Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fair & Square Round #6 from Annette + STASH!

I received a wonderful package from Annette today and I am truly thrilled! Annette selected a design from one of my favorite designers, Blackbird Design. She stitched a portion of the Moonlit Garden design using Weeks Dye Work floss...the colors are perfect! I was also treated to a great Doodles design, "Home Sweet Home" as well as some gorgeous Crescent Colours to get me started on this project! Annette recently joined the Fair and Square group and I was most definitely the lucky one to be partnered with her! Many, many thanks Annette for making this such a special exchange. :)

I left my camera in Vermont so I had to use my scanner for "picture posting" ~

Fair & Square #6 - From Annette W.
Designer: Blackbird Design
Design taken from: Moonlit Garden

Paula had posted pictures on her blog of her newly acquired stash from Everything Cross Stitch. Naturally I had to check out this online store and found myself quickly placing an order. In addition to the sale they have going on right now, I was able to sign up for their online newsletter and get an additional 20% off my order! Don't you just love a sale? Click here for the newsletter/20% off. Much to my surprise my stash arrived in record time and here it is:

Designer: Little House Needlework
Design on Left: Quilt Time Sampler (Heather, you would love this one :D)
Design on the Right: My Needle's Work w/thread

I absolutely love "My Needle's Work" and almost purchased it at a LNS, but bought some other designs instead. I am glad that I did not purchase it because I got it for about 15.00 (on sale for 17.85 less 20% ~ it retails for 21.00).

I also purchased these designs:

Left: Country Cottage Needleworks, "Home Sweet Home"
Right: Little House Needleworks, "A Stitcher's Prayer"

My last purchase is the chart for this Checkbook Keeper:

  • Designer: Primitive Traditions
  • Quaker Pocket Needfuls: Checkbook Keeper

Thanks Paula, reading your blog made my "stash" grow and my savings shrink! :) The LHN patterns will be quite helpful since Paula sent me an email letting me know of the LHN exchange~ yes, I am now signed up for that one. Really, I am trying not to sign up for too many exchanges but it is SO hard not to.

Thanks so much everyone for your kind words about my "blog remodeling" ~ just a little spring cleaning.

Lastly let me say:


Until next time...


Paula C. said...

Hey! Great stash!!! I am always happy to be the enabler ;-) I'll be posting my stash additions tomorrow, I hope. I was a bad, bad girl...

Barbara said...

Wonderful stash, and I love the FS round! :D

Heather said...

Wow great stash there marie! Love the F&S exchange, it's very pretty.

I actually just got the Quilt Time Sampler LOL! Isn't that the cutest pattern ever? Let me know if you want to do a SAL or something.

You are a doll, thank you for the birthday wishes *hugs*

Yuko said...

Hi Marie,
All of your new stash are very lovely!
Especially the one from Primitive Traditions is very beautiful, isn't it?!
Oh I fell in love with it, I might purchase it very soon, lol!

Kathy said...

Love your new look blog.

Wow! New stash, how fun. Little House is another one of my favorite designers. Never enough time to stitch all the things we want.

Michele said...

Love the squares Annette stitched for you .. wonderful colors!

Great stash! I might have to check this online place out :)