Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two New Exchanges

The mail carrier was good to me yesterday; he left two wonderful packages in the mail. The first was from Patti who stitched for me in the Year Long Prairie Schooler exchange. She stitched this pretty design on 40 ct and used a great decorative trim on the edge, very nice choice!

Year Long Prairie Schooler Exchange
Stitched by: Patti

Patti included a gorgeous beaded fob that she made ~ the beads are beautiful. Thanks you so much Patti I love what you sent.
This is what I stitched and sent to Lillie:

Next, I received an amazing exchange from Ronel who stitched for me in the FTT Needlework exchange. I am not certain that the pictures will do this justice…

Ronel is a master at Stumpwork and I am truly honored to own a piece of her work. The detail on this is amazing; can you see the owl’s eyes? They are tiny! The flowers are a combination of red seed beads and French knots (?) and the dragonfly is made from beads with wings stitched in gold thread. The stitching is perfect in every way.
Oh, did I mention that it is a needlebook? This too is perfectly constructed. Given the range of Ronel’s talent, I imagine that she made the lovely pins as well. Ronel also stitched a beautiful little scissor fob, personalizing it on the back with my initials.

In addition Ronel included some Madeira Silk threads (in my favorite color), needles, a pink tape measure, charms, and a fragrant sachet. Thanks you so much Ronel for a wonderful exchange!

FTT Needlework Exchange
Stitched by: Ronel
Finish: Stumpwork Neeldebook and Fob

Here is what I stitched for Gabriele:

FTT Needlework Exchange
Designer: Little House Needlework
Stitched For: Lillie
Finish: Needlecase

I took a trip to San Antonio this past weekend and stopped in at Cross Stitch Plus where I managed to find a few "must have" patterns and a bit of fabric:

Blackbird Design
Glorious June
I also managed to find two floral frogs and a dish for one of the frogs. I saw this on a blog (sorry can't remember who posted this fabulous idea) and loved it.

What a great scissor holder!!!

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope that you find time to stop by again~
Until next time...


Patti said...

Oh Marie I just loved everything. I, too, saw that frog thing on sombody's blog and managed to buy one on eBay and I LOVE it and I love your one too.

No wonder your blog took so long to update - your posting is HUGE and full of really great stuff!

Love Patti xxx

valerie said...

Wow, what wonderful goodies! Everything is fabulous and that stumpwork needlecase from Ronel is magnificent! The mailman was definitely good to you. Nice new stash too!

Vonna said...

Marie, I love,love, love to see everything you get in exchanges and everything you receive :)
The Stumpwork from exceptional and not a better, more deserving young lady ;)
I saw your Needlework lady on your partner's blog today and thought...well Marie did it again! LOOK at that lovely!
Your stash looks great too ;)

Michele said...

Love the exchanges! Definately drooling over material :)

and what fun new stash! love the scissor holder! There's a few blogs that have been talking abou them .. I need to start looking for one :)

staci said...

Beautiful, beautiful exchanges Marie!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

oooo what fabulous exchanges! I love everything you sent and received!

Gabi said...

Gorgeous exchanges. The pillow from patty is so very cute. I'm totally in love with that scissor pocket you made. And both needle books are simply stunning. As the lucky recipient of your needle book I can assure you it's a very valued gift. I treasure it and take it with me everywhere. It holds my needles and has caught already quite some attention. It's simply wonderful.

Brigitte said...

Oh Marie, those exchanges are really gorgeous. Stitched and finised with so much care. Whenever I see all the great exchanges I feel urged to join a couple of them but I really mustn't do that. I just need a pause so that I can finish some of my WIPs. I'll see how long I'll be able to resist, lol.

Sonda in OR said...

It was a pleasure just looking at all of those pictures of beautiful needlework projects.

Siobhan said...

What great exchanges!! I love your new stash, too. That Texas piece is too cool!

Lennu said...

Hi Marie, beautiful exchanges, both sent and received! I just love the Prairie Schooler exchange you sent, such a wonderful design and finish! Everything is always so beautiful in your blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

Michelle said...

Hi Marie,

What beautiful exchanges ~ and I love your new stash.. Those floral frogs are the best!


Labores de Mercedes said...

You have so lovely projects. I'm glad I found your blog; I'll be back :-)