Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Move And Finally Settled

I have decided that I will not move again, it is too much work.  We finally returned to the Northeast where we purchased a home in Vermont, exactly where I have always wanted to be.  We had one month to get the interior painted before all of our belongings arrived on a truck from Texas.  The past three months were spent unpacking hundreds of boxes, a task that I have done a number of times before and one that I refuse to do again.  As the cold weather approached we rushed to get the exterior of the house painted and despite a number of obstacles our mission was accomplished.  I do love the new color of the house that we now call home:

I never get tired of looking out at this view...

This past weekend these mountains were snow-capped. Yes, it is hard to believe but the first snowfall of the season arrived prior to Halloween.

I longed for the day when I could wake up in a house free of workers, enter my new sewing room, sit at my Koala sewing center and quilt. In January this new table was delivered to my house in Texas but I left Texas (and my table) in mid April.

Koala Sewing Center - in Texas

Well, the workers are gone, my sewing room is somewhat in order, and when I sat at the sewing center I discovered it had been damaged during the move. YIKES! The electronic sewing machine lift is non operational, there are scratches and a few dings. I am stressing over how the insurance company will resolve this. The sewing center was in my Texas house for only 16 weeks before we left for Vermont.  It remained untouched until the movers arrived in August to pack/move our belongings.  By October I managed to find my way to the sewing room and unpack all of the boxes (yes, I avoided this room...way too many boxes). I was shocked when I used the remote to activate the lift and heard the horrendous noise while watching the lift struggle to move!  I just want the insurance people to take it away and get me a brand new one.  I did not purchase a "reconditioned" one thus I do not want them to attempt to fix it...we will see what happens.
Moving was certainly one reason why I have been quiet in blog land but another reason is because my 5 year old Dell computer has become problematic.  What should take 15 minutes to do now takes hours; so very frustrating.  I started using my iPhone for EVERYTHING except blogging.  A week ago I purchased a MacBook Pro which I know nothing about, as a result I had to wait until my sons came for a visit to get me up and running.  I am still in the dark so today I purchased the book, "MacBook For Dummies" and if that doesn't enlighten me I will enroll in a class.

I wish that I had more stitching to share with you but the move kept me far from my stitching basket. I managed to complete "Angel of Hope".  I changed the hair color because I wanted the Angel to look more like the person I am giving it to

Designer: M Design
Design: Angel of Hope

My stitching basket is calling so I must end now.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by~

Until next time...


Heather said...

Hello Hello! It is good to hear from you, I am glad that you are back where you wanted to be. Your new home is gorgeous! Wow! I am glad you are getting settled in. It always amazed me at how much you have moved in the past several years, I'd put my roots in too, I can't blame you. Have a great week Marie :)

Mindi said...

Moving is the pits, I've done it more times than I can count. Growing up in a military family, and then going into the military myself, you never get really nice furniture, since no matter, what, something always gets damaged. If not this move, then the next.

I'm so glad you finally have a house you can settle down in, it looks gorgeous, with a fantastic view. Good luck on resolving the insurance claim.

Mouse said...

love your new house and the colour and the view especially ... hope they can get your sewing centre sorted .. what a pain ... love mouse xxxx

Catherine said...

Oh Marie, your new home is beautiful!! And what a view!! Hhhmmm...one can envision a stitching gathering....
So sorry about the moving damage. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that they'll take care of it the right way!

staci said...

Your new house is beautiful, and I'm glad you got settled in before the snow flies! I'm so sorry your Koala was damaged in the move, I hope everything gets taken care of.

Becky K in OK said...

Love your new house and the view...ahh. Fall is a wonderful, colorful time of year. So sorry about the Koala Sewing Center. Grr, insurance companies can be painful. Hope it gets resolved to your specifications!. Stay warm, pick up your stitching, and drink more coffee.

JillMN said...

I haven't moved in about 25 years, but I know it is quite the job and not always fun. However, your new house is gorgeous, and that view...WOW! Sorry about your Koala, hopefully the insurance company will come through and get you back in business. Anxious to see more of your beautiful stitching!

Jennifer said...

My goodness - what a gorgeous home! That view is stunning, and certainly makes the hassle of unpacking seem almost worthwhile.

Sorry about the damage on the machine - how incredibly frustrating, especially since it was brand new and you hadn't had much of a chance to even use it. Hopefully it gets resolved soon!

Vonna said...

I love your house! It looks like a Charles Wysocki painting :) And I guess I'll burn up my dreams of you living across the street? :(
I'm so sorry to hear that your Koala center was damaged, all will be resolved I'm sure :) Talk to Joseph, he'll take care of it.

I wanted to tell you that my Mom talked to Joe, and he got her house sold!!!!! WHOO HOO, she's doing the unburial and restoration in her china cabinet today with my nephew :) He's a miracle worker, Joe is.

I love that little angel ornament :) what a cutie! I really love those tile buttons they remind me of scrabble and I'm a real scrabble champ!

HUGS my dear...how did D's interview go? Been thinking about him, just as you asked!

Susan said...

I'm sorry that your sewing table was broken in the move - I hope your insurance company pays nice and replaces it for you.

Your ornament is adorable!

I love your new home, although I'm sorry that you left Texas, and I won't get to know you more in person :(

Pat said...

Welcome to the North Country. We will be neighbors as I live across the lake in NY.

Melanie said...

What a beautiful view!!!! :)

Hope they replace your desk. I can see why that would be a huge bummer, being brand-new. Ugh.

Brigitte said...

The new house looks great and the surroundings are gorgeous. Moves are really terrible with all the packing and unpacking but finally you are now where you wanted to be.
Great ornament.

Carol said...

Pretty house!

Shelleen said...

Your house is beautiful! I hope that your insurance will cover your sewing machine and table.

Tips said...

Many greetings from Germany. I love your house, too. It looks like the way I imagine an American house. Very beautiful.
wawing greetings

Excuse my English, school is already over 20 years ago.

Margo's Musings said...

Glad you are getting settled where you wanted to be. Your home is lovely and the view is jaw-dropping!

Too bad about the damage to your sewing table. To me, that's the worst part of moving - dealing with all the stuff that gets lost/damaged!

Hope it gets resolved soon so you can get back to crafting.

Happy stitching! Margaret