Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gorgeous Pinkeep

I participated in a Pinkeep Exchange with the Prairie Schooler group and received this beautiful Pinkeep from Anna. I had requested a Fall/Halloween design so this is truly perfect. Anna stitched this on 40 count Lakeside Linen (a real favorite of mine!) using WDW and Gast Threads and she used Gloriana silk ribbon on the finishing. Anna, you did an amazing job on the stitching/finishing of this Pinkeep; it is gorgeous, and I shall treasure it!

Prairie Schooler Pinkeep
Stitched by Anna

Anna also included some fun fiber trim, a bead container and a very tiny pincushion that is adorable. I often make “smalls” so I can appreciate the work that went into this. Thank you for such a wonderful exchange.

PS Pinkeep Exchange

Anna mailed her package from Norway and I am sorry to say that she encountered a problem when mailing. I am very happy that her exchange did not get lost and that it arrived safely at my house.

I have seen this award on a number of blogs and, thanks to Paula,I am able to post it on my blog. I appreciate the nomination Paula, and please know that the feeling is mutual. Blogging has certainly changed the learning landscape. We all seem to have that innate desire to express ourselves in significant ways to create, to learn, and to share. I am thankful for all of the amazing “stitching” blogs and find it impossible to select just five so I must bestow this award on each of you. I would also like to thank you all for inspiring me with your outstanding creativity

I will leave you with pictures of the latest visitors to my backyard feeders.


I hope that your weekend brings endless hours of creative stitching!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hello Neighbor

I completed my block for Karen's NRR and mailed it off to Deb yesterday. I and am pleased with how this turned out; I especially like the fence and the Yorkshire Terrier in the front yard.

Hello Neighbor

Karen's NRR

I found a wonderful book at the library called “House and Garden Samplers” by Mary Jenkins that I used extensively to design my block. It is a great resource for designing blocks for a Neighborhood Round Robin because it takes you from the history of samplers to design planning and execution. There are 47 illustrations of various specialty stitches, a great chapter on designing your own house, and many illustrations of various doors, roofs, windows. The chapter on gardens illustrates a nice selection of flowers and trees, and the chapters on Animals and Alphabets has an array of patterns. This is an older book (copyright 1996) that I was able to purchase on Amazon…whoo hoo! I cannot wait to add it to my library.

I am busy working on exchange pieces so I have no other stitching pictures to share at this time.

I do however have this "ugly" picture.....

This is not exactly the type of "bird" that I was hoping to attract to my backyard feeders! Is this wild turkey ugly or what?

It is hard to believe that it once looked as "cute" as this...

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Wishes Do Come True.... AND The WINNER Is..

Two wonderful wishes arrived... As a participant in the MAW exchange I requested a Biscornu and my wish was granted by Gaby. How lucky could I get since Gaby is known for her Biscornu talent. I was so very happy to open her envelope and find this gem!

She even impressed me with her packaging. I opened the little gold bag and my eyes danced when I saw both sides of this biscornu.

Make A Wish: Biscornu from Gaby

This is so very beautiful and the workmanship is amazing! Gaby, you have managed to select the perfect design and the perfect color ~ I love my new Biscornu and cannot find enough words to adequately thank you. You really did make my wish come true, thank you so very much I shall treasure it!

I had requested a Biscornu because, like many others, I have never made one and for some reason they look as if they would be difficult to make. Yes, many have assured me that they are not difficult but I figured it would be better if I had one in front of me while I attempted to do the finishing. Now, all I need is the time!

Lucky me, a few months ago I had received some handmade "scrubbers" from Paula and once I used them I was hooked. I was not sure if these little things would really work, but they do and they have become a "must have" gadget in my kitchen. They are particularly useful in cleaning my Pampered Chef Stoneware pieces ~ the ones that you should not use soap or detergent on and that should not be washed in the dishwasher. I use them all the time and what's nice is you can wash them. I liked them so much that I asked Paula if I could order some from her and here they are...

Scrubbers made by Paula

I got a bunch so that I could give some to friends. Thank you Paula!

As promised I am posting the winner of the Ultra Bright Book Light Gadget Give-A-Way. Thirty-eight comments were posted and using Random.Org comment number 20 was selected as the winning number.



Congratulations Julianne!!! Please email me. :)

I do hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. We are in for some very hot days here in the northeast so I will most certainly remain inside stitching on some exchanges.

Thanks for dropping by!

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Monday, July 14, 2008

PIF Received, Exchange Sent, New Feeder

Last week I received a package in the mail from Julie that contained a beautiful pinkeep that she stitched as a PIF gift for me. Julie, I love the LHN design that you selected and I am truly thrilled to have such a beautiful gift from you, many thanks!

I love to visit Julie’s blog; she has great music and fantastic pictures that always make me smile!

PIF Received from Julie

I completed my Make-A-Wish (MAW) Exchange for Carol. She made a request for an ornament and I jumped at the chance to stitch one for her. I am such a fan of M Design’s Word Tree Ornaments, they are so different and quite clever, and I thought that Carol would like one to add to her holiday tree.

Designer: M Design
Design: PEACE Tree

When turned on its side you can easily read "PEACE"

I have four personalized name tree designs that I ordered and need to stitch, I am hoping to get these stitched before Christmas.

My Prairie Schooler Pinkeep Exchange has found its way across the ocean and now resides with Elisabeth in France.

Prairie Schooler Book 27
Design: Nursery Rhymes

Prairie Schooler Pinkeep Exchange

As a birthday gift for Vonna, I stitched a Mary Beale Design and mounted it on a wooden plate. I do hope that you had a wonderful birthday my friend! She too has some great tunes on her blog.

Designer: Mary Beale
Design: Sampler

I cannot believe how many birds now flock to my feeders; yes, I have four feeders that I must fill daily. I thought that I found a “squirrel proof” feeder (is there such a thing?), but I was wrong….

"Watch Me...."

"Get inside..."

"This bird feeder...."

"And back out again....IT'S SO EASY"

"Sometimes there is food left for the birds!"

Just 5 more days left before I draw a name for the Gadget Give-A-Way...If you are interested go here and leave a comment.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ABC Exchange ~ Gadget Give-A-Way ~ Cute Critter

Another great mail day, my SBEBB: ABC Exchange arrived…I received an amazing exchange piece from Ulla in Finland. What a gorgeous Quaker Humbug Ornament, so beautifully stitched and finished. I am more than impressed with Ulla’s talent and more than thankful for all of the time that she dedicated to this exchange.

I was treated to so many extras: a Shepherd’s Bush Leaflet titled, Be Sweet, hand dyed floss in my favorite color, some tapestry needles that are packaged so nicely, and a magnetic note pad. Ulla, I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful exchange; I love everything that you sent!

SBEBB: ABC Exchange
Stitched by: Ulla

I must share the detail, isn't is gorgeous?

Okay, I have another “must have gadget” to share with you: A mini book light to use while stitching, but which one?

My favorite is the one pictured on the far left, the Carson Flex Neck Ultra Bright LED Book Light FL55. And here is the brand new one that I will be giving away...

I like this one the best because it is lightweight (3 oz), the light is truly bright, the 7” flexible goose neck allows you to adjust the lamp-head in every direction, the clip opens to a generous 1.5 inches, and it has a flat base for table top illumination. I like to clip this light onto the front of my shirt (looks goofy but it works well) but the clip enables you to attach it to a frame or hoop. The little light does require 3-AAA batteries.

As some know, I love the smaller thread counts and especially love the look of over one stitching. This light is truly a “must have” when working on those 40 count over one projects. It is small, lightweight and portable which makes it great for travel. I have a friend that travels with a 100-watt bulb for those low-lit hotel rooms; I just bring this little light and never need to worry about a broken bulb in my luggage.

If you are interested in this Gadget Give-A-Way just leave me a comment and I will draw a name on 7/18 and post the winner.

I purchased another bird feeder/pole yesterday but have not put it out yet. I am amazed at how many hungry critters there are. Here is one that showed up at one of my backyard feeders fortunately I was home to take this picture. I just knew that Rob would appreciate it!!!

And where might Bambi’s mother be???

She never took her eyes off of her baby, always watching closely from behind the rock wall in the neighbors yard.

Thanks so much for stopping by~

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