Monday, August 5, 2013

I Won The Lottery

Not really, but it certainly feels that way!

I headed off to the post office today wondering if my Friendship Exchange would be waiting (I always get excited about getting "fun" mail vs junk or bills).  When I popped open my box I saw that special little yellow card instructing me to go to the window for a pick up.  Y-E-S, my exchange would be waiting, I was certain.

I did not even leave the post office before I opened Janet's package and gazed upon my lottery winnings: A beautiful stitcher's caddy...

2013 HOE Friendship
Designer: Homespun Elegance
Design: Friendship and Blossoms
Stitched by: Janet B.

Little french knots used for the ladybug spots and on the flowers, and a little charm ~ so cute.

And inside...

How happy was I?  

Well, I just wanted to do a little happy dance right there in the post office but I live in this town and I don't want to be pegged: "the crazy lady".  Seriously, the minute I saw this my heart smiled.  I was on my way to the gym and felt like  skipping that and heading back home to sit and enjoy this beauty...okay, I hate going to the gym so I was probably just looking for any excuse not to go ~ I was good, I did head to the gym.

Once home my husband sorted through the mail and quickly asked, "What's this?" I informed him that was my GORGEOUS exchange.  He was so impressed that he actually suggested that we hang it up, display it for all to see.  Nope, I needed this and am going to use it.  Keeping my many WIPs organized is a challenge so this is exactly what I needed.

Thank you again Janet.  Your work is impeccable, your thoughtfulness is immense, and my appreciation for that is most certainly sincere!

What did I send out to my partner Mylene?

2013 HOE Friendship
Designer: Cosmic Handmade
Finish: Scissor Holder
Fabric: 32ct Evenweave over one
Stitched for: Mylene B.

With my finger healed from the rotary cutting incident I have resumed work on my Fun and Done quilt and can share a progress picture with you....

All of the 100 blocks are complete and I have started the process of stitching them into rows.

I am off to draft a HOE Post for another exchange...A Halloween Exchange, so keep an eye out.

Why do I love Vermont?
 double rainbow 

Thanks for stopping by ~ Have a great week!

Until next time...


Melissa said...

Maria, I love both the exchange you received and the one you gave. Such creative stitchers! That quilt looks awesome too.

That double rainbow is pretty amazing!

Cole said...

Wow, great exchanges! You did win the lottery, for sure!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Certainly a beauty to add to your beautiful stitching. Keeping you organized though.... I pretty much think you are tops on the lot for organization!
You are so deserving of receiving that beauty, you send such gorgeous things to everyone else! Including that lovely necklace/badgeclip/scissors clip. See?! I could think of multiple uses!!!
Vermont IS beautiful!!

Faye said...

Your exchange pieces are just perfect!!!! I really do love both of them :). Ahhhhh, nice summers in Vermont... Sounds heavenly!

Shirlee said...

Congratulations on your exchange gift, my friend, & what a great gift you sent as well! Your quilt is looking lovely. Is it for you? You will need it soon up there in Vermont! Meanwhile I'll probably be sitting out on the front porch in November still waiting for someone to buy our house. Sigh!

Catherine said...

Wonderful exchange pieces ~ given and received!!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

The exchange you received and the one you sent are beautiful! Your quilt is lovely! I love seeing a pretty rainbow and a double one is a real treat!

Pumpkin said...

No wonder you were thrilled! Janet did an amazing job :o)

WOW! Your stitching and finishing are just beautiful Marie! Over one...oye! But so pretty...

I love your quilt. My mom is the quilter in my family. The colors and the pattern work so well together.

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.
What lovely exchanges pieces - both of them are beautiful.
Your blof is lovely.
Happy weekend (: