Tuesday, May 22, 2012



I just wanted to post my ORT jar for the May 20th New Moon.  I will probably need to get a larger jar since this SAL runs the entire year. Do you want know more about this no pressure SAL? Click here

The FTT Friendship Exchange Arrived from Melissa and what a beautiful exchange piece it is...

FTT Friendship Exchange
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Design: PS Spring Design~
Birds and Baskets Sampler 
Stitched by: Melissa E.

Melissa does such wonderful needlework and this pinkeep is no exception!  Melissa, your beautifully stitched and finished handwork is nicely displayed on my Needlework tree...I can't thank you enough!

Suzanne S. let me know that the FTT Friendship exchange that I stitched for her arrived.  Here are a few pics...

This is such a great design and such an easy finish.  The minute that I completed it I knew that I wanted to stitch it again for myself.

My DH and I spend quite a bit of our free time rummaging through antique and consignment shops.  It is so much fun to find treasures that other people decided they could live without.  Here a few pics of some of those treasures...

Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Collection

I know, it is hard to believe that someone could actually live without these Wizard of Oz dolls.  Of course this was a real find for me, 4 of the 12 dolls: The Wizard, The Cowardly Lion, The Tin Man, and The Scarecrow.   These 5" dolls were distributed in 2007/2008 in McDonald's, Happy Meals.  The collection consist of: Dorothy, Glenda the Good Witch, Winged Monkey, Cowardly Lion, Wicked Witch of the West, Winkie Guard, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Flower Munchkin, Lullaby Munchkin, Lollipop Munchkin, The Wizard of Oz. 

Here is a collection of glassware that I found interesting...

I especially like the pieces that have the laced edge since these are perfect for holding small scissors. 

As a collector of P. Buckley Moss prints these 3 plates were a great find, one that I could not pass up: 

P. Buckley Moss Plates
The Celebration Series

The Wedding

The Christening

The Anniversary

I am keeping my eyes open for the 4th plate in this series titled, Family Reunion.  

Must end now to try to finish up on a cross stitch wedding gift.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I hope all the blog reading Moms had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I received this gorgeous flower arrangement from my two favorite sons:

This was such a wonderful surprise and the flowers smell beautiful.   Thank you G and D for making my day extra special! 

Here is my favorite YouTube, so perfect for mother's Day. Get your tissue ready...

I thought that I would share with you my every growing collection of glass flower frogs.  I actually come across these often and have had to curtail my spending when it comes to these frogs..
I do have a few favorites, the green one and the frogs that are thicker...
I am finally finding time to post a picture of an amazing silhouette poster of The Wizard of Oz. 
This was given to me by my DSs on Christmas 2010 and I absolutely love it...
This Wizard Of Oz poster is composed entirely from the body text of Frank Baum’s classic novel. Carefully arranged, the words form an image in negative space of Dorothy and the gang skipping down the yellow brick road with the Wicked Witch of the West hovering over them.  Here is  bit of the detail...

How awesome is that???? Because we were planning on moving I decided to wait to get the poster framed. We are now settled in our new home and I am happy to say that my favorite poster is now on display in my sewing room.

A week from tomorrow is a very special day ~ my DS #2 will be graduating from Lehigh University.  We have had so much rain lately that I am hoping that the day is sunny and bright. When DS #1 graduated in 2009 it was not only raining, it was freezing.  I shall keep my fingers crossed that the weather cooperates this time!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some Starts And Finishes

Thank you for your very kind words regarding the death of our sweet yorkie, Misha.  She really was a wonderful companion to each member of our family and we miss her daily.  I am so thankful that we have Lily who will never replace Misha but will forever warm our hearts and brighten our home.  It is hard to believe that she will turn 4 in a few weeks.

I learned that Karen K. received the HOE PS Ornament that I sent to her so I am free to post a picture:

2012 HOE PS Ornament
Design: 2004 PS Santa
Stitched for: Karen K.

The 50th Wedding Anniversary sampler is now framed and was presented to my Aunt and Uncle at their party last Saturday.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Designer: Historical Sampler Company

Like most stitchers I have so many projects started and really have no business tackling another one but I fell in love with this needlepoint canvas.  MY DH gifted it to me this past Christmas and I am just now finding time to start working on it.  

Ewe And Eye Needlepoint
Artist: Karen Cruden

Many years ago I dabbled in needlepoint and last summer I ventured into "In Stitches" ~ a wonderful ship in Dorset, VT.  I was quickly drawn to some wonderful pieces and the very friendly owner, Maria.  With the help of Maria I hope to incorporate a number of specialty stitches to make this design spectacular.

On May 3rd we celebrated our 27th Wedding Anniversary ~ Only 23 more before the big 50th!

And here is the best part of 27 years of marriage:

DS and GF

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