cuter than cute....

HOE Lizzie*Kate Ornament
Stitched by: Carla V

I receive this wonderful ornament from Carla V. for the HOE Lizzie*Kate exchange. She selected a design from the Tiny Tidings chart and stitched it on 40ct linen. Oh, how I love the finished look on 40 count and I truly appreciate the extra time it often takes to stitch on such a small count! I am impressed with Carla's work, so perfect in every way. Did you notice the beaded edge?

The detail is wonderful. Thank you Carla, I look forward to hanging your beautifully stitched ornament on my Christmas tree.

Well, we have officially left Texas leaving the summer heat and humidity behind…as well as some very dear friends who I shall miss.  As with every move I find myself surrounded by hundreds of moving boxes but unlike my previous move I now find myself surrounded by my two sons who visit frequently and help out constantly; for that I am truly elated and thankful.  I am also surrounded by the beauty that this New England state has to offer. Each and every morning I wake to this view and think... life is good!

As my life returns to normal I am hopeful that my posting will be a little more frequent. 

Thanks for stopping by~

Until next time...