Monday, November 12, 2007

Fair & Square~ Stitching Tips

My stitching partner for Fair and Square round #3 was Paula C. She told me that she plans on finishing her blocks as Ornaments (great idea), so I decided to stitch her a Christmas design from one of her favorite designers; Prairie Schooler.

Fair & Square round #3
Prairie Schooler book #48
A Christmas Visit

Fair & Square Exchange for Paula C.

Last week I received a wonderful gift in the mail. A very good friend of mine surprised me with this Twisted Oaks kit. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! While in Vermont I drove to The Whistling Duck, a great needlework shop in Williston, VT. I was able to purchase the fabric for this, but I will need to purchase the Dinky Dyes online before I can begin stitching.

Twisted Oaks Design: Honor Thy Needle-Pyramid Etui

If you are in search of Needle Necessities floss, which is no longer in business, I know that the Whistling Duck has some in stock. they do not have a website but you can phone them and place an order. The shop owners are so nice and extremely helpful.

I had a bit of a mishap with the finishing of one of my PIF's (pay it forward). I stitched part of an AMAP design, on white linen using red silk, with plans to finish it as a scissor holder. I am not sure where my head was, but I placed the piece (wrong side up) on my ironing board to press out any wrinkles. For some reason I got "wacky" with the spray bottle and almost drown the piece. After pressing it, mounting it onto cardboard, and preparing the back piece, I sandwiched it together and placed it under some heavy books. The next day I returned to my sewing room ready to stitch on the cording. To my shock I saw that the red from the thread had migrated onto the white linen UGH!!! With a Q-tip in hand I thought that maybe I could blot it such luck. What would I do now? I know, I will wet it and try to get the thread to bleed all over the fabric. Would it look like hand-dyed fabric? I wish, but NO it looked worse. What would I do now? Throw it out! Yup, that's what I did. Sadly, someone out there would have been receiving their PIF, but must now wait until I stitch up a new one.

Some helpful hints for cross stitch can be found at The Caron Collection, Jay's Stitching Hints , and Bonnie's Cross Stitch Zone, Needlework FAQ's.

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Kathy said...

Oh my gosh, what problems you had. I always worry about using red. Not ever had too much a problem, but I know it can happen. Only had a slight problem once and it was just with Anchor floss and a little red stitched next to a Snowman ran into the white. In that case, I had not pressed it yet so I just washed it with cold water til it all came out or at least most of it. I still can see a little, but if I did not know where it was you could not see it. Sorry you had to experience such a thing.

Love the Fair & Square you did.

Becky K in OK said...

Oh, Marie, I am so sorry about your PIF accident. All of us stitchers have probably had something similar happen.

Your fair and square exchange piece is just wonderful.

Vonna said...

OH NO! That just happened to me once before too...UGH :(

The Fair Squares are gorgeous as is all of your stitching :)

And that Pyramid Etui...LOVELY!

DaisyGirl said...

What a great giftie! Sorry about the mishap! Your F&S is great!

Von said...

I think probably most of us have had a similar problem with running red dye - argh!! So sorry you've had to restitch. :(

Barbara said...

Oh, how disappointing that your piece bled!!! I had this happen once with a dark purple, but luckily I'd been super careful about the ironing and it "just" bled into the towel I was using to pad the stitching with. Talk about breathing a huge sigh of relief!

I love the Christmas FS block you stitched. Prairie Schooler is just so timeless and appealing!

Sharon said...

Your exchange squares are lovely. Sorry about the mishap with pif gift-how aggravating!

Heidi said...

I like your F&S block. and the triangle is awesome, I can't wait to see you stitch it up. I'm sorry about your PIF mishap.

Jen said...

I am so sorry to hear about the mishap. I know that was very frustrating.

By the way, thanks for the tip on the corder. I have put it on my Christmas wishlist and made my husband very aware of it.

staci said...

I am so sorry about your PIF!!! How truly frustrating!

On the other hand, your fair and square blocks are gorgeous :)

Michelle said...

Your PS ornament is too cute! That is one of my favorite designers. So sorry for your PIF mishap~such a bummer. Have a wonderful holiday.

wanda said...

Oh no that is a terrible thing for your PIF. I got highlighter on a piece that I was stitching it really stinks. I love your fair & square.

Michele said...

oh that's horrible about your first PIF!! hate when something goes wonky don't you :(

the f&s squares are lovely!!!

jane said...

You know, red is my favorite color - but it surely can cause problems, can't it? Join the club of the 'had to throw away something I worked really hard on'!

Leena said...

Your square is beautiful! Oh I'm sorry to read about your PIF gift, sometimes these things just happen.