Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fair & Square from Jen

My "collection" of Fair & Square blocks continues to grow, with the newest addition arriving from Jen R. What a wonderful block, I adore this sweet birdhouse design and love those tiny buttons. I wish that I could share with you what I plan to do with these beautiful blocks but for now, I have no idea so I shall merely share this picture:

Fair & Square ~ round #12 from Jen R

Now, how cute is that? Thank you so much Jen for the amazing blocks I love them.

My "cute" little dog is driving me NUTS! Unlike any other dog that I have owned, this one chews and does not like being left alone. I was out and about for a mere 2 hours and when I returned and opened the laundry room door this is what I came home to:

She must have scratched at it!!! I use to leave her in the master bath until she chewed on the corner of the vanity! Now when I leave I put both dogs in the laundry room (Misha is a good girl and does not need to be in there but I am fearful of what Lily would do without her) this is the 1st time that she has done any damage and it shall be the last. I am going to end this post so that I can read about "crating" and check for some type of a corral to keep her in. I have plans to attend a quilt show on Friday and had planned on leaving her in the laundry room, now I am afraid....very afraid~

Thanks for stopping by~

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

24 Hours And It Is Done!

I am certain that Vonna did not realize when she wrote her April 16th post that she would be setting me up for a challenge. When I read these words:

"I printed the chart off, picked my colors and fabric and here it is 24 hours later"

I thought, "How did she do that?" I was determined to see if I could stitch this in 24 hours!

Well, I loved the chart and knew in an instant exactly what I would do with my version of the Blackbird Designs Petites Lettres Rouge sampler...

When I first saw the sampler, it brought to mind the Schoolgirl Samplers of earlier days when young girls under the age of 10, as a way to learn letters and numbers, executed these simple style samplers. These samplers enabled the girls to learn various stitches but more importantly, they served as an educational tool setting the foundation for reading and mathematics. For this reason, I immediately thought of stitching Petites Lettres Rouge as a way to commemorate my oldest son’s upcoming college graduation from Villanova University. With the school colors in hand I headed to my LNS to find the appropriate threads, selecting WDW Americana, Sampler Threads Blue Jay and Morning Glory I then rushed home to stitch this design on a piece of 32 ct Belfast linen. And to quote Vonna:

"I printed the chart off, picked my colors and fabric and here it is 24 hours later:"

Petites Lettres Blue, I Am So Proud Of You!
Designer: Blackbird Designs
Design: Petites Lettres Rouges
Fabric: 32ct Belfast Linen
Threads: WDW, Sampler Threads

Here is my version of Petites Lettres Rouge Sampler, now titled: Petites Lettres Bleu, I Am So Proud Of You!

Once framed it shall hang on my sampler wall where 3 years from now I shall hang the second one, stitched in browns, to commemorate my youngest son’s graduation from Lehigh University.

Thanks Vonna for sharing the information and link to this design. I must also thank Alma and Barb at Blackbird Designs for offering this free pattern for without it I surely would not have thought to stitch such a beautiful remembrance of my son’s accomplishment.

I had a number of new visitors to my blog and would like to say thank you for finding me and for your nice comments! It is always exciting to see that new bloggers have stopped by, but as always I value the returning bloggers more than you know!

Have a wonderful week. I encourage you all to jump at every opportunity to challenge yourself it is so very rewarding!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

“Is This Trash?” He Asks

As he stands in front of me holding this opened, and almost emptied, book box...

My eyes bulged, my heart skipped a beat, and my blood boiled as I spat these words, “OMG NO, that is not trash, that’s my completed cross stitch pieces!” And this my friends is what could have easily been discarded…

He, my husband that is, meant no harm ~ he was trying to be helpful. You see as I open boxes I tend to leave a small one for trash or items I no longer want and he thought he would be helpful and bring the box outside to pile with all of the others. Can you imagine sending these off for rubbish collection? I am not sure my marriage would have survived that. :D

All is well these lovelies are safe in my sewing room, a place that he does not enter. I did not realize that I had so many completed projects that needed finishing!

Yesterday was a very nice mail day. I received this beautiful exchange from Nic who stitched for me in the FTT Drawn Thread Exchange. She stitched a gorgeous scissor fob and a floss tag:

Friends Through Threads
Drawn Thread Exchange
Scissor Fob and Floss Tag
From Nic

In addition, she sent some wonderful extras: a fat quarter, some ribbon, folding scissors, a note pad and some seed beads. Nic also sent a very nice card wishing me well in my new home and when I opened it I found the leaf buttons and flower bud; so very thoughtful.

Thank you so much Nic for the wonderful exchange, you certainly brightened my day!

I recently complete a Sheepish Design titled: Pray For Me. I stitched this one for my cousin but I have not decided how I will finish it. I would like to find a nice wooden box and mounted it on the top but if I cannot find one then I will frame it.

My friend had her first grand daughter so I made her this quilt and I also made this little door hanger but I forgot to post a picture of it.

Recently I sent pictures of Little Lily to my son who sent me a text to say that she looks so much older, she has grown fast as you will see but she is still cute as ever.

Lily at 8 weeks ~ too cute!

Lily at 10 months ~ still too cute!

With that lovely picture, I will end this post! Thank you for taking the time to stop by for a visit and for your comments I do enjoy reading them.

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