Sunday, September 14, 2008

Drum Roll Please...Meet Lily

Fortune truly does come to those that wait! For the past few year I have been looking for another female Yorkshire Terrier and am so happy to say that I found her ~ Meet Lily:

12 weeks old
We picked her up a few weeks ago when she was 12 weeks old and she has certainly been keeping me busy. The timing of her arrival was perfect, we brought her home on a Sunday and both of my sons left for college on Tuesday. My house is certainly not as quiet or boring with Lily in it! But I must say that I really do miss G & D, and I let them know that almost daily! :)

Yesterday the postman delivered a package from Gaby which contained the HOE Needleroll Exchange. I was thrilled to see her name on the envelope; she had filled a wish for me on the MAW board and stitched up the most gorgeous Biscornu. I quickly tore open the package and gazed upon an equally gorgeous Needleroll. I had to smile because it is the very same design that I stitched for my partner, I do believe that we are not the only ones that selected this popular design. Every detail is simply perfect ~the stitching, the beading, the finishing! I do wish that I could finish the top/bottom edges as nicely as you do Gaby, I just may need a few tips from you on that!

HOE: Needleroll Exchange
Designer: M Designs
Design: Five Roses Needle Roll
Stitched by: Gaby

In addition Gaby included some wonderful extras she stitched the most adorable little Biscornu scissor fob, this little gem measures a mere 1 ¾ across! I have stitched and finished hundreds of items but never have I made a Biscornu and certainly could not imagine making one this small. Thank you Gaby for that little treasure and for the Flower Pot stitching kit, the Heart for finishing, and the large cut of 32 count linen which will be perfect for a Halloween design. My life is a bit hectic these days and I must say that you managed to brighten my day with all of these wonderful treasures, thank you so much!

Tiny Biscornu Fob

I have heard from Margaret that she received my Needleroll exchange so I will share a picture of that:

HOE: Needleroll Exchange
Stitched for: Margaret S.

I participated in a Small Santa Exchange on the Prairie Schooler Fans Yahoo Group and here is what I stitched for CJ:

PS Friends Small Santa Exchange
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Design: St. Nicholas II – Book 36

And for your viewing pleasure (I cannot resist) I will leave you with another picture of the Princess and the Pea (Misha and Lily)...

Misha age 11 years
Lily age 15 week

Until next time...


cathymk said...

Lilly is adorable!! Such a little sweetie!

Beautiful stitching too!

Becky K in OK said...

Your fur babies are so cute. And the needleroll exchanges are both beautiful.

anna said...

I love all the pieces!! And welcome to Lily, what a cutie, I love their tiny noses!

Vonna said...

You need to get another Marie and call her Ivy :)
Misha, Lily and Ivy...wouldn't that be spectacular?!?!
Well Misha is a lovely lady and that Lily, isn't a puppy alive that is more darling than she is!
And your Needlerolls both given and received are just gorgeous! I absolutely love your Prairie Schooler Santa too :o) I bet CJ was over the moon! Hugs my dear friend...thinking of you's the packing?

Michele said...

Oh Lily is adorable! So glad you finally found her :)

Wow, great exchanges!!

and glad to hear the boys are doing well .. I bet it was quite around there!

Barbara said...

She's adorable! What a sweet face!

Paula C. said...

What adorable little dogs! Great exchanges, too!

Joei said...

Oh cute cute Lily and Misha. It just made me miss my dog. We left him in my in-laws as we couldn't bring him with us when we relocated here.

Great exhange.

Katrina said...

Lily and Misha are gorgeous. You know I've been wondering and waiting to see pictures :-). I am sitting here with my two right now.

Love the needleroll and ornament, they are both gorgeous.

Hope the boys have had a good start to the school year and the empty nest is filled up with little puppies. I remember the first few weeks with Chloe and Sophie, it was crazy!

Julianne said...


Little Lily is ADORABLE! I'm so happy for you that you finally found her.

Your PS ornament is great and so are the nr exchanges given and received.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Carol R said...

What a sweet little Lily and Moma Misha looks so proud!

Beautiful needlerolls and other stitchy bits

monique said...

Lily is so sweet!

Kathy said...

Awwww, Lily is so cute. Love those puppies, but they can really keep you hopping.

Nice exchanges both received and sent. Everyone does such a beautiful job of stitching on all those exchange pieces.

Sharon said...

Lily is so adorable! welcome to your new family member. Gorgeous stitching and finishing.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Marie, I didn't know you have and love Yorkies, too! I'm a Yorkie mom of Clara. I think your girls are both beautiful. Your needlerolls are darling.
Sending special hugs,

J Rae said...

She is sooooooooooooo adorable! I know you must love her to bits! Both dogs are so cute!

Love all the stitching!

Maria said...

Lily is cute :) Great stitchings as well!

Lennu said...

Marie, I was so happy to read that you've found Lily!! I know how much you wished for a puppy and it was wonderful to come to your blog and notice that Lily is here :) I'm so happy for you! She's so cute, oh really, look at her, I've showed the photos to my family as well.

Your stitching is beautiful, how funny that you chose the same needleroll design, it's a beauty. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Michelle said...

What a sweet addition to your home! There is nothing better than a puppy..


Heidi said...

Pretty exchange! What does Misha think of Lily? They are both absolutely adorable!

Ruth said...

Hey Lily, welcome to your new home. You're very lucky -- you've got a talented and fun mom!