Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Off To See the Wizard

I am happy to report that I have finally put needle to thread on my Primitive Wizard of Oz. I saw this design on Michele's blog many months ago and rushed to purchase it. Sadly, I did not rush to start it! I have watched as Michele made progress, each time telling myself that I should get started. When she posted a picture of the completed design I decided that the time had come! It is a relatively quick stitch (nothing like my HAED WIP) so I knew that all I needed to do was pull it out and take that first stitch. After not so many hours of stitching here is my progress...

I am using all of the colors called for except for the green, which I changed to NN Creme d menthe. It will not be long before I complete this one and get it framed to hang on my sampler wall.

This past weekend I got started on some finishing work. I have three of the LHN Monthly Ornaments stitched and was able to finish "He's A Flake"

I happened to have some little icicles that I added to the bottom. You really can't tell from the picture but I found some trim that glitters; it looks great with this design.

I am just about done with the finishing of the first two ornaments but I will save these for another post.

After waiting many weeks for my Victoria Sampler order to arrive, I spent two days stitching the Ireland and France International Hearts. This is a gift for my aunt, a gift that I needed to get it mailed this week (which I did, phew!). I was in a rush to get to the post office and snapped a quick photo ~ a quick "not so good" photo!

Design: International Heart: Ireland and France
Finish: Flat Fold

I have been good about not signing up for every exchange that I see posted! I am still participating in a few but I am trying to leave substantial time for a little "me" Martha would say, "That's a good thing!"

I shall leave you with this "Wishing Custom"...


If you accidentally drop a book, step on it with one

foot and make a wish. Be sure to pick it up with the

hand that's opposite the foot you used; otherwise, your

wish won't come true.

Until next time...


Jan said...

Marie~Golly Gee, love your sweet finishes and your great progress on Wizard of Oz! It has always appeared to be a quick and fun stitch! Love your wish at the end, thanks loads!

Michele said...

wow gf! you could have finished yours before me! great progress! fun stitch isn't it :) I want to take a couple of the motifs and make some smalls .. I just adore the flying monkey :)

I love both your finishes .. those icicles are perfect! and what a lovely finish for your Aunt. I'm assuming Ireland and France hold something special for her?

Missy Ann said...

You have been busy! Love the hearts together.

I'll have to remember the book wish, I have so many books & am so clumsy I'm sure I'll have all my wishes fulfilled soon.

Julie said...

Wizard of Oz looks great! Wish you were in Oz. The Heartland Cross Stitch Shop Hop is next weekend!
Great finishes!
I always enjoy viewing what you're working on.

Katrina said...

Marie I completely understand about the 'me' stitching time. I've taken a long break from exchanges. I just recently did a mailart exchange but that's it :-). I have lots of bare walls I need to fill.

Love your ornament and the Wizard of Oz piece is too cute.

Jennifer said...

Everytime I see the Ireland heart, I think, I have to order that one and the Germany one and stitch them for our tree. (I'm half Irish, and my husband is german). And then I get swallowed up in the goings on of every day life and they get pushed to the side. Again. But I am enjoying looking at yours - I love how you finished them!

Jen said...

Nice progress. I love the ornament finish. Very unique and very pretty.

Cindy F. said...

You GO girl!! WOW! Great progress on that adorable piece:) And LOVE the ornie w/the absolutely too cute icicles!! How fun! Also LOVE the gift for your aunt! Really fun piece and of course...beautifull finished:)

Blu said...

Great finishes! The icicles on Flake are really cool. Love the way you've stitched the two hearts together.

The wishing is pretty interesting but I could never ever step on a book. They're way too sacred!

Brigitte said...

The ornie finishing is really spectacular with the icicles haning from it. And oh, what a beautiful flatfold. Looks very nice. You were doing some lovely stitching lately.
Me too, I also stayed away from exchnages and joined just a private one that I finished lately. Now I'm looking fort he second this year. But not more than one at a time, lol.