Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Is In The Air and At My Door

Janet B. brought Fall right to my front door with an exchange that is bursting with color. She stitched for me in the 2012 HOE Fall exchange.

2012 HOE Fall Exchange
Designer: Island Cottage NeedleArts
Design: Pumpkin Harvest
Fabric: WDW 35ct Tin Roof Linen
Fibers: Gentle Art Sampler Thread
Stitched By: Janet B.

What a gorgeous hanging heart with beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon (Dinky-Dyes) and a wonderful tapestry backing fabric.  I am so impressed with the braided silk ribbon cording, that's a great idea!

I told you this exchange was bursting with color...

From the card, to the fabric, to the heart, to the absolutely amazing hand dyed floss!  Janet's talent extends beyond her beautiful stitching/finishing...she dyes floss and gifted me with a gorgeous array of Fall colors. I am beyond impresses and can hardly wait to stitch with them.

Thank you so much Janet for this amazing exchange.

Who did I stitch for? Edgar, and I could not have been happier to stitch this for him:

2012 HOE Fall Exchange
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Design: Acorns
Stitched for: Edgar M.

From my Summer Stitching Storm here are a few more finishes:

Designer: Merrily Beams
Design: Trifles
Finish: Stitching Caddy
Stitched for: Carol S.

As a quilter I enjoy spending time with my sewing machine.  I often look for ways to use my machine to finish my cross stitch; a sewing caddy gives me that opportunity.  When I set out to do the finishing on "Trifles" I did not have a pattern, it was a "finish as you go" activity.  

When I saw Carol's Ornament for Mike I knew that I would need to make one (or two, three, four...well, you get the idea ~ I am hooked on these).  This is the first that I completed:

2012 DREW Flat Fold
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Design: Christmas Alphabet Book #64
Finish: Flat Fold

I would like to stitch one for each member of my family. I am hoping to have the remaining three completed before Christmas.  They will look nice lined up on the mantel with each persons Christmas stocking hanging below.

Why do I love Vermont? Because you just don't see these in the city.

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Jennifer said...

Oh, that braided ribbon cording IS clever. I'm going to have to keep that in mind.

Your acorn is an absolutely lovely way of putting those quilting / sewing skills to work. Love it!

And seeing as how I have an N-I-C-K, I might have to whip up one of those ornaments for him this Christmas. Thanks to you (and Carol!) for the inspiration!

Deb said...

Beautiful exchanges. I love what you made for Edgar. I saw it on his blog and thought that it was wonderful. And your finishes are adorable. I love the little Merrily Beams piece.

Gabi said...

Gorgeous pieces. Love the beautiful heart you received. And with your Acorn I'm totally in love. I drooled over it already on Edgar's blog. SO gorgeous.
Same goes for your 2 other finishes. Both of them are gorgeous stitched and finished.

Catherine said...

Oh wow! What gorgeous and inspiring projects! Thanks for sharing!

valerie said...

Gorgeous exchange to and fro. The pumpkin harvest heart is beautiful! The acorn you made for Edgar is amazing! Wonderful job Marie!Love the Drew ornie too!

Melanie said...

Such gorgeous pieces!!!!!! That braided detailing is stunning but EVERYTHING looks amazing. :)

Ellen said...

Wonderful exchanges! That braided ribbon is gorgeous! Love what you stitched for Edgar, the acorn finish is so creative!


Chris said...

What a lovely post. The 2 exchange pieces both given and received are so lovely. Everything is lovely and inspiring.
Have a great Wednesday :)

Becky K in OK said...

Great stitched pieces. Don't you just love fall colors? Oh my, I do!!