Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Exchanges Received and Sent

I have returned from my one month visit to Houston, Texas and am busy playing "catch up" ~ I want to share some exchange pictures...

First I received a wonderful Fair and Square Exchange from Neila. She sent me a beautifully stitched "Spring" design, a wonderful half yard cut of fabric that compliments the design perfectly, Carrie's Creation hand dyed floss and some delicious chocolates. A huge thank you Neila for stitching me such a gorgeous block and for the wonderful extras that you included.

Designer: Lizzie Kate Flip-It Block; June

Fair & Square round #5 from Neila

Like me, Neila is a coffee lover so I decided to stitch her this LHN design:

Fair & Square for Neila

Designer: Little House needleworks

Design taken from: Coffee Menu

I sent out me Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club exchange to Cheryl, whose birthday was March 1st. I decided to stitch a Prairie Schooler design and finished it into a Stitcher's Caddy.

Designer: Prairie Schooler


FRONT Stitchers Caddy INSIDE

Until next time...


Julianne said...


Welcome back! It's great to see a post from you. Your exchanges (received and sent) are lovely. I just love the stitcher's caddy that you made for your birthday partner. I'd say she is one lucky lady to receive such a wonderful gift.

Your winter exchange is in the mail. I think I have e.s.p. when it comes to you because I just had that "feeling" that you were going to be home this week.

Again, welcome home.


Katrina said...

Gorgeous exchanges! Love the stitching caddy, it's too cute.

So no news on a new puppy? Our two are settling in well :-). They are very active and sweet, sweet, sweet!

Kathy said...

Oh, it is so good to have you back with us. Hope your month away was good. We missed you.

I love your stitcher's caddy. Are there directions some where?

~V said...

marie, as a recipient of your gorgeous work, I can only imagine how beautiful these pieces must be too! I'm in awe! welcome back :)

Vonna said...

HI MARIE!!! So glad you are back - I've missed you!
I am once again in AWE of your stitching caddy that you made for sweet wonderfully done as usual :)
And WOW for Neila's Squares...aren't they cute?! And I love the ones you sent her too....:)

Michele said...

love the F&S squares that you and Neila stitched .. of course I do love the coffee one! lol

I saw your stitching caddy on Cheryl's blog .. that is soo awesome!

Welcome back .. we've missed you :)

Paula said...

Hi Marie! Welcome back =) I love the stitching you shared, and especially love the stitching caddy. I love to see how people finish designs into something like that. I really need to get a new sewing machine!

Stitcher said...

Wow, great stitchers caddy.

Xangles said...

Glad to have you back, Marie - I missed you. Hope you had a great time in Houston. Your stitcher's caddy is so cool - Prairie Schooler and Purple!

Jen said...

Glad that you are back. Did you have fun in Houston?

Your exchanges are so pretty. I love the stitcher's caddy. I need to try one of these next.

staci said...

Saw the stitcher's caddy on Cheryl's blog--fabulous finishing!!! Wonderful F&S too!

Sharon said...

Marie you have received and sent some absolutely lovely things. Your stitching is really beautiful.

Cheryl said...

Hi Marie! That Stitcher's caddy you made me is just THE most wonderful gift. I love it and Ive been showing it to everyone! Im still in awe of your finishing skills :)

quiltorstitch said...

The Stitcher's Caddy is perfect. You do such a great job on finishing. I was checking it out on Cheryl's blog earlier. :)

lena-lou said...

This is so gorgeous Marie I bet Cheryl is in love with it :-))