Thursday, August 30, 2007

Redwork and Tin Topper Exchange

Oh what a day.... I was so surprised and excited when I picked up my mail and opened two exchanges!

The 1st is a beautiful Redwork Exchange that I received from Goldie.

USEBB: Redwork Exchange
Received from: Goldie

It is hard to believe that this is the very first tie-on pillow she has made. I have yet to make one, may need lessons from you Goldie!

The design is titled Alphabet Tree; by Blue Ribbon ~ I just love it! Goldie stitched this using Gloriana over dyed Cranberry Silk, simply beautiful. Thanks for personalizing it with our initials.
She also included a half yard of pretty red fabric (a quilters dream), small red buttons, "M" notepad, and DMC 115. I love working with that color. If you have not tried it I highly recommend it!

Thank you so much Goldie for the beautiful pillow and wonderful extras~ I love everything that you sent!

The second beautiful exchange was received from Becky K.

Front view - - - - - - - - - - - - Back view/inside of tin

She stitched three beautiful items:

A gorgeous Tin Topper, stitched in the most perfect shade of green (matches the walls in my family room ).

A stunning tiny FOB, stitched perfectly on such small count!

She also included a very pretty Christmas ornament. I had admired this on her blog. I love the shape of the tree.

Becky spoiled me with so many wonderful treats: Coffee (she must have read this blog), Tea, scented stones, some small round magnets that I can use when finishing a needle minder, dark chocolate Altoids-yum!

USEBB Specific Finish Exchange: Tin Topper

Deigner: Hillside Samplings

Received from: Becky K.

Thanks so much Becky K. for all that you sent. Please know that I will treasure your beautifully stitched gifts!

Village of Hawk Run Hollow SAL...

I was able to get some fabric for Village of Hawk Run Hollow and have joined in on the SAL with Kathy and Jane. Things are really busy now so this will not be a stitching marathon, we have a goal of stitching one block per month. We welcome others to join in, this is a great way to actually finish those projects! Visit our blogs where we will post pictures of our progress!

Wishing all Blog readers a very relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend~Safe travels!

Until next time...

Friday, August 24, 2007

What's the Buzz Exchange Received

I am so excited...I received a wonderful exchange from Barbara that smelled delightful. She stitched me this darling Scissor FOB, and included the stork scissors as well. The FOB is filled with Lavender and a good-luck coin!

Scissor FOB from Barbara
Design: Bee Spring!
Designer: Wonderful Stitches

On the back she stitched 2007, and included an adorable Bee charm.

What's The Buzz Exchange
From: Barbara

I was treated to a number of great gifts: Quaker Bee Sampler pattern by Chessie & Me, very pretty ribbon, beautiful note cards, a neat bookmark, and some lavender soap! (oops, just realized the soap is not in the is keeping my sewing room smelling sweet!) :-}

Barbara, I can not thank you enough for this wonderful exchange!!!

Home From Vermont
My summer stay in Vermont has come to an end. I am home now (making it far easier to blog and post pictures) and will return to Vermont on most weekends. It is such a beautiful state! I look forward to the fall when colors burst all around you!

Here are just a few pictures:
Lake Bomoseen

As you exit our road this is the lake that you see. Both my boys enjoy jet skiing, fishing, and boating on the pontoon boat. I remain at home, usually stitching and enjoying this view:

View from the deck: Sugar Shack and Pond

Our property sits on 40+ acres, most of it wooded. In the distance you see the sugar shack, for making maple syrup. No, I do not make ~ it I purchase it. If you ever want Vermont's best maple syrup (really)...try Green's in Poultney, VT.

View from the deck: Apple Orchard

Thanks for all of your very kind comments. It is always great to hear from you!

Until next time...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Coffee Quilt

I love visiting Heather's blog because, not only does she do cross stitch, she is also a quilter! I too am a quilter and love collecting fabric, patterns, books and gadgets. I read quite a few blogs but Heather's is one of the few that also includes quilting. I love to see what beautiful quilt she has stitched! I kept telling her that I would post a picture of my Coffee Quilt, so here you go Heather :-).

For a number of years I spent the majority of my free time behind my sewing machine stitching quilt tops. About a year ago I returned to the world of cross stitch, entered the world of blogging, and became passionate about exchanges and round robins! So much of my time is spent stitching and visiting local (and not so local) needlework shops. I recently had a brilliant idea...I would go visit one of those "not so local" shops, a mere 3 hours way! I drove to The Stitchery/Needlearts, Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, NH. Yes, it was a long drive but worth the trip.

Although I have not abandon my machine it does get a lot more rest these days :-). While attend a quilt show in NJ, I noticed a great "Coffee" quilt displayed in a vendor's booth. I did what any true coffee lover would do...I rushed in, scooped up the last quilt kit, and paid for it~all in under 1 minute! Not a very difficult design at all, I pieced it in no time and sent it off to be machine quilted. No, I do not hand (or machine) quilt my tops. No time for that, my WIP list is much too long.

I am happy to say that my Coffee Quilt is hanging in my Vermont Kitchen. I should point out that my Vermont kitchen is in my VT house. One wonderful visitor to my blog read "my Vermont kitchen" and thought that I had more than one kitchen in my CT house (her comment made me laugh).

I am looking to post an online review of a Vermont Quilt Shop so if you know of a website please let me know~

Until next time...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Exchange Received ~ Exchange Sent

USEBB: Summer House Exchange

I participated in the USEBB Summer House Exchange and received this wonderful fabric basket from Chris. The Chessie & Me design was beautifully stitched over one! I absolutely love the look of designs stitched over one AND I truly appreciate the time that it takes! I have stitched a few designs over one and it takes FOREVER :-).

I had not seen this type of finish before, I just might try it myself. It is quite clever, when you tie the four corner ribbons it forms this great little fabric basket.

Chris also included three threads from Gentle Art and one from WDW. The colors are gorgeous and will work their way into a design soon. I also received a very pretty, and much needed, Notepad and Accessory gift set.

Thanks so much for everything, you made this such a special exchange!

For The Birds Exchange

I sent my USEBB "For The Birds Exchange" to Nancy and since it has been received I can share this photo with you. I selected a Prairie Schooler Design and stitched it on 40 count over one.

After seeing this on Annemarie's blog I immediately set out to purchase the chart. I just had to make one of her famous Floss FOB's. I knew when I signed up for this exchange that it would be perfect!

USEBB: For The Birds Exchange

PS Prairie Fairie

Thanks so much for stopping by and for all of your wonderful comments!

Until next time...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Second and Third!

In a previous post I showed a picture of one of the Art Dolls that I had made. I mentioned that I had entered two of my other Art Dolls into a local quilt show and both received ribbons...I was shocked, really I was! I had never entered anything, not even a quilt into a show.

Well, here are those two dolls:

Fairy of the Forest

Fairy of the Forest rests on a mushroom. A Bumblebee rests on her hand, and a dragon fly is getting ready to landing on her knee.


Thumbalina is tiny, only about three inches tall! I love her hat, an acorn top.

If I had more time I would make more dolls...

So, what was I doing 20 years ago today???

I was in the Texas Woman's Hospital, holding a 9 pound~8 ounce baby boy!

Happy 2oth Birthday!!! :-)

~Time just zips by~

Until next time..

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Two Wonderful Exchanges

I am smiling ear to ear over the two beautiful exchanges that I received from two simply wonderful stitching friends~ the first from Amy:

Lil Critter Exchange from Amy

I participated in the SBEBB "Lil Critter" Exchange and received this beautiful Scissor Case as well as a great assortment of treasures from Amy. As part of the exchange we were to select a "Critter" ~ I decided on a Rooster/Chicken. She stitched this design from Coq Au Pins by Twisted Oaks. No surprise Amy did a beautiful job on the stitching and finishing! I must point out that both sides of this are stitched! Such a generous heart Amy also included the adorable Rooster scissors, two buttons from Just Another Button Co., some specialty threads from Olde Willow Stitchery, a Rooster notepad, and a fabulous Twisted Oaks pattern titled: Roses and Rooster. My VT kitchen has a Rooster/Chicken decorating theme so I am very anxious to stitch this up and display it.

Lil Critter Scissor Case ~ Stitched by Amy

I am so very thankful to Amy for making this such a wonderful exchange and for the time that she spent stitching and finishing the beautiful Scissor Case...I treasure it!

The second exchange was received from Becky...

USEBB For The Birds Exchange from Becky

My mailbox was packed...Becky sent me a huge, and I mean HUGE, box which contained the USEBB For The Birds Exchange. I was not too sure if there was actually a bottom to this box. You see the items that I pulled out kept coming!!! Becky stitched not one but TWO items for me (not too sure why I was blessed in this way, but I am appreciative of all of her work :-D)!

USEBB For The Birds Exchange~Stitiched by: Becky

Inside of the Needlecase

The first is a gorgeous Needlecase. In an previous exchange she sent me an equally gorgeous Pinkeep that goes with this. They will look wonderful, side by side, in my display case. The second stitched item is this adorable Summer Bird Pinkeep. These seasonal bird designs are a real favorite of mine, I just love the long legs!

While reading a blog I had seen some gorgeous "Marking Pins" and was surprised when I read that Becky had made them. At first I thought that I read it wrong, but I had not. I emailed Becky to comment on these beautiful pins! Well, am I the lucky one...Becky sent me two set of these beauties :-). I am hoping to design some type of "Marking Pin Case" so that they will never get lost!!!

Becky's Handmade "Marking Pins"

Becky truly spoiled me with this exchange I can't thank her enough for all that she sent and for the time and effort she spent creating these treasures!!!

PIF UPDATE: Thanks Heather for joining the group. I now have the required five participants and am looking forward to stitching each of you something special! I believe that I just need to get Jen's address.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

Until next time...