Tuesday, May 22, 2012



I just wanted to post my ORT jar for the May 20th New Moon.  I will probably need to get a larger jar since this SAL runs the entire year. Do you want know more about this no pressure SAL? Click here

The FTT Friendship Exchange Arrived from Melissa and what a beautiful exchange piece it is...

FTT Friendship Exchange
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Design: PS Spring Design~
Birds and Baskets Sampler 
Stitched by: Melissa E.

Melissa does such wonderful needlework and this pinkeep is no exception!  Melissa, your beautifully stitched and finished handwork is nicely displayed on my Needlework tree...I can't thank you enough!

Suzanne S. let me know that the FTT Friendship exchange that I stitched for her arrived.  Here are a few pics...

This is such a great design and such an easy finish.  The minute that I completed it I knew that I wanted to stitch it again for myself.

My DH and I spend quite a bit of our free time rummaging through antique and consignment shops.  It is so much fun to find treasures that other people decided they could live without.  Here a few pics of some of those treasures...

Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Collection

I know, it is hard to believe that someone could actually live without these Wizard of Oz dolls.  Of course this was a real find for me, 4 of the 12 dolls: The Wizard, The Cowardly Lion, The Tin Man, and The Scarecrow.   These 5" dolls were distributed in 2007/2008 in McDonald's, Happy Meals.  The collection consist of: Dorothy, Glenda the Good Witch, Winged Monkey, Cowardly Lion, Wicked Witch of the West, Winkie Guard, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Flower Munchkin, Lullaby Munchkin, Lollipop Munchkin, The Wizard of Oz. 

Here is a collection of glassware that I found interesting...

I especially like the pieces that have the laced edge since these are perfect for holding small scissors. 

As a collector of P. Buckley Moss prints these 3 plates were a great find, one that I could not pass up: 

P. Buckley Moss Plates
The Celebration Series

The Wedding

The Christening

The Anniversary

I am keeping my eyes open for the 4th plate in this series titled, Family Reunion.  

Must end now to try to finish up on a cross stitch wedding gift.

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JillMN said...

Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I love the piece you received from Melissa and of course the one you sent to Suzanne. Great treasure finds.

Katrina said...

Sweet exchanges, they are both wonderful!!!!! Love all your finds but the Wizard of Oz plates are extra wonderful.

Dani - tkdchick said...

You've received a lovely exchange but the piece you sent out to Suzanne was stunning!

Melanie said...

Such great exchanges!!! And I agree with Dani - the piece you sent out is stunning. So pretty.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad you like what I stitched for you and I love what you stitched for Suzanne! Such beautiful colours and the finishing is wonderful!

I don't know if I am catching your bug but I have been out here and there "hunting" too. I like the glassware you bought!

barbara said...

I love both sides of your exchange!

reginag said...

I suggest you start selling them. Many are interested.

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Suzanne said...

I can't believe I missed this post, I am sorry. My reader decided to purge the reader list and left me with very little of the original 300+ posts.

Everyone who has seen the scissor pouch absolutely loves it. The pouch has pride of place in my stitching cabinet, safely behind glass and away from curious little fingers.