Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A New Finish

I learned that Janet received the HOE Friendship Exchange that I sent out so I am free to post pictures...

Designer: Cosmic Handmade
Fabric: 32ct over one
Finish: Wooden Jar and Scissor FOB
Stitched for: Janet B.

Jar Lid

I tucked this little
Scissor FOB

When it comes to cross stitch finishing I am always interested in trying something new.  There is a wood shop here in town that has some useful finishing items, like this round wooden box. It was unfinished so I sealed it, painted it, and varnished it before attaching the cross stitch piece. If I were skilled at decorative painting I would have painted something on the outside...but I am not, so I stitched a fabric band for the outside.  I like the way that it turned out.

My next exchange piece will be a Halloween one! I love Halloween stitching!!! Hmmm....What to stitch???

Sign ups for the HOE Halloween Exchange close at midnight tonight so if you wanted to participate be sure to sign up today.

Why do I love Vermont?
People are so creative ~ I snapped a picture 
of this during our blueberry picking 

I love his corn kernel teeth!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Enjoy your day!

Until next time...


Shirlee said...

Hi Marie! I love that Friends design so thanks for the link to it! It is printing as I write this : ) I'm especially impressed that the ladies don't have green skin! Cyber hugs to whoever designed this one : ) You finished it beautifully!

Catherine said...

Sweet exchange pieces! Those folk are too funny!!!

Ellen said...

Love your wooden jar, beautifully finished! Thanks for the link to the freebie!


Annie said...

What a nice exchange piece. Beautiful job the wooden jar. I've never seen a wooden jar actually!

Anna van Schurman said...

Precious! I've downloaded the pattern because I have a few friends who I'd like to make this for! Thanks.

Melissa said...

Such a cute exchange piece! Nice job!

Daffycat said...

A wonderful finish, Marie! I love this box and the design so much! Thanks for the link!

Cole said...

Beautiful finishing on your exchange, I'm sure Janet is pleased!

Jennifer said...

Sweet finish! LOVE the jar - I might have to see if I can find something like that around here.