Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Two for Two

Success! I managed to complete another project for the 2015 Smalls SAL.  That's two for two!

2015 Smalls SAL ~ February
Designer: Shepherd's Bush

This little kit has been hanging out in my rather HUGE stash basket for a long time.  It was the perfect "quick stitch" for the monthly smalls SAL. 

Quilting has been taking up much of my free time.  I finally had this quilt top machine quilted and am stitching the binding on…

It's a king size quilt so there is quite a large bundle of binding. Being a Gadget Goddess I had a handy Winding Buddy, which was very helpful in keeping the binding under control as I applied it to the quilt.

I am happy to say the quilt is finished.  I will share a picture of it in a later post.

Now a little something from:

                Here is cute little Emma:

                                                  Here is sweet little Lily:

Here we see both Emma and Lily:

And now we see Emma lunge at poor little Lily's face:


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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness

An abundance of gorgeousness delivered to my door.  A beautiful bouquet of red/pink Valentine roses from my sweet sons, G & D


They are so very thoughtful, amazingly generous, and sweeter than sweet.  These guys are, without a doubt, what makes my heart happy.

My DH surprised me with this very pretty, and oh so DELICIOUS, heart shaped Valentines cake.  He ordered it from my favorite local bakery.  I meant to take a picture of it before we cut a slice (or two), oops!

Dark chocolate cake, strawberry filling, and a simply delicious frosting, does it get any better than that? Very sweet…cake and DH!

Now, time for some stitchy Gifted Gorgeousness.  It's the 15th of February, already!  Here's my progress…

2015 Gifted Gorgeousness SAL
Designer: Little House Needlework
Design: Lantern Lane

My dear friend, Vonna gifted me this kitted up LHN project for my birthday and I have decided to stitch it as part of the SAL.  This will be such a nice addition to my sampler wall. Thank you again, Vonna!

I recently started working on Cubby Hole Quilt. It needs to be complete by early May.  

Cubby Hole Quilt 

There are a total of 221 five inch blocks in this quilt. 

The snow continues to fall, as do the temperatures. It's freezing, only 5 degrees outside and the snow continues to pile up ~ everywhere…

Little Emma is changing daily.  She is turning gray, as Yorkshire Terriers do, and continues to be cute as ever…

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