Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tip For Today ~ Cording

Stitching On Cording

So you have completed the stitching on yet another project and you decide to finish it as an ornament, or maybe a flat fold. Either way your plan is to complete the project by stitching on decorative cording. Seeing as I purchased the perfect cording gadget (I will be posting info on a few great gadgets), I almost always make my own. This allows me to easily color coordinate the cording with my finished piece. Grabbing a "sharp" needle I set out to stitch the cording onto the flat fold. Little did I know I would experience "Needle Nightmare" ~ As an avid stitcher and quilter I typically get on quite well with the needle...not this time. Due to the flat fold's rigid edge manipulating this needle was troublesome so I decided to try a "circular" needle (it's a gadget so yes I own it!). With high hopes I started stitching and once again the "Needle Nightmare" began. The sharp was a bit long, the circular was a bit awkward, I new then just which needle to try next~a between. For the non-quilters, this is a very tiny quilting needle. With my size 12 between needle in hand I began stitching and quickly realized that this would no longer be my quilting needle, it would forever be my "cording needle". At a mere 7/8" long it is easy to maneuver the needle around the rigid edge, through the cording and into the fabric, eliminating my Needle Nightmare!

Word of caution: quilting needles, no matter what the size, are very small and have a tiny eye so if you decide to give it a try make sure that you have a needle threader handy.

When I stitch the cording on I:
Use a size 12 between quilting needle.
Use one stand of matching floss.
Come through the bottom of the cording and catch a few threads of the fabric.
Never loop over the top of the cording to stitch it in place.
For those that may experience "Needle Nightmare" I do hope this helps!


Julie said...

Hi Marie, thanks for visiting and leaving comments on my blog.
I haven't been good about keeping up with blogs this week.
A friend of mine makes her own cording. Do you have a cording/twist tool or do it by hand?

Jeanne said...

I just found your blog today Marie. Love all your stitching! I also have a question. When you do cording on a hanging piece like your "Happy Holidays" do you use one continous piece of cording (going around the piece and then up for the handle) or is the handle separate? I haven't done a hanging one yet and wondering what works best.

Marie-P said...

Jeanne:I like to use one continuous piece of cording. By doing it like this I only have to conceal two ends, not four. I start at the top left and go clockwise around. I form the loop and secure the loose end at the top right corner (tucked behind the cording that I already stitched).
Also....before I start I like to take a piece of matching floss and wrap it tightly around each end securing the cut edges.
Thanks for taking a look at my blog, I really enjoy yours!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for your response Marie. I'm going to try this soon and what a good tip about securing the raw ends with some matching thread, I have used glue in the past but it is more messy. I love seeing everyone's finishing ideas as there's no way I can get everything I stitch framed!

Chelle said...

Great tip! I'll have to give it a try.