Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Something Stitchy

Here are some overdue stitching pictures…

1) Beautiful Ornament from my dear friend, Carol S.

A sweet ornament from a sweet friend. Thank you, Carol for the ornament and for your friendship.  You are such a special friend!

2) Beautiful Ornament from my dear friend, Vonna.

Designer: With Thy Needle and Thread

It's a skate! How cute is that? Vonna's creativity always impresses me, as does her beautiful work. 

Love, love, love this!

3) Perfect Project Bags and LHN Project Kit from Vonna

Not just one but FIVE of these very handy project bags. You see Vonna knows me quite well and knows I have way too many WIPs…haha. Now I have a home for some of them!

I'm all set to start another wonderful project thanks to my dear friend who sent this as well…
This project is perfect for the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL …

Thank you so much Vonna. You are beyond generous and a truly treasured friend!

4) Wonderful HOE Ornament from Stephanie

Designer: Lizzie and Kate
Design: Flora McSampler 2013 Stockings

Ohhhh, how exciting a beautiful stocking ornament.  Thank you, Stephanie!

5) Some 2014 Christmas ornaments stitched for friends

Designer: Prairie Schooler

Designer: Country Cottage Needlework
Design: Snowmen Trio

Designer: Lizzie and Kate
Design: Flora McSampler 2011 Ornaments

Designer: Prairie Schooler
2009 Gift of Stitching Ornament Issue

Design from: Christkindl Book #136 by Rico Design
Fabric: 25 count white Lugana 
Floss: DMC

This angel was selected as my 2014 ornament ~ 10 of them stitched for friends. 

It goes with the  ornament that I stitched in 2013…

I enjoyed stitching ornaments but am happy to take a break and work on non holiday stitching, like this one for the monthly 2015 Smalls SAL

Smalls SAL - January
Designer: Carousel Charts

Here is what I will be stitching on next

Design: Cubby Hole Quilt

I must get started on a High School graduation quilt for my cousin's son. This is a greg quilt for a guy and it can be completed relatively quickly.  The digital pattern can be purchased through Fons and Porter HERE.

Lastly, I got my cast off…

Thank you very much for all of the well wishes!

Thanks for stopping by...
Until next time ~ 


Vickie said...

Wonderful! Beautiful! And I am so glad that cast is off. Now be careful!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

What a generous friend you are to one and all :)
And her nose is down there close by the unveiling...ha! :)
Take a long hot bath and do a jig!
Love ya!

Carol said...

You have some very lucky friends, Marie--your gifts both given and received are so wonderfully stitched and finished!

So glad the cast is off--I can't imagine having one on, especially in the winter in New England :)

Deb said...

Congratulations on all your beautiful finishes and gifts!
No more trying to scratch under your cast!

Ruth said...

Bye cast!!!!! And good riddance too.

Congrats on all the beautiful stitching and stitching goodies going in all sorts of directions!!!!! Everything is so pretty.

Maggee said...

Loved seeing all your presents and stitchy stuff--especially the Carousel Charts one! Glad the cast is off!

Felicia said...

Wow! You've been a busy stitcher!

Anonymous said...

♥ gorgeous stitching ♥

Melissa said...

Some beautiful gifts received and given!

You must be relieved to get that cast off!

Holly said...

I knew I would love this blog the moment I saw your love for coffee! :) All of your ornaments are beautiful...such fortunate friends you have!

Angela P said...

Lovely stitching both sent and received from your friends. I love the knitting too and am just popping over to look at the chart for it now :) Glad to hear you got your cast off.

SueFitz said...

Beautiful stitching - new follower - looking forward to see what comes in future months.

Andrea said...

Wonderful stitching both sent and received. looks like a lovely quilt too. Great news that the cast is off!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Marie, it must feel so good to have that cast off!! Hooray!! :)

Elisabetta said...

I love your ornaments! The finishing is beautiful! I hope well for your leg!

Brigitte said...

What a pleasure to go through this post and look at and admire all the wonderful ornaments you show here. I love them all, the ones you received and the ones you made for your friends. Such great stitching and finishing. And you have my throrough admiration when it comes to stitching ten angels for friends. And they all look gorgeous.

This quilt that you will be sewing has absolutely great colours, all these blues are beautiful together. I have a similar pattern from a book and it is sitting on my shelf and I always want to start it. Maybe when I see your progress I get motivated enough.

Good to read that the cast is off, But you certainly have to be careful for a while.

Marexstitch said...

Love all the pretty ornaments