Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Stitching

I received a wonderful ornament from Kathy K. who stitched for me in the HOE Christmas Bird Exchange. She selected two different birds from Homespun Elegance and constructed this beautiful two sided ornament...

2012 HOE Christmas Bird Ornament
Designer: Homespun Elegance
Design: Merry Birdies
Stitched by: Kathy K.

What a great ornament.  I also received some sewing gadgets that will certainly  come in handy.  Thank you Kathy, I love what you sent.

My dear friend Carol offered up a few LHN patterns to me.  It did not take long for me to complete this one...

2011 Monthly Ornament
Designer: LHN
Design:Cardinal Winter

It now sits in my "finishing basket" along with a number of others.  Thanks again Carol!

I believe that Margaret gifted this pattern to Carol, who gifted it to me, and I will gift it as well.  If you would like this pattern just let me know in your comment.  If more than one person is interested in it then I will draw a name on July 20th. 

It has been less than three months since our sweet 15 year old Yorkshire Terrier passed away.  I wanted to stitch something for my sampler wall and decided on this LHN design...

Designer: LHN
Design: Dog House Sampler

I was up for a quick stitch so I selected this little BBD gem...  

Designer: Blackbird Design
Design: Peace
From: 2009 JCS Christmas Ornaments

Here is a little something that I stitched for my cousin...

Designer: Blackbird Design
Design: I Thee Wed

This should have been posted on June 19th ~ a bit late but here it is, my TUSAL:

TUSAL ~ June 2012

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Melissa said...

Beautiful ornie fnishes!! Great project pictures too. What a busy lady you've been.

Jennifer said...

What a nice tribute to your Misha. :-)

I stitched I Thee Wed last year as a commissioned wedding gift. It was a fun stitch, wasn't it?

Carol said...

Wow, you were quick with the LHN pattern, great job! Funny, I stitched that BBD ornament this week too!! Might do the finishing today, but Mr. Keep Carol Busy With House and Yard Stuff So She Has No Personal Time might prevent that.... Anyhow, thanks fir the sweet words re: Gig. It was brutal going through that.

Catherine said...

Great projects!

Kaisievic said...

Lovely finishes, Marie.