Friday, May 6, 2011

HOE Quaker Ornament Received

I participated in the HOE Quaker Ornament exchange and received this beautiful ornament from Carol S.  What a gorgeous ornament that is perfectly stitched and finished! 

2011 HOE Quaker Ornament
Stitched by: Carol S.

A true bonus to receiving this ornament is that I had the pleasure of meeting Carol S. face to face at the Celebration of Needlework show in Nashua, NH last Friday.   I have been “blogging friends” with Carol for what seems like an eternity so having the opportunity to meet and spend time with her was fantastic.  Since I have moved from Texas and will be living in the northeast, I look forward to getting together with her again. Carol, thank you so much for the gorgeous ornament!
I enjoyed the Needlework show and managed to add some great items to my huge stash. I will post pictures of my purchases later.

Another highlight of my trip to Nashua, NH was meeting Carol’s friend Margaret, who I know I have exchanged with in the past. We had a great time getting to know one another over dinner.  How I wish that I could meet all of my blogging friends face to face.

Here is a look at what I sent to Carol S. for the Quaker Ornament Exchange:

My blog posts have been minimal but there is a reason, as I mentioned I am once again moving. I left Texas and am in the process of house hunting in the northeast. Yes, I have returned to be closer to my boys…Yahoo! Living 1600+ miles from them was just too difficult for me, I guess I will forever be a “helicopter mom” but I like it that way. :D

My weekend will be spent riding around with a real estate agent; hopefully yours will be a bit more exciting.

Until next time...