Tuesday, May 29, 2007

WIP Pics

Having traveled late at night to and from Vermont I managed to avoid the holiday traffic. I spent a good portion of the long weekend stitching on a few of my many WIP’s.

I signed up for this weekend’s Ornament SAL because I knew that it would get me to finish the stitching on another ornament from the JCS 06 ornament issue. When I saw this design in the magazine I loved it, probably because I am partial to all things sampler.

"Sampler Noel" by Fancy Work

I am stitching the Brightneedles “Dollhouse” on 32 ct over one. This is probably why I do not often reach for it when grabbing something to stitch! Seeing that I have not stitched on it in quite some time I decided to dedicate some time to it and stitched the items in the rooms. You see how little I got done? Oh well, my “exchange pieces” were calling me and, given that the deadlines are looming, I responded. I stitched on my 4th of July exchange piece, also done over one! I won’t be showing a picture of that just yet.

"Dollhouse" by Brightneedle

Pictured below are just a few other WIP’s that are stored in my stitching bag.

"Regatta" by Cross-eyed Cricket

"Halloween Fairy" by Mirabilia

My son is on the High School Crew Team so when I saw "Regatta" I knew immediately that it was a "must have" ~ I have yet to see another design related to rowing.

All in all I did have a productive “stitching” weekend. Sometimes I wish that I could be like those that must finish one project before starting another ~ that will never happen, there are just too many wonderful designs out there calling my name.

Speaking of designs… my order from Lekker Threads AND from M Designs was in my mailbox when I returned. Yes, I want to start on all of them tonight, but I will not. The next ornament SAL will probably have me stitching one of the Name Trees that I got for my boys. These are really great and I am sure that I will be ordering more as they would make nice gifts.

Order from Lekker Thread ~ Personalized Tree Ornaments

I do hope that you all had a relaxing and productive holiday weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Until next time…


Itching To Stitch said...

You got lots of stitching done (all looks great by the way) and stash to boot! You can't beat that ;)

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Marie,

great wips and stash!!

Vonna said...

Oh, I'd thought before of getting the names of my kids done...was it expensive...I was thinking around 18-25 bucks? Can't remember...
I love that regatta WIP and your dollhouse...oh and the Halloween fairy...well heck I guess I love it all! LOL!

Jenn said...

YOu got a lot of stitching done and what great stash. I agree the name trees are great aren't they. I keep meaning to order ones for me and my DH

BeckySC said...

Everything looks great, Marie!
Love the ornament :)

quiltorstitch said...

I love all of your WIP's. You have quite a few going. I can't believe you are stitching that huge dollhouse over 1! You are my idol :D

Your new charts are very nice, I love getting in new stuff, it's so much fun.

disa said...