Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Few Things To Share

I spent the last three weeks in Vermont where the weather was a bit crazy; most of the days were freezing but the last few were unseasonably warm. The combination of rain and warm weather put a damper on our plans to ski this week so we headed back home a few days early. Awaiting me was a wonderful exchange from Valerie! Her work is absolutely beautiful, I am so impressed with both the stitching and finishing of this box. If I am not mistaken Valerie constructed the actual box. I am not sure how to do this but I wish she had a tutorial that would show me! The design is perfect and I truly love it.

  • SBEBB Snowman Exchange
  • Stitched by: Valerie

Valerie was more than generous, she filled the box with all of these great extras…thank you so much Valerie you made this such a great exchange!

While in Vermont, I was able to complete the Cole’s Quilt donation block. I must thank Jen for posting information about this program on her blog. I checked it out and immediately signed up to stitch a block. You can review the “Current Request” link and select a child to stitch for; I would encourage you to look.

  • Cole's Quilt Donation Block
  • Designer: Alma Lynn
  • Leaflet: For Every Little Princess

I completed four of the five PIF's (Pay-It-Forward) items and sent them out to Brenda, Donna, Heather, and Jen. No, I did not forget you Pokua I will be sending you yours soon.

PIF Pinkeep for Heather

PIF Pincushion sent to:

  • Brenda
  • Donna
  • Jen

I want to thank you for your thoughtful comments on my Yorkie post, they certainly made me feel better and I do believe that things happen for a reason. Although I do not have a new puppy to show you I know for certain that I will find the right one soon!

Wishing you all a year filled with many hours of relaxing stitching!

Until next time...

(Vonna, I liked your new signature so much I copied :})


The Silver Thistle said...

What a great box! So cool.

Your pifs are just wonderful! I love them and know the ladies will be thrilled with them. You've made a super job of them.

Vonna said...

Happy Belated Birthday DH mailed a package out yesterday!!! I was anticipating you being home the 14, so that it'd be there when you arrived...BUT, hopefully you'll get it tomorrow? We'll see :)
Anyway...look at all the lovlies you received...WOW love that box! And the PIF's are just do amaze :)
And you can copy from me any 'ol time ;)

Stephanie said...

Your PIF gifts are beautiful - well done for getting them (nearly!) all done!

What an exchange from Valerie - it's beautiful, she is a talented stitcher!

Leena said...

Oh dear Marie, I see in Vonna's comment that you have had your birthday, I had no idea! Happy belated birthday!!

Your PIFs are gorgeous, I saw some of them in blogs already and admired them. The block is cute too. And what a lovely exchange from Valerie!

Our weather has been a bit odd too, the first Christmas without snow in my life! Now we do have a little snow finally and it's snowing at the moment, but it's quite warm, so it's almost rain. Oh well, I think we'll eventually get a real winter with low temperatures before May sometime :)

Mindi said...

The PIF presents you made are wonderful, the ladies getting them are going to be so happy.

The box Valerie made for you is gorgeous, and I agree with you, a tutorial showing how to make one is a good idea.

Julianne said...


Welcome back from Vermont. I'm sorry that the weather didn't let you enjoy more skiing.

I didn't know that you recently celebrated your birthday. I hope it was a happy one for you.

The exchange you received is really nice. The stitching you've done for your pif's is grand.

Michelle said...

Welcome home! Your stitching is just lovely. I hope you had a good time on your holiday.


Jen said...

The box is wonderful. Like you, I would love to learn how to make one. Hope you had a wonderful time in Vermont. And, Happy Birthday!!

Susimac said...

Wonderful PIF's and I love what you received for the snowman exchange.

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

All your pieces look fantastic! Your PIF participants are very lucky.

tkdchick said...

Wow you were very productive while away!