Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fair & Square from Jen

My "collection" of Fair & Square blocks continues to grow, with the newest addition arriving from Jen R. What a wonderful block, I adore this sweet birdhouse design and love those tiny buttons. I wish that I could share with you what I plan to do with these beautiful blocks but for now, I have no idea so I shall merely share this picture:

Fair & Square ~ round #12 from Jen R

Now, how cute is that? Thank you so much Jen for the amazing blocks I love them.

My "cute" little dog is driving me NUTS! Unlike any other dog that I have owned, this one chews and does not like being left alone. I was out and about for a mere 2 hours and when I returned and opened the laundry room door this is what I came home to:

She must have scratched at it!!! I use to leave her in the master bath until she chewed on the corner of the vanity! Now when I leave I put both dogs in the laundry room (Misha is a good girl and does not need to be in there but I am fearful of what Lily would do without her) this is the 1st time that she has done any damage and it shall be the last. I am going to end this post so that I can read about "crating" and check for some type of a corral to keep her in. I have plans to attend a quilt show on Friday and had planned on leaving her in the laundry room, now I am afraid....very afraid~

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StitchinManiac said...

Hi Marie, I have left my mini-schnauzer in a kennel/crate since she was a puppy. It is her refuge, and now, at almost 6 years old, she goes there when she is afraid, and even knows when we're planning to leave and walks into it. We don't leave her for more than 3-4 hours now, and it has worked wonderfully. One time we forgot to put her in the kennel, and when we came back an hour later, it was clear she was panicked! Good luck.

Gabi said...

We have rescued a little Jack Russel. While in training we didn't leave her alone at home without being in a kennel box (crate). Because she still tends to forget rules during night and pees in the house, she does spend her nights in there. It's not seen as a punishment by her, she always gets a little treat when she goes into her "bed". And we used that crate also for our other dog when she was a puppy. Personally I think prevention is the only way you can change it.

Kathy said...

Love the F&S.

I had a Boston Terrier that dug through a door and dry wall several times to escape the room we kept her in. She really had separation anxiety bad.

My current Boston has always been crated when we leave her at home. She knows nothing else. She gets a treat when she goes in. She is very protective of her crate. When we have to move it, she gets very worried. She is now almost 12.

Good luck with the dog.

Julianne said...

Hi Marie,

What pretty squares you received! I love the colors.

Our whippet once destroyed drywall in the garage when we left him there for a few hours. We now leave him in the house uncrated and he does just fine.

I hope Lily learns to be a good girl very soon.

Jen said...

I am so glad you like the squares. I really enjoyed stitching these.

Xangles said...

Hi, Marie, what a brilliant idea! My daughter finished uni in February, and I've been looking for something to stitch to commemorate the occasion. I think you've done it for me, girl. Thanks!

Barb said...

Long ago, my family had a dog that chewed the corner off the bathroom door. My parents never replaced that door! I wish we had known about crating.

Love your BB sampler. I didn't start mine until the 25th, so had to squeeze in my stitching between working and sleeping.

Reading through your blog, I see that you have lived in many of the same states I have lived in. 8 states so far, starting in TX, but I settled in OH and have been here for 27 years. We think about moving once in awhile so maybe there will be another state in our future!

Brigitte said...

I love both squares.