Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

I was so surprised to receive these beautiful note cards in the mail from Michelle. She was the winner of my BBD Thread Keeper give-a-way and sent me these cards as a thank you. I am just happy that she liked the Thread Keeper so much! Thank you Michelle, you are too sweet. :)

I joined Becky's Christmas Ornament Swap and received a truly gorgeous ornament from Carol.


When I opened the package my mouth dropped, this beautiful ornament is stitched on 40ct over two, using Atalie floss! ~ How lucky am I??? Carol, you are an angel, please know that I will treasure this special ornament. Thank you so much for making this an extra special exchange! :)

Christmas Ornament Swap
Stitched by: Carol S.
Designer: The Sampler House
Design: Symbolic "X" Christmas Ornament

Here is the ornament that I stitched for Amy:

Designer: M Design
Design: Joy Tree
Ornament Exchange for:

I am such a HUGE fan of the M Design and especially love the word/name trees. Over a year ago I purchased name tree designs for both my boys and, although I have not barely started stitching on one, I REALLY hope to finish them both this year!
FYI: tomorrow is September 9, 2009...09/09/09 what a great birthday that would be. Well, I just read that not only does the date look good, but it also represents the last set of repeating, single-digit dates that we'll see for almost a century (until January 1, 2101). Hmm, I wonder where I will be then? :)

I shall leave you with this "Wishing Custom"...
If you slice an apple into equal halves without cutting or nicking a seed, your wish for love will come true.
Until next time...


Hannah said...

Beautiful ornament, Marie! My baby could be born tomorrow, but that would make him exactly 8 weeks early, which wouldn't be good. :p

Paula C. said...

Those note cards are beautiful! And so are your ornaments. I really love the way you did the finishing on the one you sent, especially the yarn around the edge! I have one of those name ones to do too, for my MIL. Maybe we need a SAL?

Vonna said...

Oh how lovely my dear Marie...I know that Amy is over the moon with her ornament, and Carol did a lovely job on yours :)
Michelle, is the sweetest and those note cards are precious! I'm using the word "precious" a lot because my 4 yo nephew and Ellie (on a recent visit down to Mom's house) used the word precious for everything. My Mom was riding her bike and Braden said to Ellie..."look Meme looks precious riding her bike." to which my Mom nearly fell off her bike laughing and I had to run to the bathroom! LOL!

Julie said...

I love the Joy ornament you stitched! You're a fast stitcher, you'll get your son's ornaments stitched before Christmas without any trouble!
Oh and Carol's ornament to you is beautiful!

Katrina said...

Gorgeous ornaments and exchanges! I love those M Designs too, I have Colorado to finish.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow! What gorgeous ornaments sent and received!

Michelle said...

Hi Marie,

The notecards are just a small token of my thanks for the treasure I received..

I love the ornaments in your swap. I'm doing a name tree ornament right now and it's more difficult than I thought. No miscounting on this one!

I like that wish about the apple .. I will be checking my seeds today when I have my apple :)


RuthB said...

Oooo, pretty stuff everywhere! Congrats on a lovely exchange and some very nice note cards.

Michele said...

love the ornaments! and the way you finished the one for Amy, how fun!!! I love Mdesign trees too, I stithced one for my best friend last Christmas and have one for me to stitch .. someday I'll do the entire family :)

Cindy F. said...

Ooooh...I LOVE M Designs too and have been wanting to get our names to stitch! Beautiful finish Marie!!

LOVE the gifts you've received! Beautiful notecards and ornie!! Did you hug your mailman?...lol...