Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ornament Exchange ~VoHRH~All about crafting

After a busy day, I arrived home to find a wonderful package waiting for me. Carol sent me a truly spectacular exchange! She stitched a design from my very favorite Prairie Schooler and did a beautiful job finishing it as a pinkeep Christmas Ornament. I promise you Carol, this ornament will be hung “front and center” on my Christmas tree for everyone to enjoy!

USEBB: Ornament Exchange
Design: ABC Santa Ornament
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Received from: Carol

Carol’s exchange package was filled with so many extras; adorable snowman coasters, scented candle wax melt, a ½ yard of very pretty red fabric, a much needed notepad and sticky notes, as well as a Mary Garry pattern, and the Vermont Hearts of America kit ~FANTASTIC!
Thanks so much Carol, your thoughtfulness brought much happiness into my day!!!

USEBB: 2007 Ornament Exchange
From: Carol

Although I did not meet the November 1st deadline for completing block #2, I was able to complete it by the December 1st date.

Village of Hawk Run Hollow Block #2
Carriage House Sampling

Rather than stitch "I-s-i-a-h" I made a few minor adjustments and I stitched it "I-s-a-i-a-h" ~ the correct spelling. It must be the perfectionist in me but this would have driven me nuts.

VoHRH Blocks #1 & 2

If anyone knows of errors/corrections on this chart I would appreciate it if you would let me know. Kathy, you had mentioned as error but I can't remember what it was. Will you email me or post it on your blog? Thanks!


I have been tagged by Heather and as a result I will share with you some information on my life of crafting.

The rules are: Answer the following on your blog and then let five other bloggers know that you have tagged them to complete the meme.

1. When did you start to create and make craft?

Probably when I was about 8 or so. I can remember knitting a scarf for a very dear aunt who was moving from the Northeast to Florida…What was I thinking?

2. Why did you start creating?

It must be in my blood, I honestly do not know why. I certainly do not stem from a “crafty” family.

3. Why do you create?

Obsessive compulsive behavior perhaps(?) It makes me happy and content.

4. What do you create?

Quilts, all sorts of cross stitched items, redwork stitchery pillows, penny rugs, art dolls, and I have tackle the art of knitting socks.

5. Has this changed since you began crafting?

My interest in these different crafts changes with time. At present I would classify myself as an avid cross stitcher. A few years ago I was an avid quilter.

Now I need to tag some people for this meme. I will suggest a few names ~ If the urge overwhelms you feel free to play along: Donna, Jane, Kathy, Leena, and Pokua. Have fun!

A special thanks to the members of the Neighborhood RR that allowed me to jump in and join their group. I look forward to stitching with you. Thanks Vonna, for letting me kow about the available spot in this group!!! :)

Until next time...


Suzanne said...

The exchange items are great. Your VoHRH is coming along really well. This is one of my favorite designs. I think you were correct to fix the name up. It does make more sense.

Kathy said...

The corrections to VOHRH that I have been made aware of are:
Block 6 - DMC color number listed is 869, but it should be 830.

Block 6 - The color of the horse is wrong. The DMC colors 955 and 957 should be reversed. The symbol shown is a circle color in on the bottom half. The symbol should be the square with the bottom half filled in. Hope that is not too confusing. If you don't change it the horse becomes a "horse of a different color".

Julianne said...

Hi Marie,

Your VOHRH looks absolutely stunning. You're doing a great job.

I just saw your Christmas ornie exchange and just love that tissue package cover that you included. Did you make it? I'd love the instructions because I just have to have one. LOL

Thanks a bunch.

Michelle said...

Marie, What a nice package to have waiting for you.. the ornament you received is so pretty.

My husband would love to see your deer~we have to settle for the deer hanging on the tree. Michelle

Vonna said...

Marie, it is gorgeous...both the exchange Carol made for you and your're caught up to me now on the village...this is one of the WIPS I want to finish or at least work on in 2008. You inspire me :)

staci said...

Wonderful exchange from Carol, what a beautiful ornament! Love your VOHRH blocks, Isaiah looks much better spelled correctly.

Barbara said...

Gorgeous! And I'm ashamed to admit that I'd overlooked the misspelling of Isaiah. Oops!

Jaimie said...

What great exchanges! The VOHRH looks awesome!

Paisley said...

What a nice exchange... the ornament is lovely. Great progress on VoHRH, too!

Becky K in OK said...

What a wonderful exchange. The goodies are grate also.

Becky K in OK said...

I meant to say great. Having letter transposition problems today!

nutmeg5 said...

What a cute ornament you received in your exchange. I also really enjoy seeing the picture of your VoHRH Block.

Annemarie said...

Oooh, you finished your HoHRH block, good for you! It's wonderful. I like the mistake in the spelling of the name, though, so I will leave it there. If I ever get this far, that is :o)
Lovely exchange from Carol.

Kajsa said...

That is so pretty! I'm still working on # 2, hopefully I'm going to catch up eventually.

I love Carol's ornament, so pretty!

Mindi said...

Gorgeous ornament from Carol, the finishing is just perfect. Congratulations on block 2, it looks wonderful. I'm hoping I find some time this weekend to work on mine.

Stephanie said...

What a lovely ornament from Carol! Congrats on your progress on VOHRH - it looks great. I have to agree with you, Isiah would have driven me bonkers as well!

Leena said...

What a beautiful exchange from Carol! The VoHRH is looking great, it's so beautiful.

Thank you for tagging me! I'm really bad at memes, LOL, I never seem to have enough time for them, but I so enjoy reading them at blogs!