Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yikes, it’s February!

Welcome to what is turning out to be my “monthly” blog post! I shall try harder to post more frequently.

This has been a very busy month as I try to keep up with the five exchanges that are due in early March. So, did I tell you all that I was not going to participate in as many exchanges this year? Every December I declare to the world that I will limit my exchanges so that I can dedicate more of my time to stitching the many LARGE projects that I have been neglecting. However, by late January/early February I am busy sending out “sign me up” emails to the exchange moderators! A tally of my yearly exchanges is proof enough that I am not succeeding in lessening my exchange stitching… 2007 total 24, 2008 total 28, and 2009 total 33. On the flip side, I do have an abundance of gorgeous exchange pieces from so many talented stitchers.

I was able to do a bit of “me stitching” on my PS Alphabet SAL ~

Designer: Prairie Schooler
PS Alphabet SAL

I also found time to have one of my older samplers re-framed; yes, I did stitch this in 1985. It was in a frame that went nicely with one of the homes that I have lived in but the frame did not work well with my current Sampler Wall. Here it is newly framed:

It now resides on the Sampler Wall:

I shall leave you with a picture of the beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers that I received from two of the best sons in the entire world! They had these delivered to my door just days before Valentine’s Day, how sweet is that??? It would have been even SWEETER had they been at my front door, but that would have involved airline tickets, vacation days, and missed classes. Thank you both so very much! IL&IMY~

Until next time...


Jen said...

Love the flowers. Very sweet young men.

Cathy B said...

Marie, I make the same pledge every year too -- it is really hard cutting back though; so much fun meeting new stitching friends through exchanges!

The design you had re-framed -- is this a Mary Garry? It kind of looks like it. Love your sampler wall.

Nice roses - such thoughtful boys!

Kathy said...

Very thoughtful sons. You did a good job with them.

Sampler wall is awesome!! Very nice stitching.

Love the PS ABC's. You are making good progress. Still may have to do that one.

You always say fewer exchanges, but always get sucked into some. LOL!!

Maybe we should start a club of those that blog only once a month. I am in that same boat. I just keep putting it off.

Andrea said...

Your PS Alphabet sampler is coming along nicely, love it!
And how pretty is your reframed sampler?! I LOVE that frame, it's perfect. Looks wonderful on your sampler wall!
Beautiful flowers, your sons were very sweet!

Catherine said...

What thoughtful boys! I hope mine will do that when they are older!

Your things are beautiful - love the wall! And that new frame is great!

Carol said...

Love your new projects, Marie, and what thoughtful and kind sons you have...You should be very proud :)

Your sampler wall is great--I've stitched the second one down on the left and it is one of my favorites...

Vonna said...

It IS fun to exchange....and you always do such a fabulous job :)
I love your reframed sampler Marie...that is gorgeous! And your further than I am on month #2 of the PS Bee....I need to get my rump in gear!
Your sons are such sweeties...those roses are GORGEOUS!

Katrina said...

Love your reframed piece and your sampler wall is gorgeous. Those PS alphabet pieces are so much fun.

What pretty roses!!!

Missy Ann said...

So sweet of your sons! You did a good job Mom. :)

I love the detail on the new frame,very pretty.

And I'm signed up for two exchanges right now...

Michelle said...

Your reframed sampler looks perfect on your sampler wall..I'm drooling!

What sweet sons to send flowers to their mama! You raised them right!

Paula C. said...

Wow! I didn't know you were doing the PS alphabet SAL. I almost signed up but I have several SAL's that I haven't finished so I hope to work on those. Pretty flowers =)