Monday, October 12, 2009

Treats And More Treats

And what a treat it was to open my Halloween exchange from Paula C and find this beautiful Halloween Ornament that Paula stitched:

I truly love it! “Happy Jack” makes me smile; he is so very cute (and perfectly stitched and finished). The design was taken from the 2009 JSC Halloween edition.

The box was packed to the rim with so many wonderful treasures:

I gasp when I saw the box of See’s chocolates…my very favorite. It did not take long for me to gobble that up! I shall save the other edible treats for later. Paula also treated me to some of her very useful scrubbers. These top my list of favorite kitchen gadgets they really do work! My kitchen is now looking more festive with the Halloween dishtowel, orange scrubber and washing cloth. There is also a cute pumpkin pincushion, two fabulous Halloween fat quarters, ribbon, and post it notes. Thank you so much Paula for this amazing exchange it was such a treat and you are such a treasured friend! :)

My Halloween Annalee Doll is the perfect place to display "Happy Jack" ~

Fair & Square round #15 arrived today as well. Bridget stitched this cute square:

Thank you Bridget, your selection was perfect!

Here is the block that I sent to Bridget:

Designer: Prairie Schooler
Design taken from: When Witched Go Riding

I have not posted any pictures of the dogs lately so I shall leave you with these:

Lily (1 year)

Misha (12 years old)

They are both tuckered out from their visit to the vet for annual shots.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Until next time...


Jen said...

Great exchanges and cute puppies.

Jan said...

Wonderful pics of your cute dogs, Marie! And I love your exchange goodies. I also really LOVE that witch, she is adorable!!

Gabi said...

Great stitching. Love those blogs. The Halloween doll is simply great and she holds so nicely that beautiful piece.
Your dogs are adorable.

Kathy said...

Great exchanges, both sent and received. Love that See's Chocolate.

Those dogs are just too cute.

mainely stitching said...

Oh so cute! And I absolutely love the FS that you stitched!! :D

Paula C. said...

It was a pleasure to exchange with you, Marie and I look forward to doing so again some time =)

Michele said...

what a fun post! Happy Jack is adorable! and you were well spoiled :)

love the new blog look!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Hi, Marie! What a great exchange..especially your gift from Paula. Love your staircase with the Annalee doll and display..and your exchange "witch," that you stitched. We share those little Yorkies, don't we? They all have the same sweet personalities. Talk with you soon. Hugs, Deb

Katrina said...

Love the exchanges and of course the puppies are adorable :-).

Julie said...

I bet your house is beautifully decorated w/ all your Halloween goodies. I've got several Halloween stitched pillows around, but little else. I'm working on it though.
The puppies are so sweet.