Thursday, May 3, 2007

Time For Finishing

I need to find some time for "finishing work" but I would rather spend the time stitching. It's much like quilting; I love to make the tops but prefer to send them off to be quilted.

The Noble Wife, Bees, and Lady Sampler will be framed. I have a "Sampler" wall in my front hall that could use a few more designs, these would be perfect.

As for the birdhouse, that is going to be finished into a Needleroll and added to my small, but growing, collection.

I am not sure how I will finish the "Spot of Coffee" ~ I have two other Coffee themed designs by LHN that I will be stiching at some point. I may just wait until all three are complete, hopefully by then a finishing idea will come to me!

I love all things Coffee!

1 comment:

Vonna said...

Oh Marie....I love all your samplers! WOW! You need to take a picture of your wall :)
See you figured out the About me :)
I love the LHN too!
You've done good on everything dear!