Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Seasonal Stitchers Exchange

I received my Seasonal Stitchers "Summer" Exchange from Julianne. As you can see it is truly wonderful. She stitched a design from one of my very favorite designer, Prairie Schooler. I love that she finished it as a wallhanging. She even personalized it with a block on the back. I must tell you Julianne does beautiful work, and I am so excited that she will be stitching for me three more times.

Seasonal Stitchers Exchange
Season: Summer
Received from: Julianne
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Finish: Wallhanging

Julianne sent so many wonderful gift: Specialty thread by Impressions and The Thread Gather Silk 'N Colors ~ the colors are perfect, Silkweaver fabric ~ I can sure use that, Homespun Elegance "Alphabet Sampler" pattern ~ another of my favorite designers, some Crabtree & Evelyn soap and some Lavender lotion ~ both smell so good! I was spoiled :-D.

Thanks Julianne, I love all that you sent and will treasure my new wallhanging.

As a participant is the Seasonal Stitchers group I will be stitching for Leena. I stitched her a design from Prairie Schooler "Friends" and finished it as a Pinkeep. Soon I will be stitching a "Fall" exchange for her. There are so many wonderful fall designs that I am not quite sure what to stitch.

Seasonal Stitchers Exchange
Season: Summer
Stitched for: Leena
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Design: Friends
Finish: Pinkeep

Village of Hawk Run Hollow

With the addition of Katrina and Mindi, we now have 5 stitchers participating in our SAL. It will be fun to see the posted pictures of our monthly progress.

Here is my progress thus far. Given that we have until 9/30 to complete a block, I am certain that I will meet this months goal.

Progress as of: Sept 7, 2007

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Becky K in OK said...

I love your exchanges. The friends pinkeep is darling. You do such pretty work.

Squazi said...

I love the wallhanging, it's very well finished. Luck you! The pin keep is beautiful. Than you for sharing it with us.

Barbara said...

Oh!! That's a gorgeous wall hanging that Julianne sent you!! And I love your pinkeep. :) Great progress with the SAL, too!

Anita said...

The Wallhanging is so pretty. I love your PS pinkeep as well. I have seen it stitched a few times and it is such a pretty design.
Looking forward to see your Fall stitching.

Vonna said...

Marie I was gobsmacked when I saw waht dear Julianne did for you!!!!
Isn't it just gorgeous???? I love it and you can send it to me straight away! :)
Your pinkeep for the exchange was lovely too! Perfectly done!
And what can I say about your village? Stunning...I want to SAL with you ladies when I get a free moment like in January.

staci said...

Beautiful exchanges Marie!!! Congrats!

Kathy said...

Your exchanges are gorgeous, both the one you received and the one you did. Making good progress on Village SAL. Just found out late Tuesday that my replacement light has arrived. Now I can concentrate on getting my first block on the Village done. Great job.

Michelle said...

The exchanges are both wonderful. The wallhanging is too cute! Your VOHRH is looking wonderful, you should easily finish that block by the end of the month.

BeckySC said...

Both exchanges are just AWESOME :)

Michele said...

nice exchanges! I love the wallhanging .. beautiful fall colors :) and your pinkeep is so nice .. I'm sure she loved it! Village SAL is looking grand!

monique said...

Your friends pinkeep is very nice! And you know, I don't think I've seen (or noticed?) that particular design before!

Mindi said...

Gorgeous exchanges! I just finished the first block of VoHRH tonight, hopefully I can get a picture posted tomorrow.

Sharon said...

Beatiful exchanges! I love the pinkeep you made!

quiltorstitch said...

The wallhanging is... WOW! I love how she finished it, that is just beautiful.

Your pinkeep is so pretty, I really like that design.

HOHRH is so nice, congrats on having block one almost done!

Leena said...

I just love the pinkeep you stitched for me, it has a special place in my stitching shelf and I admire it every day :) It's such a lovely design and so perfectly done.

You've received a beautiful exchange from Julianne!

Ranae said...

Lucky you getting the beautiful wall hanging. Love the pinkeep too.

Jeanne said...

What a great exchange! You are one lucky stitcher! And your pinkeep is fabulous - I stitched that design in whole and had it framed for my best friend's 50th bday a few years back. We've been friends for over 30 years so it was very fitting. Great work on everything!

Xangles said...

Hi, marie-p. You lucky woman. The wallhanging is so beautiful, and that PS friends pinkeep... Definitely on my wish list!
Thanks for sharing!

Cathy said...

What a great wallhanging you received! And I like the pinkeep that you finished and sent to Leena too!