Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Exchanges: One Down Four To Go

Over the course of three years, I have participated in 80+ exchanges. I have never been late in mailing, and pride myself on always meeting my commitments. Fortunately, those assigned “my name” have been just as responsible. There have only been three individuals (I shall not mention names but shame on them) that failed to honor their commitment and have forever gone MIA. That averages only 1 per year so I cannot complain but I will never understand how people can receive an exchange and not send one.

Here is an exchange that I sent out over three weeks ago but I have yet to hear from the individual, she has not responded to my email, and I have not received her exchange so I must assume that she too will join the ranks of MIA.

Designer: Prairie Schooler
Design: Trick or Treat

It is hard to believe that I only have 4 more exchanges this year! One of those is already packaged up and ready to mail, the other three need to be stitched. Maybe next year I will do as I had planned and not sign up for as many exchanges. Like everyone, I have so many projects that I would like to complete. The WIP basket keeps growing, as does the new stash bin ~ so many projects so little time.

My new neighborhood is large and filled with children so I thought that I would need quite a bit of candy for Halloween. I purchased 12 bags of the Fun Size chocolate bars but only used 6 so I quickly tossed the rest into a flat rate box, taped it up, and mailed it to my son at college. I certainly do not have the willpower to keep all that chocolate around.

Costume creativity was top notch this year. The one that made me laugh was 4 teenage boys standing at my door with only their boxers on and a gold medal around each of their necks. They quickly stated "We are the US Swim Team" ~ I thought that was rather clever. As for this year's cutest trick-or-treaters:

Misha dressed as a clown ~ Lily as a witch

I am heading out this weekend to attend a Scrapbook retreat. I have attended quilt retreats but never a scrapbook one. I just found out that the retreat is being held a mere 26 miles from my house, somewhat close for a weekend get-a-way. I am not much of a scrapbooker and I have very few scrapbooking gadgets. I never intended to add Scrapbooking to my list of hobbies but I am on a mission to create three scrapbooks for family vacations to London, Paris, and Tokyo ~ after that I call it quits!

I shall leave you with this "Wishing Custom"...

Potato Chip

When you have a potato chip that has a bubble in it,

put the whole chip in your mouth and chew exactly

ten times. Make a wish as you swallow. If you

swallow the whole chip at one time, your wish will

come true.

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Cindy's Stitching said...

It is extremely rude to not send your swap. If am sorry that happened to you. The cat is real cute.

StitchinManiac said...

Nice work Marie. Isn't it unfortunate that there are some who, rather than just say they cannot do something they committed to do, just disappear? I think exchanges are like loaning money. I don't do them unless I'm prepared not to receive anything in return.


mainely stitching said...

Not acknowledging an exchange (or not fulfilling it) is just such a huge act of rudeness. :( The cat you sent is super-cute. :D As are your puppies!!

Jen said...

Very cute pups!! And good luck with the scrapbooking. It is a fun activity and can be as addictive as stitching.

Missy Ann said...


Of course it's up to you, but 99% of the people say "I won't mention names". I think we all should. I think these thieves are bouncing from exchange to exchange; RR to RR and stealing from honest stitchers. They should be publicly shamed and the honest should be warned about them.

Brigitte said...

Your exchange piece is so beautiful and it's a shame that you haven't got yours. But there might be hope - I once received an exchange piece half a year after the due date and although I hadn't received a single email or sign of life before.
So far it hasn't happened to me that I haven't received an exchange, but two RRs I was in vanished and that's why I don't join any more RRs.

Vonna said...

That sucks...I know the feeling of not receiving exchanges and a RR...which the former wasn't kept just lost in the mail. The disappointment is crushing isn't it? Oh well what goes around comes around, yes?
Those puppies are DARLING and Ellie told me that they were "precious" :) LOL!

Deb said...

I love your pups all dressed up! And that is too bad about the SWAP. What you sent is so nice. I hope that it was just misplaced in the mail and will show up shortly.

Jennifer said...

The funny thing is, most stitchers I have encountered would be quite understanding and sympathetic to an issue or problem that prevented someone from fulfilling their commitment, and would probably be prone to forgive them, if only they'd say something. It's a shame your lovely stitching went to someone who doesn't appear to deserve it.

And I do agree with publically naming the MIAs - perhaps if word gets around, similar incidents can be avoided.

I never heard of the potato chip thing - how interesting!

Jennifer said...

Very cute puppies!!!

Paula C. said...

I have one swap that I am still waiting on too. She has not answered my emails so I stopped asking. I hope you do get a package from your person soon. Once I received a package from someone about six months after the swap was due. She hadn't been in the mood to stitch and then when she was, she realized that she might be blackballed from future swaps and she didn't want that so she sent me a very nice package to make up for her lateness. You just never know.

Daffycat said...

You sent such a nice exchange. It really sucks that you haven't heard anything. I could never receive an exchange and not send one. The one I received would torment me with guilt every time I looked at it. I don't know how other people do it.

Jill said...

As a moderator of exchanges, this is one of my biggest frustrations. I have to agree with Missy to a point. If someone doesn't follow through with an exchange, it would be nice if that was shared with other exchange blogs as a "heads up". This might avoid other unfullfilled exchanges. However, Marie, you are a super exchanger and your creations are wonderful. I would miss seeing them if you didn't participate so much.

Katrina said...

I tend to agree with Missy! But I can see how you'd want to take the high road and not name names. Hopefully she sees this post and makes a nice gift for you.

I do not understand how ladies do this, if you sign up fulfill your commitment.

Puppies look so sweet.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Dear Marie, Of all people, you deserve every courtesy. The one who failed you needs to think about this and to come through even if it takes another month. Perhaps a good way is to leave the door open for her...
Whenever I think about lost or not returned RRs and things I always think of Katrina and how in a Neighborhood RR somebody kept her beautiful Neighborhood piece. She wouldn't return emails, phone calls, mailed notes, or anything... Finally, for some reason I don't think anyone could explain, the piece came back to Katrina. It was a horrible experience. I was really upset for Katrina! But, thank God, in the end she did get her piece back, though I think most of us had written it off.

For whatever reasons, some stitchers aren't always able or capable, though they want to be, I'm sure. Sometimes we just have to give it out to the "stitching Universe" as charity, I guess. I so hope you receive something back, even if it's not from your exchange partner. We all know you as a very caring and generous soul, Marie.
Love and hugs, your friend,

Heather said...

Hi Marie! I am sorry you haven't received an exchange in return, I've been fortunate not to have to worry about that before. The exchange you sent her is beautiful! I love it :) Have fun when you go to the scrapbook retreat, that is something I dare not get into, there are so many cool things you can make! :) I plan on doing more stitching next year, I got way over-commited before and it burned me out, which is why I'm only working on Shores right now, and I am wanting to finish that before I'd try exchanging again. I plan on stitching more again, don't worry about that LOL! :D Let me know if you ever want to do a personal exchange, I'd love to do one with you sometime. Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

Marie, I'm sorry to hear about the swap issue. I hope the person contacts you soon and resolves the issue.
Misha and Lily are so cute! I hope they got something for Halloween this year! I always make up little bags of goodies for my friends with two and four legged children.