Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wonderful Mail Day!

I was so excited to see a package in my mailbox from Edgar; I am such a fan of his work! I knew immediately that he must have had my name for the Ornament Exchange run by Becky. Well, you can only imagine how quickly I tore into the package and how wide my eyes got when I saw this beauty…

Ornament Exchange From Edgar

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! Edgar chose a design called “Christmas Pinkeep” from the JCS 2007 Ornament issue. Oh how I wish that it were Christmas so I could hang it on the tree. For now I will display it on a one of many small display trees around my house… this is much too nice to tuck away until December! Thank you Edgar for all of the time that you put into stitching and finishing this beautiful ornament…I shall forever remain a fan of your work and blog!

I have been busy behind the Bernina stitching up those "pain in the neck" quilt exchange blocks. We had one set due May 1st and the next due July 1st. I will be heading to NY/MA for the month of June so I had to stitch the July blocks early. I love the block but I cannot stand stitching them! Here is a picture of the two sets…

Brown and Pink Quilt Block Exchange

As I mentioned I have plans to spend June in the Northeast. My son is moving from an apartment in northern NJ into an apartment in Manhattan so I offered to go up and help him move. I will also have an opportunity to attend a relatives HS graduation. I am racing to complete a “college quilt” for him; this should have been started much earlier! I must end now and head back to my sewing room…that college quilt is not going to sew itself.

I would like to wish all of the Mom's a very Happy Mother's Day. I will leave you with two of the most important reasons I LOVE being a Mom:


(Then- Enjoying lunch)



(Then-impressed with his "guns")


I will miss them both on Sunday!!!

Thanks for stopping by~

Until next time...


Katrina said...

Great quilt blocks and exchange gift :-).

Your sons are so handsome, happy mother's day.

Catherine said...

Wonderful exchange from Edgar!

Love the pics of your sons!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Julianne said...


Have a happy Mother's Day.

Have a safe trip.

Alice said...

Goodness, they do grow up! Happy Mother's Day to you. Love the quilt blocks.

Vonna said...

A beautiful ornament from sweet Edgar...
And Handsome young men :) I hope my boys grow up to be handsome and thoughtful like yours!

Deb said...

I just love, love your quilt blocks! Very nice.

And wonderful pictures of your boys! Hope that you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Missy Ann said...

Looking good as always - but you know how much I love that pink & brown quilt.

Paula C. said...

Happy Mother's Day Marie =)

Suzanne said...

Beautiful exchange from Edgar. Love the browns and pinks of the quilt.