Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And I'm Off...

Saturday I will be flying off to Texas for a month where I will visit good friends and attend International Quilt Festival. This is a great Quilt Show with 1000+ vendor booths, hundreds of quilts on display, and an extensive class catalog. It is a Quilt Show like no other!

While browsing the Quilt Festival website I came across a great deal on a subscription to Country Living, 12 issues for just $5.00(click here if you are interested). Now if only I could find cross stitch magazine subscriptions for 5.00!

I spent the last two days making a baby quilt for my friend’s grandbaby that is due in early December. I really wanted to complete the top this week so that I could bring it in to have it quilted while I am away. It took me two days to piece this, I was up until 4am this morning but I got it done. I am pleased with how it turned out; even happier that it is now at the quilters. Once it is complete I will take a better picture of it, I quickly snapped this before heading out and it is not the best.

I have completed the stitching on three exchanges and I may even be able to do the finishing before heading to Texas, fingers crossed! I did join Becky's Let's Stitch group and have decided to spend Friday nights stitching on my VOHRH. I am on block #6, have been since the spring, and I look forward to finally removing it from the WIPs Project Basket and completing it.

This is where I left off~

Well, the house is very quiet. Misha and Lily left for PA with my DS yesterday. He eagerly agreed to tend to them while I am away, but I am not quite sure he knows what he is in for with Little Miss Lily! She is nothing like Sweet Misha who, at 11 years, is an angel and SO easy.

Apparently, my DS has plans for Halloween that will include Lily (hopefully no wild college parties). Here is a peek at her costume, cute huh? OINK!

Lily 4 1/2 months ~ 2.5 pounds

I am not sure how much blogging I will do over the next month; I will probably read blogs but will not be updating mine for a while.

Have a great month and I will leave you with this image ~


Until next time...


Cindy F. said...

I could just gobble your little babies up! We had a 6 wk. old Yorkie, but after 6 months of trying to keep our Lhapsa from hurting her, we had sold her to a lady who had a male. I cried for 3 days! But, the Lhapsa was here first and Mr. Right was not parting with her.
That is so cool you're coming to TX for the quilt show. I'm taking a quilting class and the quilt shop has buses running to the show. I'm close to San Antonio.
You should bring your babies to TX and let me puppysit while you go to the quilt show!!....lol....I love Lily's costume. And I love your stitchings! Beautiful quilt and VOHRH!!!

Vonna said...

I just had to sit here and smile over lil' Miss Lily in her piggy costume...I wonder if he's going to be the big bad wolf and Lily one of the three piggies?
What a sweetie! LOL!

PLEASE take care and have a good time living it up in Houston, I am so jealous (in a very good way!) I'll keep on truckin' up here while you're a shopping down there :)

Kathy said...

Have a great time in Houston.

Your quilt is gorgeous. Up til 4AM, you night owl you. They will treasure it.

VoHRH is looking better than mine. Don't think I have stitched on mine since around April 1st when I started my Quaker Christmas and now am involved in some other things. Hope to get back to it after the 1st of the year.

Will miss your posts while you are gone. Have a great time.

Petra said...

What a beautiful home, pups and blog! Have a great time in TX...figures I stumble upon you blog when you leave for a month!
I will check back.

Cathy B said...

Enjoy your trip Marie. Your two little doggies are so cute - that costume is so funny!

Michele said...

hope you enjoy your time in Texas! We'll miss you :)

OMGosh Lily is soooo cute!!

VoHRH is looking great!

Carol said...

Oh my! I almost wet my pants when I saw Lily in costume! Too, too cute!!

Kristina said...

I miss reading your beautiful blog entries. I so enjoy following your blog, but do hope you are having a wonderful vacation.

I wonder if you ever completed your Rhode Island sampler from SANQ 2002? I would love to see a photo if you ever have the time/inclination to post one! You do beautiful work.

Again, enjoy your time away!

Kristina in FL

jane said...

Okay, so I found your HoHRH and I don't feel so bad! I'm going to get back to work on it! Yours looks great!