Friday, November 30, 2012

Help....Info About Germany

I am heading to Germany on Sunday (12/2) and am wondering if anyone knows of Needlework and Quilt Shops in or around Frankfurt, Mainz, Ingelheim, and Cologne. Any "Must See" sights????  All suggestions are greatly appreciated.  I will have my laptop so if anyone has suggestions please leave me a comment. Thanks so much!


pj said...

I just returned from Germany today! I was in Frankfurt, Mannheim and Zweibrucken. Only thing that was the big event was the Christmas Markets now in the towns. Fun! It is cold there so bundle up...we never did see the sun until we landed again in Illinois.

Have fun! Didn't see any cross stitch shops at all. pj

barbara said...

I'm going to ask my friend Rachael to respond. She lived there for years .... Good luck and have a great time. It's a gorgeous area!

Michele said...

wow Marie .. what fun! Enjoy your visit .. can't wait to see more pictures :)