Monday, July 20, 2009

Christmas In July

If it were not for the postman it certainly would not feel like Christmas; it is much too hot for that!

I received a beautiful ornament from Verona. She stitched for me in the HOE Christmas in July and selected a LHN design titled, Holly and Berries.

This is such a wonderful ornament that has been stitched and finished perfectly. I love the silver bells dangling from the ribbon! Verona treated me to a new pair of scissors, an array of ribbon, some adorable winter buttons and a little photo key chain.

Designer: LHN
Design: Holly and Berries
Stitched by: Verona

How lucky am I? I can hardly wait until Christmas when I will be able to hang this beautiful ornament on our tree. Thank you so much Verona for this very special exchange!

Not long ago, I entered a blog Give-A-Way on
Deb’s blog and was surprised when I learned that I was one of the winners. Yes, one of the winners…Deb is not only one of the sweetest people she is also very generous. She has been known to give multiple gifts away in her drawing. I was the winner of this beautiful Needleroll Kit. Thanks again Deb, I look forward to stitching it!

Be sure to stop by Deb’s blog and read about “Elaine’s Quilt” ~ what a wonderful gesture of friendship!

Do you remember when a collection of my stitched, but not "finished", sampler pieces almost ended up
in the trash? I am happy to report that most are safely framed and waiting to be mounted on the wall. I am waiting until after my window shutters are installed before I hang any pictures, stitching, or quilts.

Here are the latest framed pieces:

I stitched this for my younger son, who enjoys fishing, and put his initials in octagon shapes at the bottom.

Designer: Mary Garry Sewing Cabin
Design: Fishing (out of print)

I stitched this one to commemorate my oldest son's recent college graduation

Designer: Blackbird Design

This one was stitched as a reminder to my husband that "the best thing in his life is me" ;D

Designer: La D Da
Design: Noble Wife

One of my very favorite movies is "The Wizard of OZ" so I had to stitch this

Designer: Drawn Thread

Designer: Shepherd's Bush

Some of you asked who the designer is on the Pray for Me piece ~ that would be Sheepish Designs:

Design: Pray For Me

I am glad that you were able to stop by for a visit and do hope that you will come by again.

Enjoy your week ~ I shall leave you with this "Wishing Custom"

If you are riding over a bridge you’ve never crossed
before, lift your feet off the floor of the vehicle you’re
riding in and make a wish.
(The driver, for obvious reasons, isn’t suppose to make a wish)

Until next time...


Michelle said...

Hi Marie!

I love all your framed works..thank goodness you saved them from being tossed!

The Holly and Berries ornament is beautiful!

Congratulations on your winning a needleroll ~ and I love the wishing custom! I'm going to remember this..

Michelle ~

P.S. Stop by, I'm having a giveaway :)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Great ornament exchange and June giftie. Your frame pieces are all beautiful. CJ ok;-)

Vonna said...

HEY! LOVE your ornament but I especially am IN LOVE with all those framed pieces ;)
I have the virtuous wife pattern too...just to remind MY husband that I'm the best thing in his life too! LOL! :)

Linda said...

Hi Marie,
Holly and darling and I like all your other goodies too.

Thank goodness all your beautiful stitches didn't meet the trash...they look wonderful all framed and ready to hang.

I love the wishing custom, I'll be using it in my travels this summer...hugs, Linda

Jeanne - WillowTreeStitcher said...

Oh what a lot of beautiful finishes Marie. Congrats and I love the ornie you received as well - send that snow and cold over to us please - we're in a heat wave!

Verona said...

I am very pleased that you like the christmas ornament.
You have also many beautifull work on your site

Greetings Verona

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

What wonderful finishes, Marie! I love the Villanova one, especially since I know the love that went into that one. Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my giveaway and Elaine's Quilt. I really believe she's going to be so blessed in her heart when she starts to get these fabric pieces and notes. Love ya! Deb

Cathy B said...

Love the picture in your header; lucky me - I have the original! And I love it!!!

The ornament you received for Christmas in July is fabulous! I'm envious of all of your framed pieces! Wowzers!

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful ornie exchange!
and wow!! love ALL of your beautifully framed finishes!! How awesome!!

Michele said...

The Christmas ornament is lovely!

And OMGosh all your framed pieces are wonderful :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway :)


Siobhan said...

What gorgeous framing!! Wow. Well, gorgeous framing AND stitching! :) Love the exchange stuff, too!

Julie said...

Hi Marie!

I hope you're doing well this weekend. Picture This Plus is having a sale, today only. If you're interested, you can read the details of it on my blog.

Your gift ornament is beautiful! I hope you'll share a picture of your tree this December with all the ornaments.

I just called my father, thought of him when I saw the Mary Garry piece. I found nice small stryofoam igloos today and he likes to have some for his worms (bait). He's been fishing several times and always comes home empty handed. I'm so hungry for some local fish! I love, love, LOVE this Mary Garry pattern. I've not see it. I wonder if it ever comes available through Ebay. It isn't there today, but I'll keep checking.

I want to some day stitch Theres no place like home too. A friend has it stitched and on display and I've always liked it.

All of the pieces are lovely! Hope you'll share pictures of your wall displays when they're hung.

Happy Stitching!


Myra said...

All your finishes are lovely. My DH would especially like the fishing one as he is a big fisherman himself. I am so glad these didn't make it to the trash bin!

Brigitte said...

Your framed pieces look fantastic. The frames are a perfect choice.
I love the ornament you received. I think I'll have to stitch this piece as well, and as soon as possible.