Monday, July 14, 2014

An Unexpected Surprise From A Stitching Angel

I was truly surprised when I opened a package from Carol S.  My HOE partner fell ill and was unable to fulfill her exchange obligation; I was fine with that and did not want anyone "angel stitching" a replacement. Dear sweet Carol, who dedicates a great deal of her time keeping the HOE blog active and enjoyable, found it necessary to stitch this beautiful replacement exchange ornament for me:

2014 HOE Christmas Ornament
Designer: Ravenelle
Angel stitched by: Carol S.

Thank you so much, Carol.  This was such a pleasant surprise that quickly put a smile on my face.  I shall treasure this ornament forever! You are very thoughtful and such a dear valued friend. 

I recovered from my shoulder surgery and immediately put needle to thread in an effort to do a bit of birthday gift stitching.  Knowing that Vonna is hoping to have a PS Santa tree I thought I would help her along and stitched up a few ornaments for her birthday.  Here is what I sent:

2014 Birthday gift for Vonna
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Design: Father Christmas ~ Book #43
Designer: Prairie Schooler 
Design: 2010 Santa

Happy Birthday, Vonna!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and...

Until Next time ~ remember:

"A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses"
Chinese Proverb


valerie said...

Gorgeous Angel ornie from Carol! It was very sweet of her to angel stitch for you. And sweet of you to help Vonna along on her quest for a PS tree for her birthday. All the ornies are lovely!

Beth said...

Lovely ornament from Carol. My goodness but you lavished Vonna with some wonderful Santas!

Yuko said...


How wonderful ornament you received from Carol S.!
Her works are always perfect and they make me happy to see!

And your Prairie ornaments are so lovely!
I love the top one you stitched and made for Vonna!
So beautiful!

Carol said...

How sweet of Carol to send you that pretty piece, Marie! And you obviously deserve it after seeing those beauties you made for Vonna!! Wow--not one, but three! Each one is amazing--both in the stitching and finishing!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Carol was a wonderful angel but so were you stitching up all those lovely ornaments for Vonna!!!

Ellen said...

So sweet of Carol to angel stitch for you! The ornament is adorable, love it! Love your santa ornaments too, great stitching n finishing!

Glad to know that you have recovered well from your shoulder surgery.

I am still stitching but not blogging much, my blog has not been updated for quite a while ha ha!


Shirlee said...

Carol is such a sweetie : ) And what lovely stitching gifts you made for Vonna! Glad you are doing well after surgery. Me too it seems : )

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

You did LAVISH me, just as Beth said :) They are gorgeous and I love them!!!! Thank you sweet friend :)
And isn't Carol the sweetest dear too!? to do that...amazing!

Andrea said...

Carols ornament is just beautiful. Love the bows. Your PS ornaments are wonderful too. Vonnas tree is going to be jam-packed with PS ornaments.