Friday, November 14, 2014

I Love These Stockings

And I have wanted to stitch them for a long time!


2014 Thanksgiving Gift
Designer: Plum Street Samplers
Fabric: Wichelt 28ct Lambswool 
Stitched for: Karen C.

They are lined and backed with a harvest fabric …

And accented with these tiny little buttons…

Yes, I love these little stockings however, I will NOT be keeping them.  They are a gift for my cousin who will be hosting Thanksgiving again this year.  I often give something away and tell myself that I will stitch it again, but then I don't.  We will see if I find make the time to stitch up a pair of Thanksgiving stockings for myself!

My HOE Autumn Exchange arrived from Brendon.  Here is what he stitched… 

2014 HOE Autumn Exchange
Designer: With Thy Needle Freebie
Stitched by: Brendon K.

This is a freebie design, one that I have saved and wanted to stitch. Thanks to Brendon I can take this one off of my "to do" list.  The design is beautifully stitched on 40 count!!! My eyes hurt thinking about that.  I use to stitch with ease on the higher count fabric but since being diagnosed with Macular Pucker (in both eyes) I struggle with 32 count. UGH, I hate that!  Thanks again, Brendon.

Lucky me, I had the opportunity to stitch for Becky K. and sent her this for the Autumn Exchange…

2014 HOE Autumn Exchange 
Designer: Tiny Modernist
Stitched for: Becky K.

Much of my time has been spent Christmas stitching. I pulled out my HAED WIP, haven't looked at it in weeks, and when viewing it I am not sure that I like it. This is my second attempt at stitching this.  The first time I used a hoop and the stitches did not look uniform so I reordered the 25 count Lugana and began again.  Well, I am using a large PVC frame and STILL some of the sky stitches do not look uniform.  Ugh,what is wrong???  Any HAED stitchers out there?

HAED: A Moment To Cherish

We had our first snowfall today with only a dusting but boy is it cold. Not sure I am up for this winter, they say it will be quite cold!

Thanks for stopping by ~
Until next time…


Carol said...

Wow! Those stockings are so gorgeous, Marie (wish I was hosting Thanksgiving for you--ha ha!!)... Love what you received from Brendon and what you stitched for Becky.

So sorry about your vision--I had never heard of Macular Pucker before, but my mom has Macular Degeneration and I really fear getting that. At least you can still stitch on the larger counts.

Snow here, too--winter is bearing down upon us, that's for sure!

barbara said...

Your stockings are adorable, Marie! No wonder you've wanted to stitch them forever. :D

Maggee said...

Love the stockings! You did a great job stitching AND finishing them! The only thing I can think of that is making the threads on your HAED puff up like that is using different brands of thread or forgetting and using two strands some of the time when it should be one? Just my two cents... Hugs!

Andrea said...

Beautiful stockings. Your exchanges are lovely too, both sent and received.

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