Monday, October 15, 2012

So Much To Share

I love the M Design Angels, they are relatively quick to stitch and always look nice.  This design is titled, "Joy" but I used the HOPE buttons.  I stitched this for am amazing nurse that spent much of her day with me on 9/20 giving me HOPE as I endured MOHs surgery (skin cancer) followed by reconstructive surgery on my nose.  She held my hand, hugged me, placed warm blankets over me as my entire body shook (out of fear, not cold), and repeatedly assured me that, "it was not that bad" and "No, I would not lose my nose".  She, and my DH, were my rock as I fell apart that day.  She deserves far more than this Hope Angel... 

2012 Gift
Designer: M Designs
Design: Joy Angel
Stitched for: Lisa I.

Fortunately, everything did turn out okay...phew! I am happy and relieved to know that Lisa has promised to be my nurse if I ever need Mohs again. 

Linda B. was my Fair and Square Halloween exchange partner. She stitched these adorable blocks...

2012 F&S Halloween Exchange
Stitched by Linda B.

Gabi L. stitched for me in the HOE Hometown exchange.  I was so excited when I opened her package and saw this...

2012 HOE Hometown Exchange
Designer: Carrol Nielson
Stitched by: Gabi L.

How very Australian and how truly adorable! 

Here is what I stitched for Becky K...

2012 HOE Hometown Exchange
Designer: Victoria Sampler
Design: Hearts of America~ VT
Stitched for: Becky K.

As some know, Halloween is a favorite holiday of mine. No, not because of all the candy (I do love candy) but because of the wonderful decorations.  I try not to pass up on a Halloween exchange and am SO glad that I joined in on this one.  Here is what Michelle B. sent...

2012 HOE Halloween Exchange
Design: Witch's Hat Scissor Case
Stitched by: Michelle B.

Side 1

Side 2

The Witch's Hat is so beautifully stitched and finished! Michelle even included a pair of Kelmscott Cat Snips Scissors! The box was filled with such neat items. That little green skeleton not only glows in the dark but dances. The embalming fluid bottle is an actual flask, which looks perfect next to my latest Annalee Doll.

Here is what I stitched and sent to Roberta S.

2012 HOE Halloween Exchange 
Design: My Pretties
Stitched for: Roberta S.

I love the way the candy container came out.  All I used was a 14.5 oz can, the My Pretties stitched piece, some Halloween theme fabric, and my sewing machine; so easy, and so fun to make.  I did manage to complete three of these to give to friends.  I will be searching through my Christmas designs so that I can make some candy containers for Christmas.

September came and went without me posting a TUSAL (totally useless stitch-a-long) picture so here it is...

TUSAL for:


AND October

Before Winter arrives I am rushing to finish this...

Design: Autumn in New York

There is a special someone that I want to make it for...

DS and GF

They both have apartments in Manhattan, but I know my DS would not really want this displayed in his. ;D Hopefully his GF will like it...I think it is just perfect.

Thanks for stopping by and....

Happy Halloween!

Until next time...


connie said...

Lovely stitching..It really makes a difference when you have good and caring doctors and nurses.I had melanoma on my arm a few years back and had to have surgery on my arm..Thank God they got it all..I now wear sun screen when I am outside..It was a very scary time for me too..Glad everything went well for you too.. :-)

Nicola said...

You have been through an ordeal. I had a melanoma removed from my ankle twice and was lucky to have good doctors and nurses. It must have been worrying when on your nose.

Kaisievic said...

Marie, fantastic stitching finishes and some great swap presents. So glad that you had a caring nurse to look after you (and a DH). I have that Autumn in New York Design, too. I love it and I loved New York when DH and I were there in the Spring.

Erica said...

So glad everything turned out well for you!
I love the little witches hat, and the Autumn in NY piece!

Vicki said...

Glad you're well! I like the Autumn in New York piece, I'm sure your special recipient will love it!

Shirlee said...

I love Autumn in New York as well : ) So glad your surgery was successful!

Catherine said...

You've been through a trying time ~ glad it turned out well.
Love the NY pattern!

valerie said...

Gorgeous stitching Marie. I am sure your nurse will love the Hope ornie. It is stunning and so full of meaning. Your stitching is fabulous. I love the witch ornie you recieved as part of an exchange. And Autumn in NY is one of my favorite patterns. I am sure your DS's GF will love it!