Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Have Arrived…

Well, my move has ended (for that, I am grateful!) and I am setting up home in the wonderful state of:

Thanks to all that participated in my “guess the state” contest. A number of you did guess correctly, so I put these names in a hat and pulled the winning name out:


You are the winner of the TEXAS Needleroll ~ Please email me with your address and I will send this out to you.

All 30,000 pounds of our personal belongings arrived at my doorstep on Feb. 26th. I am drowning in boxes and dreading opening each one. Here in Texas, there are no basements and storage space is limited. With each open box, I struggle with where to put all of this “STUFF” ~ my sewing room is maxed out and I still have oodles of boxes to unpack:

Given all of the unopened boxes in the media room, I am not certain when we will be able to properly set up this room:

I have walked this path before and can take comfort in knowing that with time this chaos shall turn into an organized home!

Okay, on to some wonderful stitching pictures….

I received two wonderful exchanges; the first is from Brigitte who was my partner in the Friends through Threads Seasonal Exchange. I was overjoyed when I laid eyes on this gorgeous Stitcher’s Bag:

Stitcher's Pocket from Brigitte

Beautifully stitched and finished! I just love the design it makes me smile. :D
Brigitte spoiled me with so many wonderful extras:

Friends Through Threads
Seasonal Stitcher's Exchange - Winter
Received from Brigitte

Many thanks Brigitte for making this a truly wonderful exchange!

I received the second exchange from Stephanie who stitched for me in the Prairie Schooler Exchange:

Prairie Schooler All Year Long
Received from Stephanie

What a real treat, I got not one but two exchange pieces a beautiful Pinkeep and an adorable Scissor FOB. Stephanie you did an amazing job on these treasures and I cannot thank you enough for your time and generosity!

I can no longer sit at this computer so I will share pics of the Fair & Square blocks that I received in my next post. Must run...I hear boxes calling my name. Grrr!

Thanks for stopping by and I do look forward to your return.

Until next time...


Vonna said...

I sure did think your house that you sould in CT was pretty darn FABULOUS...and this one...WOW! STUPENDOUS!

I love that "Feeding the Birds" sweet :)

I'm pretty doggone jealous of your stitching room there a guest room for a friend from Indiana? LOL!

Julianne said...

Hi Marie,

It is so good to see a post from you. Congratulations on your big move. I wish you well in getting settled.

The exchanges you received are lovely.

Jen said...

I am happy that you have all of your things in Texas. I hope the unpacking is fast.

Carolyn said...

From a fellow Texan, WELCOME TO TEXAS!! Your home is lovely and I adore all of your exchanges. What part of Texas did you move to? Maybe we are neighbors. :) I'd love to hear from you!

singlerose4u at hotmail dot com

Again, a big Texas welcome to you!

lena-lou said...

You have got a lovely new house... infact it looks very British......even if mine is only half the width of this wopper!! I bet you will soon feel at home and be unpacked in no time :) What an excellent stitching room, I would love to have that big space for all my stuff :)

Love the Feed the Birds exchange you received, it reminds me of Mary ~Poppins !

Take care and enjoy re-housing all your belongings

Kathy said...

Good that you have made it back online with us. Missed you. It must be quite a job to move halfway across the country. Wonderful house and stitching room. Hope you get things unpacked and organized soon, but don't forget to include some stitching time in there.

Your exchanges are wonderful. That stitching bag is especially nice.

Bine said...

Good to see you are back :) And your house and stitching room are awesome!!! Pretty soon you will have all your boxes unpacked...that's a job I don't envy you ;)
You got some very neat exchanges.

Heather said...

Yay! You are back :D I am glad you made it to your home safe and sound. Unpacking is not fun, but you'll get it done. Your house is beautiful. Enjoy your new town!!

Natasha said...

I been waiting and waiting to find out where you ended up.. TEXAS great!!

You will get settled in no time :)

Becky K in OK said...

Glad to see you are back on line. That's alot of boxes you have to go through. Take pleasure in knowing you can relax with a cup of Community Coffee!

mainely stitching said...

Welcome to your new home! Wishing you happiness in it. :D

Katrina said...

Having moved a lot, military DH and father, I can sympathize with the unpacking. Hope you find a place for everything :-).

Love the exchanges too.

Paula C. said...

So glad to see you posting again! Your new house is beautiful!

Michele said...

so glad to see you posting from your new home! love your exchanges! can't wait to see more :) have fun with those boxes!

Hannah said...

TEXAS! Wow! That is a long way from Vermont. Your house is gorgeous. I hope you'll be back to posting soon :)

Brigitte said...

Your new house looks terrific. Having a sewing room is always so useful as you needn't pack and unpack the current projects all the time. Particularly when using the sewing machine.
I'm glad that you like the little pocket I made for you. I also love the nice PS spring pinkeep and fob, both are so perfectly finished.

staci said...

Your new home is gorgeous! Good luck with all the unpacking :)

CJ said...

Welcome to Texas. I hope you enjoy your time here. I have lived here 4 years and I have come to like Texas alot.


jane said...

Hi Marie - I have been off-line for a long time. My mother broke her hip and during her hospital time they discovered that she has advanced cancer. So I have been busy. How did you come out on your VOHRH? HAve you finished it? I cerainly haven't, but am beginning to want to stitch again. Your new home is beautiful! You have me wanting to try the Jane Wooster Scott Designs now. I'm thinking that my hobby is becoming more of a "collecting x-sttch patterns" one than stitching! haha